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Why ‘Bangladesh Model’ is inevitable

Guest blog by Ahmed Nadeem

Political and administrative blunders being committed by our saviors on daily basis are clear signs of death of the Feb 18 mandate. Bad luck of our leaders – Media picks each of such blunders and passes to public. The shady explanations, fake excuses and rhetoric of leaders which follow to justify governance become an entertainment rather then satisfying the public. Blame goes to media – a ready scapegoat. The day Sarah Palin said that she is an expert in international relations as she can see Russia from her hometown; her dream to become Vice President was over. Ask our leaders and they will tell you it was fault of Tina Fay, who did the prank on Palin. Blames also goes to establishment and non-democratic forces. No mention of own blunders and endless hunger for power. This is not their stupidity alone. Our leaders have no idea of the times and the world in which they are living.

Zardari has been out of touch with people for last 10 years. He has no idea what Pakistan he is living in today, so are the politicians, judges and bureaucrats. None of them is connected with people. None of them gets public feed back about their actions, decisions and repute. This isolation leads them to make unpopular decisions and ultimately becoming civilian dictators. These decisions cause distrust and frustration in public. Politician in rest of the world runs their blogs and keeps connected with their constituents and public through face book or online forums, emails and text messaging. By doing so – they get public feed back and gauge public mood to form future policies. This results in popular decisions and good governance. None of parties or leaders in Pakistan affords to be open to criticism or public access because of their past baggage and morals.
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Media barred from NWFP senate elections

It is being reported on various media outlets that the Senate elections in the NWFP region have been barred from the media.

GEO.TV The journalists have been disallowed entering into the assembly hall for the coverage of the polling underway, while scores of them kept waiting outside the assembly. It may be recalled that the assembly members had in violation shown their ballot papers on the eve of presidential election, which the media had covered and flashed, while the NWFP rulers had expressed their displeasure over it.

Barely 6 months ago on 7th September 2008 during the Presidential elections that were held to elect President Asif Ali Zardari TV crews had caught various ANP members in the NWFP province flashing their secret ballots to some nearby colleggaues as if to authenticate the vote
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Mr. Zardari remained Mr. Zardari afterall

Guest blog by Amjad Malik, MA, LLM

Zardari MetamorphosisI wrote on 7 September 2008 that the litmus test for Mr. Zardari to prove whether he is an ‘don’ or an originator of a new dawn of democracy in Pakistan depends on his progress on 5 things: a) how he handles absolute power, b) his party, c) chief justice issue, d) charter of democracy and e) foreign policy. Looking at his performance in first 12 months, it is unfortunate that he is trailing on all. He could not father the nation and confined himself to the meager position of his party chairmanship and handles his party petty matters at President House, thus making it virtually impossible to look at PML with the same affection as required by the constitution bring his very office into a conflict & disrepute. He enjoys all the powers which ideally should have been assigned to his party premier, but he did not.

Drone attacks and missiles in Fata are still falling randomly, a bitter reality, and he has not taken concrete steps to implement sacred historic charter duly signed by his wife in London on 14 May 2006 which has a hope for the nation in decades to come. He not only backed out on his promises, & written agreements on judiciary, but humiliated the chief justice and went one step ahead by appointing higher court judges on whole sale basis without consensus, and consultation with provincial Govt in question & his partners in COD, thus he violated the charter which can save the Federation and civil rule in the country. He gathered a team of non elected commodity around him and has cornered opposition. He has ordered Governor Rule and let loose his fiery aide in Punjab to blow fire on opposition leaders. First he lost credibility of his words, his faith in democracy and now his respect amongst his peers.
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A short history of Asif Ali Zardari

Khalid Omar writes a short detailed history of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, though for a Pakistani its nothing new, but its mostly a much needed refresher since we seem to have been missing out on the facts how this small time un-educated feudal lord climbed the power corridor to become the most powerful man in Pakistan. The best part of the write up is when KO subtitles the official biography of Mr. Zardari as published on the offical ‘President of Pakistan website’. Its all worth a good read

Mumtaz Bhutto’s censored article: Choas & Collapse

I was in receipt of this article with the following attached message

This article was blocked by the press under pressure from the Zardari government, who have issued instructions to all newspapers that no article written by me (Ameer Bhutto) or my father are to be printed henceforth, which is why it is being sent through email. Please circulate it as widely as possible

Its true the artcile has not seen daylight as it most definitely is touching some sensitive nerves. The question is, what remains the fate of the Zardari led government as it seems that there are signs of the older PPP faction to be slowly rising up from the ashes

Chaos and Collapse

Mumtaz Ali Bhutto

Mind boggling bungling, among other more heinous faults, has come to be the identifying characteristic of the Zardari government. From the inept way administrative matters are handled to the fact that Zardari can not open his mouth without something startling pouring out of it, one gets an overwhelming sense of incompetence all around. Not only the task of governance, but even that of running a party like the Peoples’ Party has proved to be far beyond the capabilities of the accidental Co-Chairman, who sneaked into power not on his own merits or public acclaim but on a tidal wave of emotions and subservience of those who were salivating at the prospect of memberships of assemblies, ministerships and all the other joys associated with winning an election in the current dispensation. All too soon, the whole set up has exploded and, as pointed out at the start, the lack of calibre and qualification of those who have occupied high offices has become starkly evident. It must be remembered that it was more or less this lot which twice before formed governments but were unable to run them even though Shaheed Benazir held the reins. They have landed the country in serious trouble internally and externally, such as bringing it to the brink of war with India by grossly mishandling the Bombay tragedy and reducing the much trumpeted reconciliation to a joke by violating all commitments. This government basically came into being through a deal with Musharaf and under protection of the cursed NRO. In return, the government does not only maintain him in presidential style, but also follows in his footsteps. The greatest letdown, however, has been in keeping the promise of roti, kapra makan to the people and freeing them from the curse of corruption, lawlessness, high cost of essential commodities and lack of basic amenities. The lure of jobs and handouts under the Benazir Income Support Scheme has proved to be a pipe dream and gone sour. The net result is that within a short period of nine months the government and the Peoples’ Party are not only in a chaotic state of disarray and collapse, but also the object of public discontent, which has manifest itself in a recent poll by placing Zardari’s popularity at nineteen percent. So much so that ministers and party office holders are unable to venture even into gatherings of party workers without risking harm and their leader can not step out despite the security provided by thousands of protectors at very high cost to the people.
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The list of our ‘poor’ Senators

Senators in preparation of the upcoming Senate elections have filed their declaration of assets with the Election Commission of Pakistan & Dawn published an investigative summary outlining some prominent politicians and their ‘official’ declared wealth.  A run down through the list will make many wonder as to what might be the actual definition of the word ‘official’. Of which Israr Zehri incidentally happens to be the richest….
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ISI, a freelance protector of national security of Pakistan

Guest post by Amjad Malik

ISI is protecting the national security of Pakistan and combating any viable threat to its borders from outside and since 1971 from within. It is not different to the work of the CIA, KGB, RAW, Mossad, and MI5 & MI6 who work day in day out to avert any threat to the security of their own respective countries. The passionate work of this institution though is hardly in the public domain but is paramount when the threat is looming from its neighboring country on its borders, heavy presence of a foreign force on its western borders, and the presence of groups like ‘Makti bahni’ which are promoted, financed and cultured inside Pakistani bordering areas by its enemy. The need of their passionate work become more imperative when the corrupt elite of the country wish to derail the sovereignty of the country and endanger the security of the state by forging an alliance with super power in lust for power putting aside national interest.
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Go Zardari Go

Guest post by Hira Memon an article written on her Facebook profile

Asif Ali Zardari, despite being a controversial figure, Pakistani Nation and PPPP voters both welcomed him with open arms to take over as our new and democratic President . But due to his undemocratic, two-faced and non-serious behavior he has now lost his reconstructed image in media and among the People of Pakistan . From the day first President Zardari has been closely watched and observed by the people of Pakistan . He has failed and has failed me and my family who very unfortunately and with goodwill voted for him . An illiterate and feudal, he also i guess considers Aiwaan-e-Sadar as an Otaack of NawabShah (Otaack is a drawing room type of room used by feudals and Landlords where they meet People of the village to listen to their problems and use this place for other professional reasons).

He lost his credibility among the Nation when he broke his promise with the People of Pakistan that he will declare the 3rd November 2007’s emergency unconstitutional through an amendment passed by the Parliamentarians of his Party allied with PML-n, then he gave a back door to General Musharraf,then he broke another promise with PML N—-a promise which was the base of friendly relations between PML-N and PPPP about re-instating the judges, then his decision about going to IMF for financial assistance, then his non-serious behaviour with women [ i would’ve hugged you to Sarah Palin and mujhe Madhuri Dixit achi lagti hai], his ignoring of US- Drone attacks in FATA and Tribal areas of Pakistan, his continuation of Musharraf Policies with US, His extra and unnecessary concessions to India on Kashmir Issue, his waving of BB’s picture at UNO…i mean it’s ok if he carries it in a Party Meeting or elsewhere in protests etc but it’s un-constitutional to hang it at the backside wall of Presidential office and it looks awkward to wave it in UNO…and the list goes on…but recently he has crossed the limits…
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Anti-Corruption Day, Blagojevich and Zardari

zardari-color-sketchWhen Barack Obama was elected president, Governor Blagojevich of Illinois saw opportunity in the vacancy created in the U.S. Senate U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald of Chicago has the governor’s recorded conversations demanding $500,000 to a million dollars to sell the senate seat.  Blagojevich now stands to face an investigation, conversly

It seems that corrupt politicians such as Pakistan’s President Zardari, widely known as Mr. Ten Percent, instead get rewarded with high offices, with the assistance of amnesties arranged by the United States. It is what President Bush often describes as “soft bigotry of low expectations” when the West pushes for the pardon of corrupt politicians in countries such as Pakistan, in clear violation of the UN Conventions against Corruption. What is worse, such policies of condoning corruption are pursued in the name of promoting democracy in the third world.  Read More at Haq’s Musings Blog

Sassui Palijo after Sindh’s archaeological sites?

If people may recall that about a month back in late September we had on this blog highlighted the land grabbing mafia after the Makli Necropolis in Thatta. The new incoming ministers were conveniently digging around the archaeological site apparently claiming to innocently dig a water channel to their land, but credible reports emerging from the area suggested that it was more of a land grabbing attempt by Ghulam Qadir Palijo, who has a few pieces of land in the surrounding area

The people orchestrating the fiasco was the ex-MPA Ghulam Qadir Palijo who also happens to be the father of the Sassui Palijo a Sindh Minister for Culture and Tourism. Ironically a news report appeared in The Nation yesterday where Sassui Palijo while speaking in the Sindh Assembly urged the President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari to fulfill his promise and hand-over the control of archaeological sites to their respective provinces. She went on to claim that the paperwork was being done to give control of the historical sites to provinces very soon.
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Dogar’s Daughter results linked with Islamic Medical College admission

As if the revelations could not get any worse – Ansar Abbasi in his article in The News today trumps Pakistan with an even more interesting investigation about the fiasco surrounding the Intermediate results of the daughter of Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Abdul Hameed Dogar.

What has come to light is that all this was orchestrated so she could get admission into Islamic Medical College as with her initial low grade at 640 Farah could not even apply to appear in the admission test which was scheduled for September 21st a fact which was confirmed by Major (retd) Munir Azam, who was associated with the college administration So in preparation to ensure that she appears in the admission test the bureaucratic wheels were set in motion and from the 10th of September the Chairman of the Federal School board was able to muster up the necessary re-examinations to gingerly tip Farah’s score over the magical 660 barrier.

On one hand every parent wishes for the best education for their children, but sadly the irony of this specific case is that she unfortunately happens to be the daughter of CJP Hameed Dogar, who was the judge to replace, the then Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry who was thrown out of office for a number of allegations of which one incidentally was helping his son Dr. Arsalan in his CSS exams. With such a torturous history it seems Justice Dog-ar has too been caught red handed literally with his pants down
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Dogar’s Daughter get her marks increased – Is that Justice?

Ansar Abbasi in his article in The News today reveals a very alarming discovery concerning the daughter of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Abdul Hameed Dogar.. Farah Hameed Dogar had recently appeared in the FSc Exams [12 grade] and when in August the results were announced she had barely passed with 640 marks placing her in Grade ‘C’. The low grade actually then prevents her from applying into the much sought after Medical colleges in Punjab. But after some underhanded effort she was able to get her mark sheet re-issued at 661 marks making her reach the new Grade ‘B’ and hence forth making her eligible to apply to any Medical college in the province

On 20th & later again on 29th August, Farah applied to the examination board for a ‘re-tabulation’ of her marks, which is the only possile solution before physically reappearing for another exam. The examination department re-calculates the marks in an attempt to figure out any discrepancy in the addition of the mark, but the papers are never re-evaluated. The re-checking helped Farah increase her grand total by only one mere mark landing her at 641

After having exhausted all permissible means to increase the grade it seems she thence forth received a helping hand for the Board chairman who some how managed to have examiners re-examine her paper and that process help nudge her into the Grade B situation.
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Finally we are breathing

Guest Blog by Farrah K Raja

When I came across” Teeth Maestro” I thought well how healthy my teeth are? The answer is always the same the one which Cinderella’s step mom used to get from the mirror.

I do not believe in cosmetic surgery or going under knife so I do not spend much time in front of the mirror but I do spend a lot on my computer.

In today’s world where now Obama will be addressing the Nation through internet, so that message is not limited to USA alone but to the whole world. The impact of internet cannot be ignored and I am so glad Teeth Maestro is one blog from Pakistan which very responsibly is providing an alternative for people to express and connect as compared to stereo type Print and Television Journalism.

I personally believe past ten years were extremely important in the history of the world and in the history of Pakistan.

We were led by a true statesman, Mr.Musharaff, the only thing he was lacking was he did not come through voting process. By God people of Pakistan have proved who ever does not come through this process is never going to rule us even if he delivers moon and the stars.

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A pre-printed ‘Sifarish’ letter

While a post earlier we discussed the rare breed of honest Pakistanis who truly believe in making sure that all their outstanding debts to society are cleared up. In all honesty when looking out our current breed of politicians one sincerely hopes that they too may one day learn that being an elected representative of a population they thence forth entrusted with a very heavy responsibility to serve the people in a very just way and to top it off being Muslims they are further burdened with an additional responsibility to be answerable to all their actions and deeds in life here-after.

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The story of an Honest Pakistani

I recently bumped across this story appearing on The Consumerist website, an article tucked away in a section called ‘Above and Beyond‘.

It is after reading this narration one is definitely overwhelmed by the fact, that despite all the negativity and corruption surrounding the Pakistani political leaders, the down-to-earth Pakistani still genuinely cares for his outstanding debts to society. I am sure we all may have been witness to many other proud moments where Muslims & Pakistanis have gone well above and beyond the call of duty, but lets for now celebrate the kind deed of this unnamed Pakistani to have truly done us proud.
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