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Help Gaza with five minutes of your time !

To donate to the Palestinian Embassy:

Account Number 22497900126003
Habib Bank Islamabad Branch

Embassy of the State of Palestine,
House No. 486-B, Street No. 9, F-10/2, Islamabad,
Tel: 2291185, Fax: 294703.

Thanks to the Sabbah Blog


After the successful email campaign, it’s time to move to the next level: calling some of the war criminals.
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Jewish Rabbi confesses “Israel should not exist” – Fox News pulls video

Neil Cavouto's Fox Interview with RabbiFOX’s Neil Cavuto conducted probably what was perhaps a very significant interview in 2006 where Neil Cavuto asks whether Israel should exist and Rabbi Yisroel Weiss from Jews United Against Zionism tells him, and the world, Mideast violence would stop if Israel ceased to exist.

The interesting part in all this controversial interview is that FOX News has since then pulled down the video which shows as a blank page on their site, the video is now accessible only on Youtube. Might the Fox News slogan be better reworded from We Report, You Decide – to We Report, We Decide

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Palestine is Still the Issue – a video documentary by John Pilger

John Pilger a journalist has produced this video highlighting the Palestinian issue. John Pilger produced a video titled “Palestine Is Still The Issue” which has never been aired in 25 years due to the sensitive nature of it ‘being the voice for the Palestinians’, The video is definitely A MUST WATCH video and would request everyone to forward this as widely as possible, let no one be spared of an opportunity to see the truth

John Pilger starts the video with the following introduction

Twenty-five years ago, I made a film called Palestine Is Still The Issue. It was about a nation of people – the Palestinians – forced off their land and later subjected to a military occupation by Israel. An occupation condemned by the United Nations and almost every country in the world, including Britain. But Israel is backed by a very powerful friend, the United States. So in 25 years, if we’re to speak of the great injustice here, nothing has changed. What has changed is that the Palestinians have fought back.

Stateless and humiliated for so long, they’ve risen up against Israel’s huge military machine, although they themselves have no arm, no tanks, no American planes and gun ships or missiles. Some have committed desperate acts of terror, like suicide bombing. But for Palestinians, the overriding, routine terror, day after day, has been the ruthless control of almost every aspect of their lives, as if they live in an open prison. This film is about the Palestinians and a group of courageous Israelis united in the oldest human struggle – to be free.

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Karachi: Protest against the Israeli Apartheid and Attack on Gaza


[singlepic id=1005 w=100 h=240 float=right]While Olmert claims to be considering peace agreements and a truce, ” The Israeli military has received the green signal to continue its apartheid and murderous assault on the citizens of Gaza. More than 700 Palestinians have been murdered and more than 3,000 seriously wounded. Gaza’s hospitals are overflowing with patients and have virtually no medicine left. Power, water and sewage systems are no longer functioning, and food supplies are gone in many areas. The people of Gaza are suffering a humanitarian disaster of unspeakable proportions.

Come PROTEST the ISRAELI APARTHEID and ATTACK on GAZA in a Peace Rally on

Date: 10th, January, 2008
Time: 3:00 PM
Venue: Press Club to Regal Chowk

**Bring a white flag, a Kafia or just wear to show Solidarity with the Palestinians**

Organized by Citizens Against War – A Coalition for Peace

Brazilian cartoonist on Gaza Genocide

[singlepic id=1005 w=100 h=240 float=right]Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff creates artworks that call on the world to condemn Israeli holocaust of Gaza. 


Carlos Latuff’s statement on his Deviant Art website

I’d like to beg all viewers to spread this image anywhere, as a way to expose Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. Use it on t-shirts, posters, banners. Reproduce it in zines, papers, magazines, and make it visible everywhere. Here is the high-resolution version for printing purposes: link]    

Thank you in the name of every suffering Palestinian. 

Venezuela expels Israeli envoy over Gaza ‘Holocaust’

Hugo ChavezIt was heartening to read that the Venezuelan government on Tuesday ordered the expulsion of Israel’s ambassador to Caracas in protest to the Israeli military’s offensive in the Gaza Strip. President Hugo Chavez called the events in Gaza a Palestinian “holocaust” and said the presidents of Israel and the United States should be tried for war crimes in international court. “The Holocaust, that is what is happening right now in Gaza,” Chavez said in televised comments. “The president of Israel at this moment should be taken to the International Criminal Court together with the President of the United States.”

I have always loved Hugo Chavez and his bold statement against the American hegemony specially his speech at the UN where he called George Bush a devil.

It is good to see Venezuela highlight this crisis but ironically various neighboring Muslim countries are still not ready to play hard ball, in outright condemnation of Israel for the fear of upsetting the American war lords.

Avaaz.org – STOP the bloodshed in Gaza

The bloodshed in Gaza is escalating while diplomats talk — the death toll now stands at over 600 people and rising, almost half of them civilians and over 100 children dead. As Israeli tanks, airplanes and artillery bombard thickly populated urban areas, hitting UN schools yesterday, thousands more have been injured and 1.5 million terrified civilians have no escape from this prison-like enclave — the borders have been sealed. Hamas continues to fight and fire rockets deep into Israel: 11 Israelis have died, including from friendly fire.
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Pakistan-Palestine Solidarity Charity Drive – Lahore

Many youngsters from the Pakistan Youth Alliance have started the campaign under the banner of “Pak Palestine Solidarity Movement” they have been holding a Charity drive in Lahore, Their offices are in Defence near Masjid Chowk, and they will be putting up booths at the following places.

  • Friday: 3:00 PM after Jumma Prayers @ Main Market Opposit Jalal Sons.
  • Saturday: 12:00 Noon – 5:00 PM @ Regal Chawk The Mall Near Masjid-e-Shohada.
  • Saturday: 06:00 PM – 11:00 PM @ Main Market Opposite Jalal Sons.

They are looking for Volunteers to man their booths and more importantly Donations, Their Collection will go through Muslim Hands.

You can contact the following for further Information

Direct donations to
Muslim Hands: http://www.muslimhands.org/en/gb/
IFRC: http://www.ifrc.org/

Maryam Kanwar: 0346-5084265 & 0331-5105916 & Ahsan Tariq: 0346-4117787

Israel & Palestine: Force Is Never the Solution

Guest Blog by temporal from Baithak Blog

Taking advantage of the lame duck Presidency of Bush, the deliberate distancing of President Elect there-is-only-one-president Obama, the holidays in the West and the attending low emphasis of politicians, Israeli Air Force launched a devastating attack on Gaza.

Israel is the non NPT signatory Occupier in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Golan and East Jerusalem, aided (up to 5 billion a year) and abetted by the West.

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmood Abbas is perceived as an Palestinian Uncle Tom and he was soundly beaten in the elections by Hamas.
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An Earthquake On Top of Your Head – The Bombing of Gaza

I would like to share this heart touching narration published in Counter Punch by a practising psychologist living in the Gaza City, he has shared his family’s panic stricken reaction as the Israeli fighter jet took target practice around his neighbourbhood killing over 250 people and leaving a trail of over 700 dead

An Earthquake on top of you Head – The Bombing of Gaza by Dr. Eyad Al Serraj

The bombing went on for about 10 minutes. It was like an earthquake on top of your head. The windows were shaking and squeaking. My 10-year-old was terrified, he was jumping from one place to another trying to hide. I held him tight to my chest and tried to give him some security and reassure him. My 12-year-old was panicking and began laughing hysterically, it’s not normal. I held her hand and calmed her and told her she would be safe. My wife was panicking. She was running around the apartment looking for somewhere to hide.
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