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Shoaib, The Spit Bull

Shoaib Spit BullCricket Blogger of Pakistan: The Shoaib Akhar saga continues, it seems the most probable reason for his return to Pakistan is the heated discussion he had with Bob Woolmer during the second day of the Second Test Match between South Africa and Pakistan. TV coverage just saw a heated discussion between the two, it then panned out to a delivery and later when the images returned the dressing room was in uproar where cricketers were visibly separating Bob Woolmer and Shoaib Akhtar.

My guess, is that after a ransacking 4 wicket haul on day one by Shoaib Akhtar which started the victory for Pakistan he probably returned to the dressing room and and his overinflated ego came to rub shoulders with the coach who has been against his inclusion into the Pakistan team from day one. In a heated discussion Shoaib Akhtar in his natural idiotic style spat on the coach. It has been my opinion since long that Shoaib Akhtar must be removed from the side, as he is the only rouge character in an otherwise disciplined outfit. He may have the rough boy style bowling which tends to pull a few odd wickets simply because of his ‘Dhasahat Gardi‘ (Gangsta’ism) but honestly is it all worth tolerating this individual.
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Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan

I would like to announce the creation of Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan, it is just a blog created out of necessity since we felt an apparent absence of one concise place where bloggers from Pakistan can come and write about the Pakistani perspective on the world of cricket. There is little doubt that this blog is gearing up to join in the celebrations that await us in West Indies at the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup.

The invitation is open for cricket writers and bloggers to join the team of editors and write about cricket, be it one simple article or a constant stream, we want to hear your analysis of everything from hot gossip to any breaking news which you see important enough to write. All articles will be fully credited to the writer providing a prominent link-back to their website and also the necessary exposure..

This concept also lends to the true concept of blogging where an individual who may be sitting casually at home can spin a few captivating words and immediately be able to share it with the world around him, with a potential to be read by thousands if not millions, a perk, only reserved previously, to the editorial staff of big-name publication houses. We simply want to empower the aspiring cricketing writers to come forth and mesmerize us with their writings

If you have the itch then lets hear your views, some readers may like it and some might even argue your analysis hence opening up an interactive forum to discuss the Pakistani Cricketing world

Enough of our commentary,

Join the Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan
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Series-levelling victory by Pakistan at Port Elizabeth

Guest Post: Dr. Haroon Qazi

I would rate Pakistan as the most unpredictable team in the history of world cricket. Shoaib’s first innings spell and Inzamam’s 92 not out were out standing, and not to forget a superb spell by Asif in both innings. Although the team has match winning players, who can on their day take on the opposition individually, but they all lack consistency. In my opinion consistency and mental strength are the only two characteristics of our team separating them from the Aussies.

Shoaib being a great strength with the new ball but lacks fitness and has a great attitude problem. Rumors of him slapping Bob Woolmer during the ICC championship and then a fight with the coach in the second test against South Africa makes him a controversial player.

The other real concern would be Pakistan’s batting order. Inzi is one of the worlds leading run getter and a gem of a player. Should he be batting so low an order. In my opinion he should be batting at number five.

The series has become very exciting now. And the final test would be worth a watch. If Pakistan manage to win the series, it would be a great high leading to the world cup.

Sidekick, Darrell Hair

With great satisfaction I would like to report that the Darrell Hair saga continues. It seems that ICC desperately has the urge to employ Darrell Hair on its umpiring panel. It was announced today that Mr. Hair will officiate the triangular one-day series in involving Kenya, Scotland and Canada. You may recall that he had been expelled from the ICC Elite Umpiring Panel a few months previously as the governing body had lost confidence in his umpiring, that decision in effect prohibited him to officiate any match which might have involved the full members of the ICC body.

The dilemma is, how can one set of rules be flexed to accommodate his employment in any capacity whatsoever. A choice has to be made to decide if he is at all capable of umpiring a cricket match and no ambiguity should lie there at all. It is for the record that he was not accused of cheating but there was enough suspcision in his umpiring style to keep him away from officiating anything under the ICC banner, be it the Big League or the Peewee League.

Short of a full expulsion, it is without doubt a pleasure to watch this legendary umpire baby sitting the ICC Little League. I anxiously await his reaction when and if he finds the Kenyans tampering the ball, this time I am sure he will think twice before lifting the accusatory finger.
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Waqar Resigns as Bowling Coach

Waqar Younis who has been the bowling coach of the Pakistan Cricket team for approximately one year and today has announced his resignation from the job. It seems that PCB had limited his services as bowling coach for only the test matches which Pakistan was due to play in South African and not the One-Day matches. Waqar announced his decision after returning from Hajj recently and was quite bitter about PCB’s decision “If I am not needed for the ODIs then I don’t want to do the job. The board doesn’t look respect its ex-players properly.”

It has been rumored that Waqar may already have a job as a bowling coach in Australia with the New South Wales cricket club but despite all the controversy its seem that ever since Nasim Ashraf took over the position of Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board he has continued to stir the cricket arena far more then needed, he had a captaincy crisis which was a mess and is now dealing with the doping scandal which sadly turned into a catastrophe in the making once the WADA decided to approach the Court of Arbitration for a proper verdict on the issue.
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WADA takes PCB Decision to International Court


In an ongoing comedy of circumstances the World Anti-Doping Agency feels there is a serious lapse in the code of conduct upon which the decision to ban Shoaib Akhtar & Mohd Asif had been overturned by the PCB appellate bench namely lead by Justice (retd) Fukhruddin Ibrahim.

World Anti-Doping Agency has asked the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport / Court of Arbitration for Sports to evaluate the decision, and it may take some time (several months) for it fully evaluate the case, and it seems the duo remains on the roster for the South Africa tour, or for that matter it could very well be after the World cup that we get any news from CAS.

Early this month when the PCB’s appellate bench over turned the initial decision I, like many were quite surprised, we as staunch supporters of the Pakistan team on one hand felt happy to have a lethal bowling attack, but on the other hand were stunned at the decision. when I happened to read the 30-page decision, there was nothing substantial (my review) that would warrant an over turn, Justice Ibrahim could easily have reduced the sentence in light of both players pleading ignorance, but a crime had been committed nevertheless. Justice must be served
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Crowe after Muralitharan’s Doosra

Murali Doosra

Martin Crowe, the former New Zealand captain, has emailed the ICC to review Muttiah Muralitharan’s bowling action, specifically the doosra. Which has been an-issue-to-whine-over by a number of English, Aussie & New Zealand cricketers for a long time. It was the infamous Darryl Hair who took it upon himself to get into a tussle with the Sri Lankan team a few years back and later wrote a book about it.

ICC has some very vague and unscientifically proven rules about arm flexion allowing spinners to bend their elbow by 5 degrees while quick pacers are permitted to extent the envelop upto 10 degrees. These numbers have been based upon observations, sampling the bowlers in the international arena, naturally such a rule is bound to be problematic unless and until definitive fair rules are established taking into consideration the rare probability of a Muthiah Muralitharan’s unique wrist anatomy where he biologically cannot fully straighten his arm and is bound to be some degree of flexion as normal.
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Shabbir Cleared of Bowling Action

Shabbir AhmedEach passing day it seems that the bowling prospects for the Pakistan Cricket Team to the forthcoming World Cup seems to be getting better and better as a number of impressive contenders vie for the four or five bowling slots in the team. Starting with Shoaib Akhtar & Mohd Asif being cleared of the drug scandal, and a thumping performance by Rana Naveed in the recent tour of West Indies to Pakistan. And now the potential addition of Shabbir Ahmed into the list can undoubtedly make it a thought choice for PCB selectors

Just today ICC has just confirmed that it has received a report from University of Western Australia, where Shabbir Ahmed had gone for testing his bowling action. Shabbir is the first player to have been banned from International Cricket due to a faulty action where he bends his bowling arm beyound the prescribed limits as set out in the ICC code of Conduct. Shabbir had been decomsioned since December of last year after having been called twice for an illegal action will most likely be cleared in this latest test results, the ICC has withheld official confirmation until it “digests” the report more to verify that the study falls within its prescribed standards.

Once PCB gets the nod of approval from the ICC it will then evaluate if Shabbir is match-fit and in turn place him in the running for the impending selection in the 2007 World Cup to be held in March. Pakistan now should be comfortable with their bowling options, a reliable batting squad will remain the burning question probably throughout the World Cup

Shoaib & Asif Acquitted…. Justice Served?


In a very surprising decision served by the appellate committee today which was reviewing the decision of banning Shoaib Akhtar and Mohd Asif for substance abuse. The three-man committee, headed by Justice Fakhruddin Ebrahim, voted two to one in favour of the acquittal. Haseeb Ahsan, former Test cricketer, and Ebrahim were in favour of the acquittal while the third member, Danish Zaheer, dissented.
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Saleem Malik, Appeals Life-Ban

Saleem MalikA few days back during the ICC meeting in Delhi, the ICC decided to lift Ata-ur-Rehman’s life-ban, Ata-ur-Rehman 30, may find some young legs still around to be able to bowl at least in First Class cricket if not appear in some county series if he is able to regain form. But what interests me is the recent consideration by the Pakistan Cricket Board to appeal on behalf of Saleem Malik, who was also implicated in the match fixing controversy in 2000. Malik who is 43 years young might only muster a senior tour if to say the least.
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Shoaib – Woolmer Rift Surfaces

Shoaib AkhtarTo add another twist to the woes of the Pakistan Cricket Team. NDTV has just released an exclusive interview with a retired Indian Army officer attached to the Pakistani team during the Champions Trophy where he has revealed that Shoaib Akhtar had slapped coach Bob Woolmer on the team bus, in a tussle over which music should be played on the stereo.

“The boys were listening to Hindi songs when Bob Woolmer removed an iPod and put on an English song. Shoaib got up and again changed the music, putting on a Hindi song. Woolmer first kept quiet and then started making fun of the song. This was too much for Shoaib who suddenly got up and gave Woolmer a tight slap. Everyone was stunned and quickly intervened” – Colonel Anil Kaul

Hours after the incident, the Pakistan team announced that Shoaib and Mohammed Asif were being sent back home after a failed dope test.
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Shoaib & Asif Banned

Shoaib Akhtar and Mohd AsifShoaib Akhtar and Mohd Asif who had been sent home from India after their urine tests turned up positive have now been banned from cricket. Shoaib Akhtar will be on the sidelines for two years, while Mohd Asif has been banned for one year by the Pakistan Doping Tribunal.
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Pakistan asked to keep Religion Private

Pakistan Praying

The new chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board has actually told his players to curb the public display of practicing their religion.

“There is no doubt their religious faith is a motivating factor in the team,” Ashraf told Reuters. “It binds them together. But there should be balance between religion and cricket.” …. “I have told him {Inzamam} clearly that there should be no pressure on players who don’t pray regularly or any compulsion on them to do it.” – Cricinfo

Is this the new form of ‘enlightened moderation’, that the President of Pakistan and his appointed henchman Nasim Ashraf choose in an attempt to beat and tame the already bruised cricket team. I personally am not the perfect Muslim on the block, and neither belong to a fanatic religion organisation, but seriously feel proud of a team that is united with a strong religious bond and see no reason to intervene in their religious activities, even if they choose to pray bajamat openly on the field during a lunch break in England. (which happens to be the reason why this issue is being raised)

I squirm at the thought that one fine day Nasim Ashraf will start objecting to their beards and soon at flimsy objection from the ICC may ban the Sijda Muslims do in celebration.

As a Muslim and a citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

I object

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