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Imran Khan gives message of Resistance

A video message by Imran Khan recorded from an undisclosed location while he is defying arrest. Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Justice Party) urges the youth to stand up for the country, while he asks the west to understand the fact that Musharraf is not fighting a war of terrorism but using this as a cloak to ensure he stays in power, and the only system preventing his reign of power was the Judiciary an with the emergency he has replaced all the judges with a string of corrupt judges who will accept all his conditions


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‘Phone call’ that led to Emergency

As mentioned previously in one of my post barely a day back when discussing Benazir’s exit out of the country, I suspected that something was a foot regarding the Presidential Petition decision and it could be possible that the Supreme Court judges might revolt, well now with the martial law in full force I think its not wrong to believe that the only reason the Martial Law has been enforce was to curb the judiciary and overthrow them well before they make a full announcement. Follow the statement made by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah when talking to ARY yesterday.

‘Phone call’ that led to emergency

ISLAMABAD – A reported telephone call by Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry about a decision on the petition of Presidential election prompted the authorities to impose state of emergency in the country. A government official, when asked about the reasons behind the move, said that Justice Iftikhar reportedly informed one of his friends on telephone that the Supreme Court was going to hand down verdict against President Musharraf, which was tapped by the secret agencies. The agencies intercepted a call from CJs phone few days ago in which he even disclosed the number of judges favouring and opposing this decision, and this forced the top policymakers to devise the emergency plan, the official said. The official, working closely with one of the Presidential aides, further said that the government took extra time in execution of this plan so as to make it safer.
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Understanding the E-Crime Bill

Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2007A few days I had posted about the Draconian Cyber Crime Law in Pakistan where I attempted to discuss a small part of the bill trying to convey the gravity of the issue in that short write up, but I feel it probably did not do enough justice to the actual presentation made by Zahid Jamil during his presentation on the Cyber Crime Bill law that he made at T2F that day. The group of activists felt that Zahid’s presentation should have been video taped and shared with the world to see and let the people judge for themselves the impact of this bill if fully promulgated in Pakistan.

If you would like to understand what the fuss is all about, spare a little time and run through these presentations, I assure you, at times you will laugh at the stupid mistakes made by the government but on occasions you might even get a hair chilling thought worrying at how easy it can be to arrest and prosecute anyone with this bill.

Do keep in mind that the way this bill is drafted, it is meant to confuse and accuse, with no protections and rights built in for the innocent. We believe that the cyber crime bill must be re-drafted and not allowed to be enforced into the constitution in its present form, please spread the word and help raise awareness for this issue
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Draconian Cyber Crime Law in Pakistan

Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2007Yesterday a few concerned Pakistanis gathered together at The Second Floor to discuss the Cyber Crime Bill (Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2007). The event was hosted at T2F and sponsored by Alchemy Technologies allowing Barrister Zahid Jamil an opportunity to explain / interpret in simpler terms the impact of this bill on our daily lives once this bill has been promulgated into effect by the National Assembly.

To be honest when I was informed of the seminar I was interested to find out what the fuss was all about, the reading material provided was interesting but made little sense until Zahid explained the legal implications of such a bill if promulgated as is. After the two hours of understanding the problem I am worried enough to feel the need to push the government to revamp the bill and poses to be a very dangerous law for us all, forget the criminals with, it can easily affect innocent Pakistanis who use computers on a daily basis, very simple issues like the act of formatting your hard disk [Destruction of Data] can lead you to a seven years in jail &/or Rs. 1 Million in fines. The consequences appear to have far more serious implications then what Faisal Chohan faced in 2006
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Turkey Censors WordPress.com

Adnan Oktar - TurkeyA few months back in March there was a huge circus surrounding the decision by the Turkish government to block the entire YouTube website as it hosted a video which according to the official government statement was insulting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. Unsurprisingly the same, modern Turkey was now up in arms protesting this blatant censorship and the hue can cry bore fruit as in two days the local court lifted the embargo.

Support Turkish BloggersRecently in yet another astonishing move, the new Turkish Pro-Islamic Government has now decided to clamp down on all blogs hosted on WordPress.com and also on Blogcu.com since one specific site adnanoktar.wordpress.com had hurled insulting remarks against Adnan Oktar, a leading Muslim advocate of creationism who is an active leader in the creation vs. evolution debate subscribing to the Old Earth Creationism concept read more details on his Wikipedia article, but if you care to read a counter-perspective where Adnan Oktar is accused of pedophile acts, blackmail and slander, and leading a sect under the guise of the Science Research Foundation then read this article probably composed by his opposition its good to understand and appreciate both sides of an argument before making any assumptions or taking sides
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Kashif Memon Americas Got Pakistani Talent

Kashif Memon  Americas Got TalentIt was by accident that I bumped across this video of a Pakistani performing a dance on the show America’s Got Talent, and while I was composing this for my blog I was delighted to see that Adil Najam remained as usual a step ahead even during his travels to China and wrote a well balanced review on Pakistaniat

Here in Pakistan despite having over 100 channels on practically all cable TV connections, we generally are at the receiving end of delayed re-runs of a few popular shows being aired in the US, and naturally American Idol is the most sought after show. America’s Got Talent was simply not heard of on this side of the world but it seems interesting as the show features talented individuals who can come on the stage to perform anything worthwhile and are not limited to vocal talents as seen on American Idol

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George Galloway’s Speech on Pakistan

George GallowayI have long since been a fan of George Galloway, this time he works tirelessly to arrange for a session titled “Restoration of democracy in Pakistan” in the UK House of Commons. George Galloway first made his remarks and it was later followed by a response by the Minister of State, Mr. Geoff Hoon.

I needn’t say much about George Galloway’s speech as he was truly exceptional, had all his facts perfectly, was upfront at challenging UK’s support for Musharraf and also grilled the Minister on why UK had been harboring a terrorist by the name of Altaf Hussain for so many years and is allowed to run a terrorist organization ‘from a sofa, on Edgware Road’

Its sad to see Mr. Goons response which was embarrassing as he continued to support Musharraf’s reign on Pakistan by praising his Anti-Terrorism activities and also shed light on the holistic vision called ‘Enlightened Moderation’. Looking at this response I pray that the English bureaucracy does not overshadow the investigation of Altaf Hussain initiated by Imran Khan for his involvement in terrorism related activities in Pakistan. We all know had he been a bearded mullah sitting on an prayer mat in some isolated masjid in London, he would have been cuffed and sent to Gitmo within the blink of an eye simply on the suspicion of any involvement, but sadly with all the evidence gathered against him Altaf Hussain is not a mullah, and it seems as if this get-up does not ‘look like a terrorist’ it may be possible that he may yet again slip through the cracks. For the sake of the future of Pakistan – I hope that Justice is served

Other George Galloway posts, August 2006 – Galloway Belts the Bias Media on Israel & May 2005 – Galloway fires punches
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Sheikh Rasheed with Talat Hussain on AAJ.tv

It has always been a pleasure to watch Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed give an interview on TV. His unique sense of humor ensures that there can never be a dull moment throughout the interview. One must also note that throughout his political career it has been an observed fact that which so ever position or ministry comes into his portfolio the public spotlight asl follows him, a prime example is the present Ministry of Railways which has forever been a dull portfolio but with the inception of Sheikh Rasheed this past five years we have started to see a lot of life and vigor in Railways. Its in my opinion that his dexterity in handling the media is the actual crowd puller and with time also plays the right tune helping the cause as well.

Sheikh sahib knows how to pay the media and I think it was a horrible mistake by Musharraf to have not placed Sheikh Rasheed in the spot light to handle the CJP mess since March 9th. Instead in his arrogance Musharraf stuck to his guns and let Durrani and Wasi Zafar handle his public image which was an utter disaster. The Minister of Information Mr. Durrani took punches without much of a solid fight while the Law Minister Mr. Wasi Zafar resorted to bad language every time when he was being cornered in an argument, such poor representatives contributed to a horrible public image. It has been my perception that had it been Sheikh Rasheed in the defense of Musharraf, the media would have had played an entirely different tune and he himself could have masterminded a far better public perception then what is there today.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed appeared yesterday in an interview with Talat Hussain on AAJ.TV, watch the entire four part series uploaded onto Youtube courtesy of the ever efficient Kursedwccf @ Youtube. (Thank You)
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Geo Tv Blackballed because of Imran Khan

Last night GEO.tv was scheduled to re-broadcast the Jawab Deh where Iktikhar (also known as ‘Fitna’) the show host was interviewing Imran Khan and his tell-all attack on MQM. Reports of the blocked channel came first from Gulshan and it was soon verified by GEO where a number of areas across the country were blocked. My own World Call connection at home had swapped the GEO News channel and had started showing TCM (Classic Movies) instead.

The show had a disclaimer in the beginning that Geo does not subscribe to Imran’s views. In the end Fitna offered Farooq Sattar a show to reply to Imran’s accusations.

Watch the interview distributed in four parts uploaded on YouTube as follows. Link share these videos so that many more can defy the censorship enforced by the government.
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SAVE Karachi’s Beaches

For a good many days a heated discussion has been in progress talking about the sale of the Karachi beach front to a Dubai based real estate developer. The entire Clifton Bay beach is to be developed and then linked to Manora Island by a bridge. This real estate development will continue along Sandspit and Hawkes bay where the Sugar City is to be constructed.

manora_beach.JPGThe Manora Island is then said to also house a five star hotel and this island will later be linked to Keamari with a bridge and the development is to continue along the coast up to the DHA golf club. On a causal look it appears to be a great initiative but what surprises everyone (including me) is that the concept seems to have been visualized and conceived in Dubai and is being pushed down the throat of the citizens of Karachi without any due thought process by its residents. Have a look at the presentation made by the developers to the ‘all knowing’ owners of our city, they seem to have it all thought out and planned without even the courtesy to even bring it into discussion to the local populace which will be directly affected by this development, it undoubtedly will impact ‘the future generation’ as this as conceived by the developers will most definitely outlive the very people who think ‘this should be the future of Karachi’.
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Topless Car Wash

I thought twice, if I should post porn video on this site but very quickly decided I most definitely should and see your reaction when you see a some lucky people getting a topless car wash…

Do post your comments on your reaction to the video

Benazir, Eyeing a Return

Interpol BB NoticeCan you for a moment imagine a situation where our next Prime Minister of Pakistan becomes Benazir Bhutto a person who was found utterly corrupt not once but on both times she was in office, to now plan for a return to lead us for yet another stint as the Prime Minster of Pakistan. Have we no other person in Pakistan to be willing to take this job, and have to resort to being represented by a leader who is corrupt beyond doubt, she may have managed to dismiss all her corruption charges by bribing her way out of them, but the people of Pakistan will not forget and feel that the Red Notice issued by Interpol was spot on.

It will be a sad day for Pakistan to see this corrupt leader back into our midst. We can be sure that this year, Musharraf has been reeling and dealing with Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif in an attempt to conjure up a plan which allows him to retain the Presidential seat in exchange for the seat of the Prime Minister. It has been rumored that of both the corrupt leaders Benazir was the favored of the two which would guarantee Musharraf an extended stay in power.

Today there are reports that the NAB Special Operations Division Head Hasan Nasim Afzal (GEO.tv video)whose agency had been directly responsible for the ongoing investigation of the numerous corruption cases against Bhutto and Zardari has been transferred to another location. This critical move which will favor Benazir comes at a very critical juncture and can be seen with suspicion since Islamabad is already abuzz with the ongoing Supreme Judicial Council hearing to decide the fate of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. It could very well be the start of the preparations which seem to lead to an eventual acquittal from all outstanding charges literally white washing everything hence lubricating a free entry into the country and maybe heading for a third term at the office.

The people of Pakistan have tried this leadership twice and each time she was kicked out primarily on charges of corruption literally across the board (link), and her husband Asif Zardari was right in the middle of the mess, popularly known as Mr 10% also had an even more extensive corruption list on his dossier.

To refresh those good ‘ol days, I quote a few lines from Ardeshir Cowasjee’s article written six years back Feb 2001

When Benazir was dismissed for the first time in 1990 President Ghulam Ishaq Khan filed six references against her alleging corruption and misconduct. None of these were decided during Nawaz’s first tenure (1990-93). So, when Benazir came back for her second round she naturally had herself acquitted on all charges. The country lost; the people lost.

In her second round, Benazir and her husband discovered a new source of income – inspection companies. Six cover companies were named and used: Capricorn Trading, Dargal Associated, Mariston Securities, Mariston Business, Nassam Incorporated, Bomer Finance. On September 8, 1997, the Swiss Federal Office for Police Matters, Berne, informed our government that sufficient evidence had been found to justify their writing to four banks informing them to block the accounts of “accused persons Bhutto Benazir, ex-prime minister, Zardari Asif Ali, husband of Madame Bhutto, Bhutto Nusrat Begum.”

When Benazir was thrown out in 1996 for the second time, charged with corruption and malpractices, and Nawaz came in for his second bout with the nation one thing he did do was to manage in 1999 to have a high court convict both Benazir and Asif. Asif is in prison whilst Benazir has embarked on a world lecture tour, posing to be as pure as the proverbial driven snow. Both have appealed to the Supreme Court against their conviction and this appeal is to be heard at the end of this month.

Its important to refresh our minds of their rampant corruption that we were all a witness to during her two tenures as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Simply having the massive list against her name should seriously worry us about allowing her to take the office for the third time, which we all know would be no different then the previous occurrences. I’d like to talk to a person who believes she has turned a new leaf and will go corruption free, I on one hand have serious doubts about allowing her to run my country.

Have we not a single person amongst the 160 million people, that we have to see the likes of Benazir Bhutto again, also to call a leader the person who has been handed an extensive charge sheet for every time she stepped into office, have we not a single soul that can salvage Pakistan from this impending doom, Have we no one !!!!

Whither freedom?!

Guest Blog by Urooj Zia

The past few days have been bleak. Not because the issue of the suspended chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) hasn’t been resolved yet. Not because inflation continues to rise in the country, or that new taxes are being imposed, or that the I.I. Chundrigar road has been FUBAR-ed. No. The past few days have been bleak because of this.

First these “students” camped out at a children’s library in Islamabad because their seminary, which, incidentally, was made on (illegally) encroached land, had been destroyed (partially). They demanded that the seminary be rebuilt. But did the government take action against them? No sir! Officials can manhandle the CJP and his wife, they can strip naked a young man during a peaceful protest to search for his missing father, they can baton-charge and injure a bunch of lawyers during a peaceful march, but no one lifts a finger against these armed, danda-weilding seminary “students”.

Please note that I’m using the word “peaceful” time-and-again. A “peaceful” protest or march is when the participants are UNARMED, and aren’t harming anyone or anything.

The seminary students, however, were NOT peaceful. They were ARMED, and therefore, a threat to safety and lives and property. But were they taken to task? Naa-uh!!! The erstwhile minister saheb sent over to “negotiate” with them yielded, and amidst much fanfare, laid the “first brick” himself — the seminary would be rebuilt.

On March 28, these “students” stormed a house in Islamabad, and took a widow captive, along with her daughter, daughter-in-law, and a six-month-old baby. Why? Because, according to the seminary-wallahs, the widow was running a prostitution den from her house.

On March 29, all captives were released after a public “confession” by the alleged brothel-owner.

The police claim that they will “take action” against the students after April 3rd. Yes — give them time to escape, and then say you couldn’t find them. Blah.

My point is:
1) Even if the house WAS a prostitution den, so WHAT?! Pakistan is NOT a welfare state. Everyone therefore has the right to earn a living as they see fit.
2) Moreover, since prostitution IS against the law, it was up to the police to take action — NOT these so-called students. WHAT gave the seminary-wallahs the right to barge into someone’s home?
3) Why were law-enforcement agencies silent? Why was the government silent?
4) Why was everyone else silent? Why is everyone still silent?

Not so much as a *peep* was heard, either from the president, or from “civil society” organizations. Have we really become so apathetic?

Oh, and here’s a REAL gem: “The government is avoiding any action against Laal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa in view of respect for women and mosques.” – President General Pervez Musharraf.

I am angry — nay!


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  • Nasim Ashraf & his Resignation Bull Shit


    Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan: Nasim Ashraf offered to resign, trying to follow the footsteps of Inzamam-ul-Haq who can be considered valiant enough to have accepted responsibility for the World Cup disaster. Nasim Ashraf, the supposed leader of the Pakistan Cricket Board literally ran from the media hovering someplace at an undisclosed location in the interior of Sindh, when on the other hand he should have been manning the fort, and ready to stand to take the heat, front and center. After all it was on his watch that things were going haywire, leading to the culmination of a first round exit.

    Immediately a few days after the fateful loss to Ireland followed by the disastrous news of Bob Woolmers death Geo.Tv was able to locate this whimpering Son-of-a-bitch roasting his sorry ass at some feudal lord harem in Sindh. When Geo.Tv talked to him live in a telephonic conversation Ashraf had not much to say to defend the PCB organization but very soon indicated in a casual off-the-cuff remark in a last ditch attempt to save his sanity in front of millions watching Geo.Tv, that he had already tendered his resignation to the President of Pakistan.

    There is a must watch video on Nasim Ashraf later in the post
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    Cricket Crazy Nation

    I posted this yesterday on Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan but simply love this commercial which was produced by Nike (India) probably a tribute to the people of the cricket crazy sub-continent area. Both India and Pakistan have been knocked out of the world cup but the passion must definitely live of wounds will heal and new teams will form to outlive the shattered dreams of the world cup 2007. The only thing that will not heal is the millions spent on TV advertisement through out the subcontinent. This is a MUST WATCH ! video for all cricket lovers [PS – I love the comment ‘oye Balcony’ – simply ingenious]