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Karachi Welcomes the non-PCO Judges – Report

A report sent into the People’s Resistance network by UZi giving a detailed and funny narration of the welcome by members of the civil society, judges, lawyers, PR activists, students, laborers and journalists on the arrival of Justice Rana Bhagwandas and Justice Ghulam Rabbani to Karachi from Islamabad

Karachi gave a rousing welcome today to Justice Rana Bhagwandas and Justice Ghulam Rabbani. The two judges were returning to Karachi for the first time since Martial Law (yes, Martial Law) was imposed in Pakistan on November 3, 2007. Justice Bhagwandas and Justice Rabbani are among those heroes who refused to take oath under the Provincial Constitutional Order (aka PCO, or in common parlance, bullshit, aka BS). They were placed under house arrest in Islamabad, and later deposed as a result of their principled stand.

Today’s reception was organized by Peoples Resistance (PR), a loose coalition of NGOs and concerned citizens in Karachi (I hate using the term “civil society”). Although this welcome was in no way comparable to that of BB’s on October 18 [sic], it did however send a very strong statement across to everyone concerned. “We will stand by our heroes, come what may,” today’s event said.
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Reception for the arrival of Justice Bhagwandas and Justice Rabbani to Karachi

Reports are coming in that Justice Bhangwandas and Justice Rabbani are boarding a flight at 3:00pm from Lahore to insha-allah arrive at 4:45 to Karachi Airport for their first maiden voyage to this city after the upheaval of the November 3rd. People’s Resistance along with lawyers, trade unions and a number of NGO’s have planned to welcome these heroes to Karachi.

Location: Karachi Airport
Date: 16th December 2007 (today)
Time: 4:45pm

The plan is meet outside McDonald’s at Jinnah Terminal at 4:30 pm and please bring along flags (Black and Pakistan Flags), posters, banners related to judiciary and of course People’s Resistance. You may also bring rose petals if you can to shower these heroes on their welcome. The media is excepted to cover the arrival and we hope to send a strong message across the world that people will not forget the sacrifice made by these honorable judges


People’s Resistance Regal Chowk Rally

Today’s People’s Resistance Regal Chowk rally was a great success with over 500+ participants. During the rally I was able to capture some great images and here I have chosen to publish all the 150+ images while a shorter selection of 40 odd images can be viewed on my Google Web album which might be better suited for the media and layperson. If someone needs a higher resolution image then please drop a request here specifying which image you would like to have.

Dr Safdar Sarki – The ‘Disappeared’ have again Disappeared

Posted on the People’s Resistance network

Dr Safdar SarkiIn all the fracas, the ‘disappeared’ have again disappeared. The detained activist (and US citizen) Dr Safdar Sarki, general secretary of Jeay Sindh Mahaz (JSQM) was finally granted bail only to have it revoked — on Nov 2, the day before the martial law. Instead of being released on bail, he was taken to farflung Zhob jail in Balochistan from Hub (closer to Karachi), said JQSM activists who had come to the Press Club on Dec 10, Human Rights Day, to agitate for his release. They handed out material about his current ill-health (an Out-Door Patients Ticket) dated Nov 23, 2007, which stated that he has retinal degeneration (they said he is in danger of losing his eyesight). The prison doctors in Zhob have advised that he should be sent for consultation to Agha Khan Medical University Karachi as he is also suffering from arthritis and hernia.
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‘Live with Talat’ today at Karachi Press Club

Live with Talat at Peoples ResistanceThe People’s Resistance in collaboration with the Karachi Union of Journalists and the Karachi Press Club is organizing ‘Live with Talat’, featuring the banned Aaj television hosts Talat Hussain along with Nusrat Javeed and Mushtaq Minhas of Bolta Pakistan.

The programme will take place on Wednesday, Dec 12, outside the Karachi Press Club, from 6.00-8.00 pm

Confirmed guests include: Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmed, Justice (r) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, President Sindh High Court Bar Association Justice (r) Rasheed Rizvi and advocate Noor Naz Agha, along with People’s Resistance representative Noman Qadir. The event is free and open to the public. We cordially invite members of the public and the journalists’ community to attend and form the audience at this two-hour long live public event on the pavement outside the Karachi Press Club. Since the seating arrangement for the audience is ‘farshi’, those attending may want to bring their own cushions. Volunteers will strive to ensure that traffic is not disrupted.

VOA Interviews People’s Resistance during Muneer Malik’s Vigil

VOA LogoVoice of America host Murtaza Solangi covers the People’s Resistance vigil when they were stationed outside the SIUT for the support of Muneer Malik on 8th December. Following the interview VOA does a report on the Codepink activists Meda and Tighe when they returned back to the US after being deported from Pakistan

Hear it all here [audio:urdu1500aFRI.mp3]

Vigil for Media Freedom, against PEMRA Ordinances

media-solidarity-handprinted-banner-placards-at-kpc-dec8-07.jpgFor the third consecutive Saturday, the People’s Resistance held a vigil at the Karachi Press Club as part of the ongoing protest against restrictions on media through the Pemra Ordinance 2007, the forced ban on shows, presenters, channels and radio programmes. While some media companies have been forced to conform to restrictions and demands, others continue to resist government pressure at great cost.

FM 103 was recently restored after a month but all channels of Geo TV continue to be blocked in Pakistan and the Sindh High Court dismissed as ‘non-maintanable under the PCO’ Geo’s petition to allow at least its non-news channels back on air. Royal TV, closed along with the other channels on Nov 3 is also yet to be restored.

solidarity-for-the-media-at-kpc-dec8-07.jpgThe People’s Resistance stands with the journalists in their ongoing struggle for media freedom against all irritants, including recent amendments in PEMRA ordinance and RPPO, and restrictions on private TV channels and on their editorial content.

Citizens were invited to express their peaceful defiance and join journalists to individually light candles symbolic of the human freedom of thought and expression in the darkness imposed by the martial law-emergency. Participants of the vigil, including children, stamped their hand-prints on a white banner, symbolic of their support and salute to the organizations, journalists, writers, and staff who are standing for freedom of expression.

Vigil held to wish recovery and good health for Muneer Malik

mm-vigil-dec-7-2.jpgSeveral citizens responded to a call made by People’s Resistance to hold a “get well soon” vigil in front of SIUT where Mr. Muneer Malik, former President Supreme Court Bar Association, is under treatment.

Numbers started picking up quickly from a handful to about 25 people holding the vigil at any one time. One of the participants had his own brother admitted in the hospital and said that he wanted to join as “Mr. Muneer Malik was a brother to the entire nation” and he wanted to pray for his health along with the group standing there. Another lady, when asked why she was there replied that Quaid e Azam and his team created Pakistan and Mr. Muneer Malik and his friends were giving sacrifices to save it today. She said that holding this vigil was the least that she could do for today’s heroes.

mm-vigil-dec-7.jpgCandles were lit and the group stood silently with Mr. Muneer Malik’s pictures for over 3 hours. The vigil was held by a diverse group of people who came specially for this occasion. These included doctors, a professor, shopkeepers, IT professionals, a bus driver from interior Sindh and several unknown participants.

The family of Mr. Muneer Malik came down to see the vigil from a distance and were concerned that the group may not enter the hospital to visit Mr. Muneer Malik who needs complete rest. Once they were assured the group had no intention to disturb Mr. Muneer Malik and were there only to give their “get well” wishes from a distance, the family was satisfied.

Vigil for Muneer Malik’s Recovery

Tortured & Terrorised but Not SilencedPeople’s Resistance would like to issue a call for a 6-hour vigil outside SIUT today 7th Dec for the quick recovery of Mr. Muneer Malik. Please show up in full force and share your concern for this great leader and his struggling medial condition.

Location : SIUT Karachi
Date: 7th December 2007
Time: 6 pm to 12 am midnight
Bring: Flowers, candles, posters and banners supporting Muneer Malik and his dream cause the ‘Restoration of Judiciary’

Spread the word through out Karachi via Email – SMS and Personal phone calls lets have some good spirited Karachiites show up in support of his health. Please also note that this is NOT a confrontational meet up and will remain strictly a vigil to share our concern for the quick recovery of Mr. Muneer Malik

On Behalf of the People’s Resistance

People’s Resistance issues a Protest Call for 13th Dec in Karachi

The meeting held at Karachi Press Club was a great success which was attended by quite a number of political parties, civil society groups, lawyers, laborers and student organizations. It was mutually accepted to answer to the call of People’s Resistance on the 13th of December holding a protest rally at Regal Chowk at 4:00pm and the participants would march towards the press club.

Of the political parties fully on board included PTI & PML, while PPP and ANP sat mumbling without any assertive stance on our primary issue of restoration of judiciary, a detailed report to soon follow, until then enjoy the pictures

Justice Shahid Siddiqi’s eviction orders in Lahore

The People’s Resistance network is abuzz with news that Justice Shahid Siddiqui is being evicted from his home in Lahore

Asad Jamal in Lahore messaged at about 10.30 pm that Justice Shahid Siddiqui may be evicted from his official residence now. He later sent a text message saying: “Scores of lawyers & civil society activists are gathered outside Justice Shahid Siddiqui’s official residence at Tollington Lane, in GOR Lahore to show solidarity with him.” Spoke to on the phone and could hear much comotion all around, including Asma Jahangir’s voice saying that when the police came they would have to hit her first.

While earlier a contempt of Court notice was issued by Justice Shahid Siddiqi to the Reistrar of the Lahore High Couurt

30. 11. 2007

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