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A short history of Asif Ali Zardari

Khalid Omar writes a short detailed history of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, though for a Pakistani its nothing new, but its mostly a much needed refresher since we seem to have been missing out on the facts how this small time un-educated feudal lord climbed the power corridor to become the most powerful man in Pakistan. The best part of the write up is when KO subtitles the official biography of Mr. Zardari as published on the offical ‘President of Pakistan website’. Its all worth a good read

Mumtaz Bhutto’s censored article: Choas & Collapse

I was in receipt of this article with the following attached message

This article was blocked by the press under pressure from the Zardari government, who have issued instructions to all newspapers that no article written by me (Ameer Bhutto) or my father are to be printed henceforth, which is why it is being sent through email. Please circulate it as widely as possible

Its true the artcile has not seen daylight as it most definitely is touching some sensitive nerves. The question is, what remains the fate of the Zardari led government as it seems that there are signs of the older PPP faction to be slowly rising up from the ashes

Chaos and Collapse

Mumtaz Ali Bhutto

Mind boggling bungling, among other more heinous faults, has come to be the identifying characteristic of the Zardari government. From the inept way administrative matters are handled to the fact that Zardari can not open his mouth without something startling pouring out of it, one gets an overwhelming sense of incompetence all around. Not only the task of governance, but even that of running a party like the Peoples’ Party has proved to be far beyond the capabilities of the accidental Co-Chairman, who sneaked into power not on his own merits or public acclaim but on a tidal wave of emotions and subservience of those who were salivating at the prospect of memberships of assemblies, ministerships and all the other joys associated with winning an election in the current dispensation. All too soon, the whole set up has exploded and, as pointed out at the start, the lack of calibre and qualification of those who have occupied high offices has become starkly evident. It must be remembered that it was more or less this lot which twice before formed governments but were unable to run them even though Shaheed Benazir held the reins. They have landed the country in serious trouble internally and externally, such as bringing it to the brink of war with India by grossly mishandling the Bombay tragedy and reducing the much trumpeted reconciliation to a joke by violating all commitments. This government basically came into being through a deal with Musharaf and under protection of the cursed NRO. In return, the government does not only maintain him in presidential style, but also follows in his footsteps. The greatest letdown, however, has been in keeping the promise of roti, kapra makan to the people and freeing them from the curse of corruption, lawlessness, high cost of essential commodities and lack of basic amenities. The lure of jobs and handouts under the Benazir Income Support Scheme has proved to be a pipe dream and gone sour. The net result is that within a short period of nine months the government and the Peoples’ Party are not only in a chaotic state of disarray and collapse, but also the object of public discontent, which has manifest itself in a recent poll by placing Zardari’s popularity at nineteen percent. So much so that ministers and party office holders are unable to venture even into gatherings of party workers without risking harm and their leader can not step out despite the security provided by thousands of protectors at very high cost to the people.
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Zardari threatens: I will deal with Lawyers

Zardari CaricaturePresident Zardari has categorically said “You will see how I deal with the lawyers,” in a way threatening the lawyers long march due to hit Islamabad on March 9th. This comes from a democratically elected president who dishonored several written agreements regarding the restoration of entire deposed judiciary and even used the lawyers movement to uproot Musharraf is now ready to deal with the lawyers on a different playing field.

On the other hand the Prime Minister has said that the Long March is the right of Lawyers and he will try to facilitate their Long March in Islamabad. It does go to show a high level of miscommunication within the ruling elite, a constitutionally ceremonious President giving orders to a democratically elected Prime Minister, who should have been a shoo over when initially appointed in 2008

The month of March is critical for this government as a show down is definitely on the cards, the upcoming senate elections holds the key combined with the Lawyers upsurge to push for their broken promises, all these and more events can really twist the fate of a certain widowed husband and his cronies, the question is, will he fall into the elaborate trap that is being carefully planned from the drawing rooms of Raiwand all the way to London. PML-N with PML-Q is lobbying to get control of the Upper House, which might set into motion some floor crossing within the Lower House, I must agree there is a lot of speculations, but for now lets assume the first check has been served to Mr. Zardari, more are likely to come

Credit: PkPolitics

Fatima Bhutto: Garhi Khuda Bux – Pilgrimage to nowhere

In an artcile which was recently published in the New Statesman Fatima Bhutto talks about the first year death anniversary of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and her burial town of Garhi Khuda Bux. She sums up the experience with these powerful words

Now her posters, in the manner of those at Sufi shrines, hang inside the mausoleum, over the graves even. There is no space for the sacred, there is no space for grief, only space for advertising and political grandstanding of “Look whom I’m related to”-type posters, “Vote for my children, they’re next!” warnings, and so on. One year after Benazir’s assassination, this is what her legacy has come down to. And it is fitting that in her death, like in her life, there is no talk of principles or ideology, only of personality and genealogy.”

Read the entire article here

Clearance Sale for Hilal-e-Quaid-e-Azam

Pakistan Medal Clearance SalePakistan’s second highest civil award is on clearance sale. Any one who has done or not done any good to Pakistan is welcome to apply. Nationality, status, gender, position, or contribution to any cause is not a criterion. All you need is to appear at the President House, preferably wearing a suit, and be able to stay in close proximity of our President for about five minutes. Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren’t thrilled or satisfied with your medal, we shall be happy to replace this with any other medal of your choice. More than one medals can be considered for individuals assuring continued drone attacks.

Two or more from the same organisation are entitled to 10% discount. Special discounts available for US citizens.


R Malik
Advisor for Ulterior Affairs

The citation for Hilal-e-Quaid-e-Azam Awarded to Richard Boucher

Guest post by Naeem Sadiq

Boucher Awarded Hilal-e-PakistanThe US Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Boucher distinguished himself by undertaking weekly visits to Pakistan – missions that involved great personal hardship and risk to his life. Acting beyond the call of duty , he brokered the NRO deal that allowed some of the most corrupt individuals to occupy the highest places of power in Pakistan. Although it was none of his business, he went out of his way to render unprecedented advice to ensure that the judiciary is not restored and that Musharraf’s PCO laws are retained in Pakistan. He acted with remarkable sagacity and used the highest diplomatic skills to convince Pakistani rulers on the social, political and economic benefits of the drone attacks on Pakistan. For his outstanding contribution and unparalleled services in causing systematic harm to the state of Pakistan, he is hereby conferred the award of Hilal-e-Quaid-eAzam.

PS: Will all the previous recipients of Hilal-e-Quaid-e-Azam please consider returning their awards in protest.

Credit to PkPolitics for the hilarious image

Dogar may be appointed Chief Election Commisioner after retirement

Musharraf Zardari DogarThe News is reporting that Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar is likely to be appointed the chief election commissioner (CEC) after his retirement in March this year replacing the incumbent CEC, Justice (retd) Qazi Mohammad Farooq, who retires in mid-March after completing his three-year constitutionally mandated tenure. Dogar is set to retire on March 21 which is his retiring date on reaching the superannuating age of 65 year.

Qazi Farooq was appointed the CEC on March 15, 2006 by President Pervez Musharraf who had ironically replaced Justice Dogar, who worked as the acting CEC for more than a year. Its apparent that Asif Zardari still chooses to carefully appoint his ‘yes men’ in strategic designations.

A letter from Heavens

Guest Blog by Naeem Sadiq

27 Dec 2008. Here in Heavens , it is all peace, quiet and tranquility. Today I specially requested for a copy of national newspapers and some clippings from the various talk shows to get an idea of what was going on after I left for my eternal abode. I simply wanted to know if the mission and the democratic ideals that I had struggled and sacrificed my life for, were being kept alive or had been put aside.

My first big disappointment were the national newspapers. They all carried some 16-20 half page coloured advertisements and upto 10 pages of supplements, ostensibly to pay homage to my departed soul. But it was most surprising to see that not a single person had paid homage from his own pocket. They had all used government funds (tax payer’s money) for paying this so called ‘homage’. I am no longer current with the inflation rates, but I guess the government conveniently ended up depriving the poor of some 20 million rupees, splashed over the newspapers of 27 Dec 2008. I would have preferred to see this money spent on building schools, dispensaries or drinking water plants for the rural poor. I was also sad to see that I was made the excuse for further damage to the fragile economy by declaring 27 December as a public holiday. They seem to forget that holidaying nations do not go many places.
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27th December: Mourning or Celebration for PPP / Zardari?

Zardari addressing Benazir Death Anniversary Rally

That fateful day last year Pakistan lost a charismatic leader in the form of the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Its ironic that despite the fact that PPP since then has come to occupy the power house of Islamabad but it has brazenly ‘refused’ investigate the perpetrators and bring the ‘criminals’ to justice. What really irked me was when I watched Asif Ali Zardaris addressing a ceremony in Naudero commemorating the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Ms Bhutto, President Zardari said: “I know who killed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and I will expose them” and asked the ‘friends’ to come forward and help him instead of putting questions as to who killed Ms Bhutto

It is with the same concerning thought that one is bemused to see the PPP opportunists shedding a tear on her death anniversary on National TV, in the absence of any real commitment to launch a serious investigation, I believe these PPP opportunists should instead be celebrating this occasion, as it has handed them all a once in a life time opportunity which they continue to cash in upon the blood of their slain leader

Shakeel Anjum of The News Investigative cell shares an very detailed write up investigating the events following the tragic death. Quite simply without naming the perpetrator, he points the finger at many of our top leaders summarizing quite simply There is enough proof which points towards those who had played a key role in the whole plot that culminated in her assassination. But nobody can dare make any demand to unveil the elements because all these players are holding powerful positions

In the lack of a proper investigation, I might ask you to read this very informative article then answer this poll, maybe public opinion can help bring expose the perpetrators

[poll id=”4″]

The News, 27th Dec 2008; One year on, Benazir’s murder is still a mystery, but not so much By Shakeel Anjum

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2008: Blaaging to Blogging

My article published in yesterday’s The Friday Times [26th December 2008] where i shared the evolution of Blogging in 2008

There was once a time when most people in Pakistan had no clue as to what the word ‘Blogging’ actually meant, this ‘un-heard off’ word was often greeted with a confused and stunned silence, quite frequently followed with an innocent desi‘ish utterance Blaaging?. An avid blogger like me, who has been dotting the blogosphere since 2004 would instantly get those dreaded stomach binges to sum up the courage and go out on the usual two minute revolutionary spiel promoting the art and science of blogging, it was also an effort to educate the educated. In those days, back then, the two minute sales pitch would often fade into a distant whisper, leaving both parties scampering for other talking points as this geek fad discussion would not last an entire conversation.

Then came the martial law of 2007, most, if not all, Pakistanis were up in arms condemning this heinous political change, including the relatively unknown community of bloggers who too joined the outcry on the digital landscape and penned their protest, little did they know then, that this political tragedy may very well have served them with an unexpected christening right here in the ‘Islamic Republic’ of Pakistan. Whilst the Lawyers and Journalists were taking a battering on the streets, the media could not report and the press could not print, it was these previously unrecognized lone rangers of the blogosphere who stepped up to the plate and offered an unhindered and uncensored news from ‘the streets’. The media blackout had in fact catapulted the community of citizen journalists to become the ‘media’ for Pakistanis hunting for the real uncensored news about the political circus taking place within Pakistan.
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Go Zardari Go

Guest post by Hira Memon an article written on her Facebook profile

Asif Ali Zardari, despite being a controversial figure, Pakistani Nation and PPPP voters both welcomed him with open arms to take over as our new and democratic President . But due to his undemocratic, two-faced and non-serious behavior he has now lost his reconstructed image in media and among the People of Pakistan . From the day first President Zardari has been closely watched and observed by the people of Pakistan . He has failed and has failed me and my family who very unfortunately and with goodwill voted for him . An illiterate and feudal, he also i guess considers Aiwaan-e-Sadar as an Otaack of NawabShah (Otaack is a drawing room type of room used by feudals and Landlords where they meet People of the village to listen to their problems and use this place for other professional reasons).

He lost his credibility among the Nation when he broke his promise with the People of Pakistan that he will declare the 3rd November 2007’s emergency unconstitutional through an amendment passed by the Parliamentarians of his Party allied with PML-n, then he gave a back door to General Musharraf,then he broke another promise with PML N—-a promise which was the base of friendly relations between PML-N and PPPP about re-instating the judges, then his decision about going to IMF for financial assistance, then his non-serious behaviour with women [ i would’ve hugged you to Sarah Palin and mujhe Madhuri Dixit achi lagti hai], his ignoring of US- Drone attacks in FATA and Tribal areas of Pakistan, his continuation of Musharraf Policies with US, His extra and unnecessary concessions to India on Kashmir Issue, his waving of BB’s picture at UNO…i mean it’s ok if he carries it in a Party Meeting or elsewhere in protests etc but it’s un-constitutional to hang it at the backside wall of Presidential office and it looks awkward to wave it in UNO…and the list goes on…but recently he has crossed the limits…
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How they waste public money

Guest Post by Naeem Sadiq

The Nations Pride, a waste of money?

The first accomplishment of our federal minister for post offices and defender of the belief that burying alive of Pakistani women is healthy for the society, was to place a half page coloured ad in all national newspapers (Dec 09, 2008).

The ad estimated to have deprived the national exchequer of Rs 2 million, must be preserved in the national museum for future generations to learn how our rulers wasted the tax payer’s money for their personal publicity. It has large portraits of Mr Zardari, the PM, Bilawal Zardari, and the minister himself. Ironically the heading under these pictures reads “The Nation’s Pride”. There are two yet more noble sounding clichés at the bottom ” Living for humanity, dying for peace”, which one finds very difficult to relate to this postal department ad.

The issue is not so much the absurdity of this ad. The issue is how our rulers use national resources to carry out personal image building. The ordinary people must increasingly demand that the government should not be allowed to place such wasteful newspaper ads. No pictures of government employees, politicians or their children should be a part of any ad made out of tax payers’ money. Specific and useful information to public should be the only reason why an ad may be placed by the government. A citizens’ committee should be appointed to report any ‘personal marketing’ and other unethical traces discovered in the government placed ads

Anti-Corruption Day, Blagojevich and Zardari

zardari-color-sketchWhen Barack Obama was elected president, Governor Blagojevich of Illinois saw opportunity in the vacancy created in the U.S. Senate U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald of Chicago has the governor’s recorded conversations demanding $500,000 to a million dollars to sell the senate seat.  Blagojevich now stands to face an investigation, conversly

It seems that corrupt politicians such as Pakistan’s President Zardari, widely known as Mr. Ten Percent, instead get rewarded with high offices, with the assistance of amnesties arranged by the United States. It is what President Bush often describes as “soft bigotry of low expectations” when the West pushes for the pardon of corrupt politicians in countries such as Pakistan, in clear violation of the UN Conventions against Corruption. What is worse, such policies of condoning corruption are pursued in the name of promoting democracy in the third world.  Read More at Haq’s Musings Blog

The winds blowing in Islamabad

Shaheen SehbaiA must read article by Shaheen Sehbai published in The News yesterday, sheds light on the present political chaos. “The over-riding sense of failure is that after a free and fair elections a genuinely popular and elected government should have created a tidal wave of trust and confidence, at the domestic and international levels, which would have translated into massive political, economic and moral support for Pakistan” – He goes on to share the gloomy reality “Whatever is being said, heard and thought about in Islamabad, is testimony to the fact that our politicians are failing to meet the challenge that the present window of opportunity has provided them. If they ultimately fail, God help them, and us all” God Help Pakistan

Zardari calls up Sonia Gandhi !!!

Sonia GandhiThis news report was just too good to miss. It seems that President Asif Ali Zardari called up Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday night and condemned the terrorist attacks in Mumbai which has left over 160 people dead and many more injured. Anyone having a Deja Vu of the Zardari-Sarah Palin encounter a few months back. Suspiciously, why should the ‘President of Pakistan’ call up a random party president? Shouldn’t he have picked up the phone and called the Indian President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil but NOOOO….. Sing-a-long… He’s a Bachelor … Pappu Cant Dance Saala