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Pakistani Cricketers Fail Dope Test

Shoaib Akhtar

In an embarrassing development of events in the ICC Champions Trophy in India, it has just been revealed that Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif both have failed an internal Pakistan Cricket Board performance enhancing drug test just prior to their match against Sri Lanka on Tuesday. Both the cricketers are being immediately sent back and will face some sort of penalties enforced by the PCB.

I am embarrassed and stunned, it was after much difficulty especially with Shoaib’s poor performance in the previous years Shoaib Akhtar in Aussie Bar Party that I slowly saw him rebounding with a significant improvement in his performance, to a point that I was again supporting his sorry arse. But this news report sends me reeling back into the Anti-Shoaib camp, in my opinion he continues to disgrace our nation, and such individuals I simply will not tolerate. Its sad to see Asif also go down as we all, since we all truly saw some great match winning talent from him.

What’s your take on the issue? I would love to hear…

Inzi and the Pakistani team Acquitted of Ball Tampering

Its great news to hear that the Pakistan team has been cleared of any wrong doings in the cricketing fiasco which occurred a few weeks back during the Pakistan vs England 4th test match at The Oval. The ICC match referee Ranjan Madugalle did not find credible evidence to push for any ball tampering charges, though the ICC did find Inzamam guilty of a Level 3 charge resulting in a four match ban.

Now all eyes must turn towards Darrell Hair and his false accusation of cheating on the Pakistan team, which was the true reason behind this embarrassing fiasco. A public statement by PCB Chair Shehryar Khan has just been released where he wants the ICC to investigate Darrell Hair. In my opinion such an investigation will not get far as ICC must technically stand behind its officials which represent the governing body in the field of play. I think PCB should take Darrell Hair to court and test his mettle, if the Aussie can really stand on his own two feet without the protective cover of the ICC. Sue his sorry ass for everything he owns even the $500,000 he asked for compensation, make him suffer, I don’t mean to be rude but any gora would have done exactly the same without even a second thought Lets take him to court

Hockey World Cup – Germany

Hockey World Cup 2006

I have been a very serious Hockey fan and generally follow all the matches whenever Pakistan has played around the world. This sport was once considered to have an avid fan base almost along the lines of cricket, but with an inconsistent performance of the past few years, people have lost touch of this sport. Just recently the World Cup of Hockey 2006 started yesterday in Germany and it seems that no one in Pakistan noticed the event as rightly highlighted by Saadia Khan in her guest post on All Things Pakistan – Hockey World Cup: Attention Deficit. Come on Pakistan wake up and support your team lets get the moral spirits high and pray for a win.

Today in Pakistan’s first match of the tournament against Japan, Pakistan was easily able to trounce Japan with an easy 4-0 victory [Sohail Abbas 9′ (PC) & 64′ (PC), Rehan Butt 12′ & Shakeel Abbasi 68′]. Good to see a solid start to their adventures but lets hope the players keep performing like a unit as the next match tomorrow against New Zealand.

Hair Caught with his Hand in the Cookie Jar

A few hours ago a stunning press conference in London literally shook the cricketing world, this developing hot story resulted in a post on this blog moments later titled Hair offers $500,000 to quit. Malcolm Speed made a startling revelation of an exchange of emails between ICC and Darrell Hair. The actual copy of the email can be found at Cricinfo – Actual images of the emails.

Darrell Hair on 22th August wrote a carefully worded and thought out email to Doug Cowie indicating his terms of retirement.

I make this one-off, non-negotiable offer. I am prepared to retire/stand down/relinquish my position on the elite panel to take effect from 31st August 2006 on the following terms:

A one-off payment to compensate the loss of future earnings and retain a payment over the next four years which I believe would have been the best years I have to offer ICC and world umpiring. This payment is be the sum of [US dollars] 500,000 – details of which must be kept confidential by both parties. This sum to be paid directly into my account by 31st August 2006. Cricinfo – Full Transcript of Emails

This seems more like a terrorist holding someone for ransom or can also be seen as an offer to accept a bribe. A direct deposit to his bank account {in unmarked bills} on 31st August or then the offer expires and he continues to torment the cricketing world with his racist umpiring till 31st March 2008 – I think his offer seems better then to have to suffer this bloated racist another two years. This statement is even more suggestive of his guilt, a person who could be worried about the upcoming ICC hearing. If he was so fully convinced of his decision then he should have written a letter based on principles, discussed with the ICC his loyalty to the game and his attempt to follow the rules by the book. A resignation based on the conditional exchange of a large amount of money does indeed weaken his credibility to a remarkable extent.

Hair has just also made a statement withdrawing his resignation

“There is a now a communication from myself to the ICC in the public domain. This correspondence was composed at a very difficult time and was revoked by myself two days after a period of serious consideration. There was no malicious intent behind this communication with the ICC.

“I am anxious that the Code of Conduct hearing takes place as soon as possible so that these matters can be resolved and allow me to move on with my umpiring. “This is the only public comment I will be making on this matter and I request that the privacy of my family is respected at this time.” Cricinfo

Having a good heated discussion with a few lawyer around town, everyone felt that his first letter itself will overshadow his withdrawal, seriously affecting Darrell Hair’s case to defend his ball tampering charge and if he were to be sued in court it would potentially leave a large dent in his wallet well beyond the $500,000 he hoped to rake in.

Mike Athertons reaction to this developing story

It’s hard to see how Darrell Hair can umpire at any future international match. They have made his position untenable now. To imagine he can umpire down the line in international matches is hard to see. It seems extraordinary when you consider that Inzamam-ul-Haq has been charged on two counts – one of ball-tampering, for which nobody can find any evidence, and secondly for bringing the game into disrepute on the back of the first charge. So poor old Inzy finds himself under two charges, but Darrell Hair, after these extraordinary letters, finds himself under no charge whatsoever “

Darrell Hair start packing your bags, hire a good lawyer and prepare your insurance company to cover the damages that will come at you. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

ICC a White Commonwealth

Pakistan England Series 2006

Article written in the Guardian by Stephen Moss talks about the ongoing controversy in the corridors of cricket in the past few days, the actual issue has been beaten to death by many but Stephen talks about about another genuine problem that has continued to create hurdles in this game that we call cricket.

The sport cannot go forward until those two blocs are working together, and that can only be done when ICC is manifestly less of a white Commonwealth club. For the past 20 years it has, to all appearances, been a cartel run by Australians. Highly competent administrators, no doubt, who have for the most part – and despite an obsession with ludicrous money-making wheezes such as last year’s “SuperTests” – done a good job and raised the profile of the sport. But there remains an impression that the Asian countries are permitted into the halls of power on unequal terms. Only when they are equal partners will cricket start to embrace a 21st century whose face is likely to more brown than white.

The Asian countries’ belief that, despite supplying two-thirds of the money in the global game, they are endless patronised by white administrators is the cankerous root of the current crisis. It had to be confronted some time; it might as well be now. The long-term good will outweigh the short-term damage. It is essential that the next chief executive of ICC is Asian, and rather than be in swanky Dubai perhaps its headquarters should be in Islamabad or Mumbai. A bit of bending over backwards to make up for past errors may be in order.

Your thoughts on this white-skin dominated bureaucracy.

Pakistan ‘Should sue Hair’ – Imran Khan

Imran Khan

In an exclusive interview with Stick Cricket, Imran Khan has made some interesting observations of which the loudest statment was “Unless Darrell Hair can supply concrete proof of ball-tampering, then I think the Pakistan management should seriously consider suing him,”

“When a ball is 55 overs old, it is absolutely impossible to tell if a scratch on the ball has been made by a player’s nail, or from the pitch – which is scuffed up by the fourth day – or from hitting an advertising board. Hair needs to present concrete proof that a Pakistan player has wilfully damaged the ball. Pakistan have been unhappy with Hair’s umpiring before: it’s his manner, as if he wants to stamp his authority on the game. These kind of umpires do so much damage to the game. If he thought the ball had been tampered with, Hair should have given Inzamam a warning – instead of immediately jumping in and suggesting that ball tampering had occurred.

“Inzamam made a big mistake: he should have taken a stand on the spot when the ball was changed. Not coming out after tea was the wrong kind of protest. The captain’s job is to focus on winning the game. The manner of the protest has lost Pakistan valuable time in a game they looked like winning. Inzamam should have called in the team management as soon as Hair decided to change the match ball. Apart from anything else, changing the ball disadvantaged Pakistan – the new ball didn’t swing.”

“If Inzamam had decided not to come out after tea as a protest – why then did he eventually come out with the team? Everything looked chaotic. There were all sorts of PCB officials in the dressing room. Every team gets the ball to swing after 50 overs. By Hair’s logic, England shouldn’t have won the Ashes last summer – they only beat Australia thanks to reverse swing. – SPIN magazine/stickcricket.com

Darrell Hair the Racist Cheater

Just a few moments ago, Pakistan while playing in the 4th Test Match vs England on the 4th day has been accused without evidence of ball tampering. Darrell Hair who has repeatedly been a very biased umpire ruling many times against the cricketers of the Indo-Pak region has yet again proved his bias today. The ball under question was about 54 overs old and at this stage was naturally reverse swinging, this raised suspicion in the mind of Darrell Hair and he replaced the old ball offering the choice of the new ball to the batsmen who naturally selected a better ball. In this accusation the English batsmen were also awarded five penalty runs. All commentators were also surprised to see this decision and the TV crew has still yet to produce any hint of such ball tampering despite the presence of over 10 24 cameras fully focused on the field

I would like the Pakistani community to raise hell and push the ICC to ask for proof of ball tampering, it is actually accusing the Pakistan team of cheating without even a hint of false play (unless they show the evidence), if they find no evidence and this is based on a hunch decision by Darrell Hair then we must ask for his expulsion from the cricket world immediately.

The 4th and final test between Pak vs Eng has been called off/Abandoned amid a controversial 4th days play

The people of Pakistan demand that Darrell Hair issue an unconditional public apology for his actions otherwise Pakistan should forfeit the entire series
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Three Days of Mourning

I was in receipt of this article received by a chain of email it appears to have been written by a certain Naeem Sadiq, talks in depth about the present issue of the aftermath of the bombing in Karachi which claimed the lives of 57 people and over 100 injured

A bunch of carefree schoolboys, joyfully playing cricket is always a happy sight to come across. But playing cricket on a Wednesday morning, when they should have been at their schools is not a comforting thought. I gathered some courage and got close to a boy standing at the long off position to inquire about this truant behaviour. “aap ko maloonm nahin key 57 Molana mar geay heiN aor hum ko teen din ki chuttee mil gai hey”, he said with a broad grin just before diving off towards a fast approaching boundary shot.

There is very little evidence to suggest that the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) celebrated his birthday in his own life time. It would have therefore come to him as a rude shock that his followers would one day come up with such morbid and violent rituals to commemorate this peaceful occasion. This Rabi-ul-Awwal has been particularly harsh. One could gather very little sleep in the first ten days, as the contractors of Islam had their loud speakers operating at full blast for most part of the day and night. Where does one seek refuge from these destroyers of public peace. There are five of them in my immediate neighbourhood, all of different shades of ‘fiqhas’, competing for maximum market share, loudest volume, and harshest vocal cords.
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Pakistan Googled by a Texan

Bush Googly

George W. Bush’s two-day trip to Pakistan can now sadly be looked back upon more as a state sponsored relaxation trip for the President after his hectic schedule in India. Little do the Pakistanis have anything to show for this visit by the most powerful dictator of the world. In 2000, we were literally on our knees begging for Clinton to stop by to say Hi, but in contrast, in 2006, when the US President willfully offers to come, we fail miserably to perform.

It was no secret that Pakistan was unlikely to get any crumbs from the nuclear grants when India worked hard to create a mutual understanding. Delhi has been after Washington for a long time and Pakistan can’t expect to get a deal just for the heck of being a critical neighbour with India. For Pakistan, the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) should have been the hot deal to be inked during the two-day trip. The BIT has been in the works for a good time, but sadly, Islamabad was caught napping till the nth hour and any last minute efforts only left objections making it unreasonable to be finalized in March.

When dealing with the most powerful country of the world it should not be difficult for us to come up with alternative memoranda of understanding (MOUs) to cover up and potentially replace the BIT. Other MOUs could then have served a face-saving for the embarrassed government and it would have been a benefit for Pakistan even at a microscopic level. Instead, the two days were spent playing cricket and munching dinners at state expense.

The Texan did make news (the only news to make headlines around the world), not on a political level but instead while playing cricket – he was hit by a bouncer and spun a googly in the process. It goes to say what a waste of time it is, trying to teach a baseball fan to hold the oddly shaped cricket bat let alone trying to teach him to bowl over-arm without the sling shot pitching style he’s more used to.

Making matters worse, Mushy and his cronies went all out to cordon Islamabad off from the world. The airport and all incoming roads were effectively closed for all making it more like a prison and, simultaneously, all sorts of political activity was addressed by issuing house arrests for the loudest of all critics namely Qazi and Imran Khan. I applaud Imran Khan to have taken the limelight from the visit with some very interesting TV interviews he gave leading to the trip. Qazi Saheb, what can I say?

Bottom line – Musharraf and his team have terribly mismanaged this trip, only to be remembered for the wrong’un delivery that Bush faced during his practice session at the nets.

DesiCritics.org Launched


After working hard for upwards of two months the team at Desicritics finally launched their website geared towards the South Asian Desi comminity worldwide, I was honored to be invited into the team ahead of the launch and with a collection of upwards of 90+ authors and counting I am sure it will climb like hell. Desicritics has finally gone live as promised earlier on the 26th of Januray. Check out some interesting first day posts. Credit to all the hard work goes to the team leader Aaman Lamba for keeping us steaming ahead into launch.

There are already upwards of 90 authors on the website and if you are a ‘Desi’ and enjoy writing then pitch in.

PCB Site Conked out

Its quite normal to see sites go down for maintenance once in a while, such incidents rarely need a post, but today when I visited PCBoard.com.pk the official site of the Pakistan Cricket Board I was more amused by the lame excuse displayed on the website. I quote

We are very sorry but pcboard.com.pk, the-cricket-site.com and cricketarchive.com, and our other hosted sites are down for emergency maintenance This is the first time in our history we have had this sort of problem, normal service will be resumed before 12 noon (GMT) on January 7th

……A small screen capture for our amusement

PC Board

First time in our history Yeah – My ass

Update (12:20GMT): Whosoever is hosting their site is in deep shit as even 20 mintues after the promised deadline at precisely 12:20pm GMT the site is still not responding.

Barmy Army Sent Home Packin’

Go Home English

Today was another proud Pakistani moment, when the Pakistan team pulled out a to-be-drawn test match into a nail clinching victory. On the 5th and final day of the 3rd Pak-Eng test match, the English team went to lunch confident for a draw with eight wickets in hand and half a day left, draw to them was inevitable.

Who knew lunch would be the life changing moment for the Pakistani team, they came out firing. Danish Kaneria started the funeral rites of the Barmy Army with edging Collingwood to first slip and soon Pieterson and Flintoff were back home serving drinks in the locker room, Kaneria almost claimed a hat-trick scalp (which was unjustly turned down by Darryl Hair)

Shoaib Akhtar was also not to miss out on the hunt with his well controlled slow mesmerizing balls had the English running for cover. Post lunch session saw only 47 runs and 8 wickets to fall to finally serve Pakistan with a stunning victory of an innings and 100 run.

My Analysis
Umpiring: This test series will be remembered more for its controversial umpiring, and Darryl Hair again proved to have a Gora-skin bias. I honeslty don’t believe he is a genuine cheat but even his slight sympathy for the goras makes him judge the 50-50 calls to a more 60-40 in favor of the gora skin. He has repeatedly shown this bias, Hair needs some intense reevaluation by the ICC and evaluate his judgement call especially while supervising in the subcontinent area.
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Cricket in the UK

Firstly I am again saddened by another series of attacks in London, despite all the preventive measure taken by the UK police a few days back. I am simply stunned at the gutts of these terrorist who are adamant at creating unrest. I again condemn this sad event and offer moral support hoping that the English nation recovers from these latest series of terrorist attacks and hope that they react responsibly and not simply add fuel to the fire by trying to invade or attack other soverign nations. I can understand that, I too would like an end to this series of attacks but it would be important to see the English responding strongly but very carefully unlike how the US went gungho into Afghanistan and Iraq, in my opinion a contributing factor to these latest series of attacks on London.

But on a lighter side I propose to the Pakistan Cricket Board that before they finalize any series to be played in England they should send a security threat evaluation team, in exactly they same way they ‘treat’ our country before sending cricketers to play in Pakistan. What do you think of this new idea?

A Miandad Googly


A few visitors wanted to hear my reaction on the proposed marriage of Mahrukh binte Dawood Ibrahim and Junaid bin Javed Miandad. Initially I had nothing significant to report other then what was widely reported in the Print media. A week has passed and I now bring you my twist into this affair.

In the twists and turns of India-Pakistan relations comes one more difficult spin. What should India do, or how should New Delhi react, when news is confirmed that the daughter of India’s most-wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim is set to marry the son of one of Pakistan’s greatest cricketers, Javed Miandad? This is as difficult as it can get when India and Pakistan are trying to sort out issues and move toward lasting peace, and Miandad remains a cricketing icon.
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Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket

For those cricket fanatics who want to take the passion a step futher check this online game out. The game is flash based and very well made, you can compete at various levels, either Head 2 Head or in a tournament setting.

What I really enjoyed was the solid knock sound of a the bat when I hit a good shot off the center of the bat, I got creamed by the spinners bigtime still dont knwo how to handle them, fast bowlers are a walk in the park. My best score was 186/5 but the top scorer there is at a whopping 320/0. I must be dreaming. Try your luck and if possible post your best score here.