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Nasim Ashraf tells Players to Shut Up

Nasim AshrafNasim Ashraf, the chairman of PCB Cricket has issued a gag order on all PCB player to not discuss Shoaib Ahktar and his assault on Mohd Asif.

“Shoaib was sent home and handed an indefinite ban following a dressing-room scuffle, during which he hit Asif on the thigh with a bat. On arrival in Pakistan, Shoaib blamed Afridi for provoking him, saying that he made offensive comments about his family. Afridi later denied instigating the spat and said he couldn’t understand why Shoaib targeted him.” – Cricinfo

While Nasim Ashraf feeling the heat yet again before the start of another tournament blurted out to Reuters by saying quote “Shoaib and the others should keep their mouth shut on this issue”
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Shoaib & Asif, Cat Fight !!!

Shoaib Akhtar with RacketIn hot news coming in from South Africa where the Pakistan cricket team is in their final preparations for the upcoming Twenty 20 World Cup. Apart from cricketing news it seems two Pakistani fast bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Asif have made headlines when they have had a war of words in the dressing room leaving some injuries to Asif which were the result of being hit by a bat on the left thigh.

Following the incident Asif was taken for x-rays and was luckily found to have superficial bruising only. If I were Asif my first reaction would be to place this idiot into his right place by suing him for assault. I like many Pakistanis are not surprised to see Shoaib Akhtar making a fuss all over again some how the cricket selectors fail to see the apparent signs of a psychological problems surrounding the fast bowler not recently but can be seen well over two years ago when this blogger categorically discussed this problem
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Doping Scadal Comes to a Close

Considering all the hoopla surrounding the doping scandal surrounding Shoaib Akhtar and Mohd Asif in the past few months here here here here here & here

Cricinfo reports: The Court of Arbitration for Sports has been forced to dismiss an appeal by the World Anti Doping Agency over the reprieves for the Pakistan fast bowlers, Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif, saying it had no jurisdiction to overturn the decision.

The CAS panel said in a statement that the conclusion had been reached “with some considerable regret”. Shoaib and Asif tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone in internal tests conducted by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) last year, and were banned for two years and one year respectively in November 2006.
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The Woolmer Murdering Circus & Nasim Ashraf

Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan: After over three months of investigation the Jamaican Police announced the closure of Bob Woolmer’s death as having died of natural causes. For Pakistanis it was a definite relief, the Pakistan team were definitely suspects in the investigation and it comes as a relief to one and all that none of our players had any hand in this mishap.

What needs to be addressed is the circus created by the Jamaican police in the world media, the first autopsy report claimed that the hypoid bone was fractured (March 23) which is a good indication that he was strangled to death, based on this report I feel the lead investigator, Mark Shields was correct in starting a murder investigation. With the ongoing But on later autopsies there was no evidence of Hyoid Bone fracture at all. This is without doubt a grave error on the part of any medico legal doctor to make such a strong statement without even have x-rayed the specific bone showing his evidence of fracture.
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Pakistan Cricket News SMS’d to your Cell Phone

twitter.pngCricket Bloggers of Pakistan: For some days I have been fascinated by the easy and utility of Twitter, this is without doubt a step closer to interconnecting the entire world via the mobile phone. The best portion of twitter which I have grown to love is the ability to deliver instant news right to my cell phone. I have configured a few twitter accounts and attached them to some RSS feeds and whenever the feed updates I get pinged immediately with an SMS containing a short description and a tinyurl to browse through using GPRS.

I have for the past few weeks created a number of Twitter accounts which is customized to update you with Pakistan specific news from some leading news sources in Pakistan.

With a strong passion for cricket I have just recently configured the Pakistan Cricinfo RSS feed with a twitter account aptly calling it PakCricket and now whenever there is a story update on Cricinfo about anything related to the Pakistan Cricket scene I get the news sent to me instantaneously.
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Twitter in Pakistan

twitter.pngThere are so many web products being launched on a daily basis that it becomes mind boggling to filter through the good and the bad. Twitter is most definitely not a new name to the internet and has literally captured the imagination of millions of mobile and internet users around the globe. Quite surprisingly it has some how not yet engulfed the SMS crazy Pakistani people.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is new social network that integrates mobile phones with the web. It is a way for keeping in touch with your friends no matter where you are or what you are doing, if you have a mobile phone you can update your current status by simply sending an SMS and literally all your friends will get updated with your message.

How can I Twit?

There are three ways you can send and receive Twit messages, the most exciting concept is through your cell phone, you can also choose to send and receive on Google Talk or even restrict your viewing pleasure to the website. All messages you send immediately appear on the website and a quick look will show you all the messages that have been sent and received.

Is it available in Pakistan?

Most definitely YES! I personally have been watching the the product for some time but would have to admit that somehow I kept assuming that this service was not available in Pakistan until a few days back I tested the registration system and was astonished to receive an almost instantaneous SMS activating my cell phone, since then I have throughly enjoyed receiving up-to-the minute breaking news and a lot many updates of my own choosing.

Why are you so excited about Twitter?

To appreciate the concept one must understand the system. Lets suppose I have a twitter account at http://twitter.com/drawab (which I do) attached to my profile 30-40 friends (which i don’t have yet) have voluntarily decided to follow all my updates. All along the day I could post any message, it could be a joke, it could be anything and literally everyone of my freinds would get the update. All I have to do is send one SMS to a specified UK number (costing me Rs. 1.50) which is the twitter SMS Gateway, instantaneoulsy the gateway updates my profile and also dispatches the update to all my friend all for FREE. I am sure you see the savings instantaneous. Simply said I am happy and I also have communcited with all my friends. The group message is such a tickling moment that a few of my freinds are bound to respond and hence we have ourselves a mobile based social network fully within our control. We can accept freinds and at the same time reject strangers.

Honestly one has to look beyond the savings and appreciate the technology twitter has to offer extending the interconnected world right into our palms.

Twitter Network is not limited to people chit chatting about everyday life, but blogs and news websites also use this to instantaneously spread their updates like BBC, CNN, FoxNews, Engadget, TechCrunch, lets not forget Teeth Maestro and Karachi Metroblogs to name a few.

The past few I have been susbcriber to a number of breaking news channels on twitter which has my cell phone buzzing off the hook with instantaneous updates of the world around me. If it get to your nerves you can choose to selectively turn each channel off and see it either on Google Talk or even limited to your web based twitter profile. Please do remember to key in your sleep timings otherwise you will have a twit filled night.

What concerns are there in Pakistan?

Taking a look at our greedy cell phone companies who have relentlessly continued to make a fortune off the consumers yet fail to provide decent service, I suspect they will react quickly and try to block these services lest they hinder the steady stream of revenue. Naturally if you are getting free alerts from Twitter on any issue of your choice then why will you subscribe to their subscription packages offering you horoscopes or even cricket messages (yes twitter also had a World Cup 2007 Twitter channel which was well updated till the final ball). The other drawback seen by the cell phone giants would be excessive incoming messages in exchange for one out going charge.

I would have to argue with these providers is for them to look at the greater concept if their consumers getting increasingly hooked onto any mobile based social network they will naturally tend to make millions while Twitter incurs the costs from its SMS Gateway in England.

Who looses out?

I suspect the information services companies that actually push these messages for a minor charge will be the big time losers, and I am not the least bit concerned as they have made millions already sucking on you phones (they will continue to make a lot from their ring tone collection)

Is there a real cost savings?

The cost savings will be a lot if you limit your usage to receive only news updates, but if you start to engage with the contagious social network then it might turn out to be expensive in the long run since the international SMS is priced higher then the usual, but I suspect many of us can easily become twitaholics, I probably already am.

What other utilities are there with Twitter?

The Twitter company has released it API for full integration and development with their system and a large number of designers have already made some interesting tools which can be discovered here in detail, but a few did spark my interest

  • Facebook to Twitter – Sadly there was none to merge the twitter messages to the Facebook update pages, (Designers: There is a need for a mashup between the facebook and Twitter API)
  • Twitterfeed – This application incorporate RSS feeds to be converted into Twits, I have created channels for my own blog Teeth Maestro and Karachi Metroblog hence getting you an immediate update (polled every thirty minutes) right on your cell phone
  • Twitterberry – An application designed for Blackberry’s

What if your Cell Phone does not work?

There is a probability that the mobile service provider is already blocking the Twitter UK number +447781488126 you can alternatively receive these updates via Google Talk or even via email but the easiest will naturally be the Twitter website itself.

What about Pakistani content?

I think there is a definite shortage of Pakistani content on Twitter and naturally no community from Pakistan but I expect it to grow exponentially, to create some interest I have created a few twitter accounts and have taken the liberty of creating a few local channels which can really prove handy for any mobile connected individual each has been associated with an RSS feeds from there respective sources

Teeth Maestro – http://twitter.com/teeth
Karachi Metroblog – http://twitter.com/KMB
Lahore Metroblog – http://twitter.com/LMB
Islamabad Metroblog – http://twitter.com/IMB
GeoNews – http://twitter.com/GeoNews
DawnNews – http://twitter.com/DawnNews
Jang – http://twitter.com/Jang

These following Twitters Channels are not yet associated with any feed but I hope to engage these feed to provide updated information on happenings in the city. Sending an email to the corresponding address will reach me and I will try to ensure that spam does not filter through this channel and is limited to the happenings of the city

Karachi – http://twitter.com/Karachi Karachi/bloggers.pk
Lahore – http://twitter.com/Lahore Lahore/bloggers.pk
Islamabad – http://twitter.com/Islamabad Islamabad/bloggers.pk
(replace the forward slash for the @ sign)

Or you may choose to Join my personal network at drawab – http://twitter.com/drawab

Lets see Pakistan dominate the twitter world

Miandad & Alam Refuse PCB Coaching Job

miandad.jpgCricket Bloggers of Pakistan: Just two days back the PCB issued a advertisement on its website asking for people to apply for a coaching job in Pakistan. The salient features of the memo were as follows (PDF)


Pakistan Cricket Board seeks applications from interested Cricket Coaches for the position of National Coach.

The key responsibilities of this position will entail:
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Overdosage of Religiosity !!!!

Cricketers PrayingCricket Bloggers of Pakistan: Seriously will PJ Mir in cahoots with Naseem Ashraf shut up and stop accusing the team for overdosage of religiosity blaming it as the sole reason which lead to the devastation in West Indies.

I remain a moderate Muslim, but was definitely proud to see a good side emerge from within the ranks, this new team was more focused on the task at hand they had melted into a strong unit joined together with the bond of religion. Literally this is a dream come true for any manager or coach no distractions just a concentrated lot of players, no more worries about late night curfew, no more game-time hangovers, no more gambling and more importantly no more issues of discipline. This Pakistan team management only needed to work on keeping their focus on the game and you would have yourselves a winning combination, is that too difficult of a task. OR did Nasim Ashraf desire to lead a party-gone-crazy team which in his logic might lead to relieving pent-up stress as drinking an occasional bottle of Vodka on the rocks is the perfect remedy to better health. I suspect he feels religion is a hindrance to success.

The issue as we all know is not new, as of last October our bearded so-called Muslim PCB Chairman pulled Inzamam over and scolded him for leading the team down the path of religion and praying on the field (last year ECB complained to PCB to request the Pakistani team not to pray on the filed in front of millions of cricket fans – its bad image, PCB humbly acceded and thought it was a crime to warn its captain)

Its quite easy to find fault in everyone else except ones own self. I think Musharraf’s Labrador (Nasim Ashraf) should seriously stand up like a man and accept the blame, take full responsibility of the debacle and work to improve the team, but that’s where his weakness lies, he is weak, as he is simply inserted into this position of power since he is a close friend of Musharraf, and does not come through on merit. Hence a person without merit can never find the balls to accept blame lest he be thrown out and risk loosing the glittering job of being the Chairman of the cricket board, surely an issue not to be taken lightly.

I would not be wrong to say but literally every Pakistani cricket fan feels that Nasim Ashraf bungled up big time and he should go, but if he chooses to stay then he should be a man and stand up rather then run whimpering around the table worried to be kicked out of the job.

Nasim Ashraf & his Resignation Bull Shit


Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan: Nasim Ashraf offered to resign, trying to follow the footsteps of Inzamam-ul-Haq who can be considered valiant enough to have accepted responsibility for the World Cup disaster. Nasim Ashraf, the supposed leader of the Pakistan Cricket Board literally ran from the media hovering someplace at an undisclosed location in the interior of Sindh, when on the other hand he should have been manning the fort, and ready to stand to take the heat, front and center. After all it was on his watch that things were going haywire, leading to the culmination of a first round exit.

Immediately a few days after the fateful loss to Ireland followed by the disastrous news of Bob Woolmers death Geo.Tv was able to locate this whimpering Son-of-a-bitch roasting his sorry ass at some feudal lord harem in Sindh. When Geo.Tv talked to him live in a telephonic conversation Ashraf had not much to say to defend the PCB organization but very soon indicated in a casual off-the-cuff remark in a last ditch attempt to save his sanity in front of millions watching Geo.Tv, that he had already tendered his resignation to the President of Pakistan.

There is a must watch video on Nasim Ashraf later in the post
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Cricket Crazy Nation

I posted this yesterday on Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan but simply love this commercial which was produced by Nike (India) probably a tribute to the people of the cricket crazy sub-continent area. Both India and Pakistan have been knocked out of the world cup but the passion must definitely live of wounds will heal and new teams will form to outlive the shattered dreams of the world cup 2007. The only thing that will not heal is the millions spent on TV advertisement through out the subcontinent. This is a MUST WATCH ! video for all cricket lovers [PS – I love the comment ‘oye Balcony’ – simply ingenious]

WC-2007 Ex-Theme Song for Pakistan

There is no doubt the people of Pakistan were shattered when the Pakistan Cricket Team made an early exit from the World Cup after loosing to a minnow Ireland. The dreams of lifting the trophy vanished into thin air for many leaving a broken heart including a major dent into the pockets of companies who had invested significantly to developing television and print media advertisement featuring the Pakistan team.

The heartbroken Pakistani fans were smiling last night when they witnessed the annihilation of their arch rival India which was ransacked by Sri Lankan Cricket team almost confirming the return trip to Delhi (pending only an unlikely win by Bermuda). we all know the passionate cricket fans of the subcontinent, Pakistanis were ruthless the day after the loss to Ireland and there is no doubt the flames would be burning all over India, I feel they are in for a far more serious home coming as compared to Pakistan, as Bob Woolmer’s death has subdued the anger.
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Nasim Ashraf Resigns – Bluff ?

Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan : Geo.tv has just started displaying of a news report that Nasim Ashraf has handed in his resignation as Chairman of PCB following the miserable debacle at the World Cup. His reign of 5 months at the helm of cricketing affairs in Pakistan were far from smooth and attracted some unnecessary attention to himself rather then allowing the smooth functioning of the cricketing body and its team.

It is rumored that he has offered his resignation to the President of Pakistan, but it has not yet been accepted. Personally the President of Pakistan has too many things already on his plate to worry about cricket but then again I feel this is just another clever ploy played by Ashraf to attempt to avoid a beating at the hands of Pakistani fans. He is just dilly dallying and will use this news report of having offered his resignation to allow him enough time to sneak the cricket team back into the country and when addressing any press conference he can catapult past the harsh questions which many Journalists will throw at him by simply saying ‘…hey I offered my resignation but the President insists that I stay’

I would like to stand on record to be willing to call this a bluff, I could be wrong but gutt feeling and his loyalty to Pervaiz Musharraf reeks of something fishy. Interestingly cricinfo also still chooses to call it as ‘citing unconfirmed sources’, I assure you it will forever remain unconfirmed.

Cricinfo reports

A local station said that he handed in the resignation letter to the president of Pakistan, who is also the Patron of the PCB, late on Monday. It was not clear, however, whether it had been accepted. Citing unconfirmed sources, the station said the chairman had accepted his responsibility for the World Cup debacle. He had only been at the helm for five months as he took over from Shahryar Khan who resigned in October

Bob Woolmer (1948-2007)

bobwoolmer.jpgAfter the tragic loss by Pakistan to Ireland which actually resulted in an assured early exit for Pakistan in the World Cup, it has just in through a number of news outlets that Bob Woolmer collapsed in his hotel room overnight and was found unconscious in the morning he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead

Considering the out-lash that was delivered to the Pakistan cricket team for the loss at the hands of a new comer Ireland, it is not surprising that this defeat may have definitely resulted in a massive depression. When one tends to look at the larger picture wins and losses seem to matter little, but life is precious, there is no doubt that a defeat to Ireland could easily have been the lowest time of his life, he took it all to personally resulting in a massive depression which ultimately took his life.

I personally feel he contributed to Pakistan cricket in a very large way, he tried his best to remain out of the dirty politics but being the coach was dragged into everything. He has done a lot for Pakistan and I feel Pakistanis deserve to honor him with some tribute, something to value his commitment to Cricket and also Pakistan.

I now pose the question to all readers to find a way to honor this man. I wish his family and friends all the best at this tragic loss and hope they have the courage to over come this tragedy. We here in Pakistan offer our condolences and a hat tip to a fine gentleman cricket has ever seen. May his soul rest in Peace. Amen

Kneel over Pakistan – 1st ODI Report

Cricket Bloggers of PakistanPak vs SA 1st ODI – Centurion Park: Kneel over Pakistan could literally have been the one more last thing that the South Africans could have asked while they ransacked the Pakistan cricket team. The batting performance but almost every South African was par excellence, they beat, they raped and they mauled the Pakistani bowling line up as if the little league was sent to the Centurion Park from Pakistan. Pakistan lost by 169 runs, South Africa 392/6 & Pakistan 228

I cant even dare take the names of the departed Pakistani bowlers, may their souls Rest In Peace. But lets go ahead and read their last rites. Razzaq, one over for twenty two runs, …. let me repeat that Abdur Razzaq literally mauled for 22 runs in the only over that he bowled that day perhaps saved his capitulation since Rana Naveed averaged 11.6 runs per over was the highest by any Pakistani bowler who has bowled at least five overs in a match, Baba Ganja (Naveed) bowled an embarrassing eight runs to be slaughtered all over centurion for NINETY TWO runs. Praise thy lord, we are barely a month away from starting the World Cup, maybe the Women’s team could be far more deserving for a chance at the big stage.

The rites continue with long flippity flop hair of Mohd Sami who was served with a mouthful of runs nearing 68 runs in the 7 over he bowled an appalling 9.11 runs per over. While the spinners Hafeez, Malik and Afridi kept the runs in check as God Forbid another forty odd runs this seventh highest total of 392 could have become the world record setting highest total at 443. We were on track to achieve that record as it seems our bowlers had decided to bend over ready to be F&^%ed by the South Africans in royal fashion in front of a capacity Centurion crowd.

The turn at bat was in my opinion decent, to even clamber up the ladder and reach a total of 228 was commendable and heck a smack-your-forehead 46 by none other then Mr. Sami deserves to be pushed up maybe to open for Pakistan as his performance was brave signifigantly better than the 21 by Hafeez or 13 by Akmal. With such a dismal performance, I am game for any gamble.

Enough of the last rites….. its sad but Pakistan needed this embarrassing defeat and I may even be ready to take a big whopping in SOuth Africa to set the moral down long enough that the World Cup is taken more as a challenge then a simple walk in the park. We need to sit and evaluate the game plan and come up with a better chin-lifting performance on Wednesday, Otherwise I may have to throw in the towel and summon Aktar to just come in and bully us some wicket, let it be known for a fact that I would generally not recommend Akhtar at-all but with such a dismal performance by all our players we might have to look at other alternative and for now Shoaib Akhtar seems to be the only fit player that can be looked upon to join the side (since Shabbir has gone back home after groin problems creeping up while taking a decent whopping at the Twenty20)

As they say Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji’oon, until next time

Supreme Court questions Malik’s Ban

Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has questioned the life-ban imposed by Pakistan Cricket Board on Saleem Malik back in 2000. The court has for now delayed the hearing for a week upon the request of the PCB lawyer as he would need a little time to provide sufficient proof as to why Saleem Malik had been banned, if failing to satisfy the court Saleem Malik can potentially claim for damages.

Back in November I had previously discussed this issue when Malik had approached the Cricketing Council after he may have seen a ray of hope when Ata-ur-Rehman was relieved of his sentence. It was my opinion then and it remains so now, that it would generally not help Malik in any significant way, hes 43 years old and definitely would not be planning to put on some pads but the only quirk could be that he may be eyeing for a job as coach in the post-Woolmer era immediately after the world cup.

The question that lurks in my mind and many Pakistanis, could this be yet another ploy by Dr. Naseem Ashraf as I suspect something is afoot which is pushing Malik to rise from the dead after six years of a secluded life in Lahore, there is definitely something up according to the mystic tea leaves served up by the Teeth Maestro’s cup could be have another Naseem Ashraf blooper on our hands?

There is little doubt that Saleem Malik was a key-player in a number of match fixing scandal, granted in the local Pakistan inquiry he and Ata-ur-Rehamn took the fall while a number of well-connected players walked away to have, but there can be little doubt when he was banned by PCB ater Australian players Shane Warne, Tim May and Mark Waugh who had alleged that Malik offered them bribes to under perform on Australia’s tour of Pakistan in 1994. Malik’s name then also featured in an Indian match-fixing inquiry and was also mentioned by late South African captain Hansie Cronje in another probe. Probably a little too many fingers pointing at us, might I say Mr. Malik?

PCB has yet to defend the decision taken by its Inquiry bench, I would not be surprised if we find yet another example of an over turned decision.

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