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Civil War ….ooopps

Iraqi WMD Trucks

Just recently the Head of U.S. Command & Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld (CNN) announced to the world that they dread the situation in Iraq is about to get worse and the Iraq might be headed into a civil war. Why am I not surprised !!!

Practically a year back it was Rumsfeld who stated on Aug 23, 2005 Iraq not fated to civil war (CNN) One year later they announce an impending civil war in Iraq. Either the insurgents/nationalist got the better out of the American forces or the Americans were simply hoping to be saved by a miracle. Three years back the United States of America went guns blazing into Iraq without the explicit approval from the UN and the rest of the world, they went to destroy the so-called truck laden nuclear production facilities which were then a looming threat to the national security of the United States. For people with a “very short term memory” I attach a picture of the images shown by Colin Powell to the world which became the core of this elaborate plot to invade Iraq.

What happened? Did the US accidentally loose these trucks armed with the high-tech satellites eye peering down upon them, did the US accidentally loose these trucks in the heat of battle or were they simply a big fat lie. My hunch is to go with the latter, A BIG FAT LIE

Back in 2003 the self-proclaiming heroic army called the assault Operation Iraqi Liberation, why live a lie when it should have been titled “OIL OIL We Come For OIL”. Call this invasion based on a lie with any name, defend it with the biggest media blitz, bomb the shit out of a sovereign nation, kill thousands of innocents (US calls them insurgentst) but a lie will always remains a lie and has the tendency to come back to haunt you later. If the US had quickly gotten out then this would not have mattered, but it seems the US has been caught as they say, with their hand in the cookie jar, or as they sometimes also say, caught with their pants down while the world watches this elaborate lie simply blow up in their face.

With a very heavy heart I feel the American citizens now realize the brunt of the mistake as they continue to see a never ending line of body bags piling up in Washington, it should not have taken three years for Commander-Idiot-in-Chief George W Bush to realize this problem. The US forces are actually invaders and the local Iraqis are defenders of their own country, maybe insurgents for an invading army what did u execpt everyone to drop their weapons and let you rape the heck out of the country, call these forces with the OH-MY-GOSH brand name m Al-Qaeda or any extremist terrorist you want but these are Iraqis (both rouge &/or organized) defending their own country.

Surprisingly the American forces were under the impression that the Iraqis would roll over and play dead as soon as they liberate Iraq from the WMD’s &/or Saddam but these three years of intense battle shows evidence that its far from a Liberation. The impending civil war is purely the creation of a mismanaged invading army which came into the country disguised as a Trojan horse hunting for the non-existent Chemical weapons and WMD’s when it faced a PR disaster to have orchestrated a lie turned to hunt down Saddam Hussein, then it decided to force onto the people the Americanised version of democracy and hoped yet again the streets would erupt in applause to the heroic efforts by GW Bush. Yet again the expectant thunderous applause was met with IED bombs which were damaging armoured plated Hummers. The Americans themselves played the fine line of Shia-Sunni battle pitting one to the other which has lead to a progressive decline of normalcy within the country.

Civil war in my opinion has been on the cards practically from the first day, only a fool would have believed otherwise. The Americans can justify all the want to the reasons of the invasion but to go in a country and leave it in a civil war is NOT the acts of a civilized nation.

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  • Will You Stop !!!

    Israel Palestine Map

    Do take a look at this map of the Israeli occupation from 1946 to 2000, a region predominantly occupied by the Muslims back in 1946 has slowly diminished to barely a few green spots on the map. It blatantly appears to be an invasion slowly expanding its territory and shoving the Muslims into extinction. Under UN Resolution 242, Israel is required by international law to withdraw from all the territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem. The United Nation’s General Assembly has repeatedly condemned Israel’s occupation of the territories as illegal (see UN resolutions 338, 1397, and 1402, among others). The Jews continue to defy all orders passed by the UN and the International Court of Justice, refusing to follow the rules created to stop this unrest and peace. They play a game of charades by signing a middle east peace deal but back off themselves for one lame excuse after the other blaming the other party for a minor offense but refuse to accept their own methods of invasion and torture.

    Yet again the pictures of the unrest in the Middle East come back again to haunt us, and yet again the images touched the bleeding heart seeing an innocent girl morning the loss of her family, after the IDF “accidentally” bombed their picnic party. Shells fired from a gun ship located practically a mile off-shore, call it whatever type of accident but trigger-happy soldiers who were unable to visually identify a group of innocent picnickers should not be trusted with even a simply driving license, the disease is commonly known as “blindness”. The picnickers were in plain sight and in my opinion can be considered as a blatant attack against humanity – yet another violation of human rights.

    When I try to analyze the Israel-Palestine conflict my opinion may be a little skewed towards sympathising with the Muslim side, argue all you want but every time I try to logically evaluate this situation there seems to be a serious imbalance of power between the two warring factions. Israel can be considered as the bully and Muslims the easy underdogs getting the beating of their life, it started off as a small occupation which has turned into an invasion of the Muslim territory. There can be no doubt all this was accomplished by a strong Jewish lobby in Washington making sure the US develops a blind spot on Israel. This lobby ensures no drastic statements or measures are made against the Jews and we often see a simple stern glare and a scolding restricted to being simply a public statement rather than stern actions to stop this atrocious war in Israel.

    Palestinians on the other hand have none of the glittering arsenal but rely only on their physical strength to keep their country together. The emotional population after being repeatedly assaulted and raped by Israelis, practically loose their sanity and hence are left with no choice to blow themselves up in a crowded market just so that they can get their revenge. Many wonder how a person can be pushed to committing suicide, Imagine for a moment every member of your family being killed by the Israelis, you will have lost every person you have ever loved, your only goal then in life is to take revenge even at the cost of your own life. The human brain is easy to understand and you don’t need a degree in psychology to understand what makes a suicide bomber.

    Someone needs to step back and let things cool down, a tit-for-tat reaction only makes the situation worse. Either one of the factions has to finally say STOP, I assure you this nation will be the true winner of the battle. Hammas in the recent past due to whatever reason issued a seize fire, it was a bold move and a step in the right direction, lasted a good year but with continued irritating onslaughts by the IDF the patience finally boiled over. I would not be surprised if things start to get worse and then the Jews should be held responsible for the escalating situation

    The world continues to blame the Palestinians for carrying out suicide attacks but the the Jews retaliate with even a greater force resulting in an equal number of deaths if not more within the Palestinian territory. The F-16 flying high above drops a GPS guided bomb in the middle of a shopping district in Palestine, killing hundreds within seconds, the pilot and aircraft safely exit without even as much as a scratch since the Muslims have no weapons to fight back, apart from the handheld weapons acquired from the black market.

    The Israeli public statement proudly announces the elimination of a terrorist – touting the same post 9/11 slogan “war against terrorism” getting laurels of praise from the right wing US media moguls. How ironic, the world sees Israel an equal partner to this terrorist activity but is sadly accorded a friendly pat ont he back from the US, probably equally to blame but the media chooses to portray Israel as the hero.

    To top it off the US continues to support the Jewish army providing them the best arsenal including the technology to produce 200+ odd nuclear warheads that have been produced by Israel. I refuse to fathom the hypocrisy by the United States of America when it itches to flush out the WMD’s held by Iraq, Iran and North Korea but somehow ignores the trigger happy gun totting Jewish army which repeatedly uses devastating force on humanity. How could the Israelis be considered as responsible members of the nuclear club when they can’t see a picnic party practically a mile away. At the same time I even doubt the responsible attitude of the United States of America as they are the only nation to ever use the deadly nuclear weapon, not once but twice and that too in a short span of three days, yet for some strange reason they refuse to ratify the CTBT, there must be a reason for non-compliance.

    APDC 2006, Karachi, Pakistan

    APDC Logo

    Starting from the 23rd Feb to the 27th Feb, Pakistan is going to be honored be the host of a very elite dental conference titled the 28th Asia Pacific Dental Congress. This is a prestigious Scientific Seminar conference which Pakistan has obtained after some serious negotiations amongst the 28 Asia Pacific nations with some severe resistance due to security concern bugging the country and the city of Karachi. About a good two years back a number of leading dentists of Karachi lobbied hard to convince the other nations to award the conference to Pakistan.

    The big day is now upon us, we expect upwards of 5000 dentists from across the globe to participate in the conference due to be held at the Expo Center. Expo center being the only premises large enough to house such a mega-event will be converted for the 3 days into a proper convention center. All four halls will be used and even more space will be occupied by acquiring the other two level of the convention center.

    This event will surely be a memorable event and if the city shines with all its splendor and peace we are bound to break the resistance barriers of other International conventions. The team of dentists organizing the event have worked hard over the two years into planning and with only a few days left it getting nerve wracking but still under control.

    This is only possible if we as simple Pakistanis can truly believe in Pakistan despite all the odds, my hats go off to all the members of the Local Organizing Committee who have worked against some tough odds and continued to believe in Pakistan and proving the entire world wrong.

    Friendship across Borders

    Pak India Friendship

    The two neighbouring countries India and Pakistan may be at daggers drawn fighting each other for every inch of space and every political move is followed by a check-mate in retaliation. The governments also have an organized propaganda against the other side pumping the people with pure hatred, hence to create an environment of mistrust.

    The people on the other hand are pleasantly the same ‘ol loving human being inhabiting both sides of the border, how true it was when I met a fellow blogger from Mumbai, Amit Varma of India uncut who was in Karachi to cover the test match between Pakistan and India scheduled to start on Sunday. He has been touring with the team for a good 20 days and is planning to remain in Pakistan for another 10 odd days until the third one-day match. We happend to be co-bloggers on the Metroblogging network, Amit belonging to Mumbai Metroblog and myself taking an active part in Karachi Metroblog, and both incidentaly happen to also be on the team at Desicritics.org.

    You can say that one thing led to the other and somehow we mutually decided on a dinner when he would arrive in Karachi. When meeting a complete stranger for the first time its normal to have butterflies wander in suspense but from the very first handshake he came across as an extremely friendly person and an accomplished journalist / blogger to be my friendly ambassador representing India, his company was more than enjoyable and the dinner was very entertaining, not a moment went by where there was even a dull moment to the evening.

    I was delighted, infact honored to have met such a fine gentlemen from across the border and feel a more pleasant interaction between the two nations should take place to further soften the hearts amongst the people and maybe even a peaceful co-existence between the two nations. Thank you Amit for a lovely evening it was heartening to have created a good friend across the border – Cheers.

    I would like to propose an initiative amongst all the internet geniuses / bloggers representing both nations who happen to read this post to somehow join hands on a mutual platform on the web and work together for creating such Friendships Across Borders.

    Dentistry in Karachi

    Teeth Maestro is actually the pen name of Dr. Awab Alvi who is a dentist by profession in Karachi, Pakistan. He has been practicing Dentistry in Karachi since 1999 when he graduated from de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore and has since been practicing with his father Dr. Arif Alvi at Alvi Dental Hospital, which is located at

    23-B Sindhi Muslim Society
    Karachi, Pakistan

    If any one wants any dental assistance you are more then welcome to email me or call us up to schedule a dental appointment at your convenience

    Tag me if you can

    Bull's EyeJust recently I was blog-tagged by Minigma, I usually am not too keen to play the tag game but thought that this specific tag was very interesting. Go ahead read this post it is possible for you to discover the person behind the Teeth Maestro’s blog, so discover away.

    TAG Questions:

    5-years ago: That’s a very long time back, sadly old age has its own toll, but ill try to remember…. oh yeah 5 years ago I had just joined a Masters Program in the field of Orthodontics at Saint Louis University. Getting into a US university is a tough task as only a few program and naturally hundreds of potential candidates. I think I can call myself as being fortunate.

    1-Year ago:
    I remember myself busy practicing with my father Dr. Arif R. Alvi, at our practice Alvi Dental Hospital (the old website is undergoing a redesign so wait up until its ready). At ADH, I think we do a decent job in providing the best quality dental care in Pakistan, we pride ourselves in trying to do the best for our patient without any monetary motivations.

    5-Songs that I know all the words to: NONE, I am like a normal Joe, who knows only the popular lines but then mumbles or hums the rest of the song. I don’t care about the words especially when the CD Player is available to sing the song for me, with a horrendous singing voice I will never be caught even in the shower showing off my vocal cords to even to the toilet bowl hence naturally I don’t feel the need to remember the entire song. Nerds who do, please put your kidneys to some better use.

    5-Things that I’d never wear:
    I usually have no problems with anything, but will never be caught in women’s clothes everything else is OK. Thinking about women’s clothes do have a look at the Hijra Show on aaj.tv where Hijra Begum Nawazish Ali dresses up to interview a few people on Saturday night – DON’T Watch it, even if I were to offer you a million dollars – its a stupid ass, bull shit show a disgrace to the quality of entertainment in Pakistan.

    5-Things I’d do with a $100 million dollars: Forget it no use dreaming when I know I’ll never win the lottery, but if I were to get it, I’d rather get my country out of the eternal debt. I honestly believe with honest people running our govt it is possible to wash off all the Qarza, but Honest people are hard to find. If my calculations hold correct, I am left with a few million well the rest needs to go to some charity as I feel its unearned income, you know the old saying Haram ka Paisa Haram hai I strongly feel lucky money aint right, very tempting but I pray to Allah to help me judge properly if tested in such a way. Sorry to disappoint the millionare temptation in you guys.

    5 Favourite TV Shows: I simply love the following shows starting off with Seinfeld, Who’s Line is it Anyway, The Screen Savers (Tech TV), Simpson’s and stand up comedy on Comedy Channel

    5 Greatest Joys: Passing my BDS, Getting admission into a MSc Ortho Program in the US, Marriage to my wife Sadiqa, birth of my son Zaafir Habib Alvi (check out his picture)

    5 People that I’m tagging: hmmm lets pass the tag on to Shobid, Danial, Abbas Halai, Dirty Dan and MH Gold – You are tagged

    Rape Trap

    Rapex A Los Angeles Times Story about a South African inventor Sonette Ehlers and her new anti-rape female condom.

    “Rapex”, the condom-like device bristling with internal hooks designed to snare rapists while in the process of committing the rape. The device, concealed inside a woman’s body, hooks onto a rapist during penetration and must be surgically removed.

    Fellow men, consider this a medical warning, you had better keep you pecker in your pants as it might be a tad bit too late if you accidentally run into a Man-hating-Woman to serve you, your own pecker for breakfast. I can only say OOOUUCCHHH!!!!! That’s gotta hurt…… I plead to all women to please have mercy on us poor men !!! ;)

    Nanospheres to cure Sensitive Teeth

    Sensitive Teeth

    The Institute of Physics in a conference recently revealed some interesting research related to dentistry, preliminary findings show that Nanospheres could finally solve the age of problem of sensitive teeth.

    Sensitive teeth or ‘dental hypersensitivity’ is a condition that arises when the dentine of the tooth is exposed. The dentine is made up of thousands of tiny fluid-filled channels which radiate outwards from the nerve endings at the centre of the tooth. Heat, some chemicals, and physical contact can cause the fluid in these channels to move – in or out – triggering the nerve endings and causing sharp pain. So if these channels (or ‘tubules’) are fully or partially blocked, the flow can be reduced and the pain stopped or significantly reduced. Currently, the only way to treat this condition is through good dental hygiene – using special toothpastes and fluorine mouthwashes which encourage re-mineralization of the dentine coating.

    If this new research slowly develops into some good viable solution, it could really help thousands of people suffering from sensitive teeth and surly we as dentists would now finally have a way to help many who come to us for relief.

    Greatest Office Game

    Sitting in the office one has a lot of time to waste, it specially gets very interesting if the King-Pin (Boss) conveniently requests you to throw a bunch a papers in the trash. Taking the opportunity you roll up your sleeves position a dustbin about 6 feet away settle down and officially begin the trash-paper-basket game. The goal is to pocket all the paper into the dustbin, carefully calculating distance, wind speed and some serious colleague/crowd pressure (of course its even more pressure on the nerves if the game is illegally being played, then ensure that you have an appropriate exit strategy in case any of the senior colleagues accidentally walk in)

    Until the golden day comes, when your boss actually gives you the offer to trash soem paper, practice your aim at this online version. My best is 9 consecutive shots, what’s yours.

    Play the game at Widro.com | a digg.com story

    2nd update – Blogger to WordPress move

    As you might have noticed I have gone MIA (Missing in Action) for the past few days, the reason being I am in intensive development stage (I am well past puberty so its not growth development) It is development of my WordPress blogging site. Here is the update

    I have obtained a testing site at "teeth.negimaki.com" the hosts at negimaki were generous to offer me 1GB space + a gallery with an unlimited bandwidth. This site is my work in progress until I get hold of some good hosting service – will update you of the change on this blog.

    Domain: I already am an owner of the domain teeth.com.pk which was basically registered to be used by Alvi Dental Hospital, I plan to use a subdomain either blog.teeth.com.pk or teeth.com.pk/blog, I await your input on the better subdomain to use.

    WebHosting: The domain teeth.com.pk is hosted on Nexus.com.pk servers who have been my registrars for the past 4 years they until now provided me with mail + 15MB hosting + 2-yr domain registration for an unbeatable price of Rs. 2,300 (a good deal). When I move to WordPress it requires PHP and MySQL, nexus does not offer these services in its basic package. On a detailed hunt I found many cheap sites but seems like I will stick with Nexus for Rs. 5,000 for 1 yr Unix Lite hosting (do you think its a deal I should take or is there anything cheaper, but still reliable host)

    WordPress: Installation is a piece of cake, the 5-minute install script is indeed good if not quicker. After that its onto the world of customizations, you can install from a selection of hundreds of themes and numerous plugins available freely on the web (but to install each plugin you need to upload them physically via FTP and ensuring that the CHMOD settings are ok?)

    Design: Honestly I ain’t an expert designer/ programmer that I would come up with an amazing unique idea so honestly I am gathering stuff from all over, but when you look at the html code its all in PHP code and PHP to me is like reading French, but something which you can learn, so this dentist here is busy studying PHP code ;) – fret not I’m up for this computer challenge.

    Move from Blogger: I would love to move away from blogger as the quality of service is on the downhill, an outstanding tutorial was specially written for me by Yasir Memon (thanks) I found a few others at Catstutorial which uses Andy Skelton’s Importing tool (PS if someone has this tool please email it to me as somehow my computer refuses to open Andy Skelton’s website) also give a step-by-step pictorial guide to help move to wordpress. The biggest problem is how to tell your followers to update their bookmark – Honestly it is not easy and I also shall remain grateful to all for their understanding.

    Will keep you all posted hopefully on a daily basis, I would like to thank Shirazi for pushing me to maintain an open journal putting pen-to-paper all my hurdles during this stage of development, this may also serve as a point where we all can discuss problems during this stage of development.

    Computer Disaster Story

    It is with a sobbing heart I relate to you my recent computer disaster on one of my office computers which was the "main server" on our peer-to-peer network. The story is for you all to learn from my mistakes.

    Our main server has been serving us for 4-5 years started off with Win 98 which I later upgraded to Win XP and as you all must have guessed this upgrade literally killed the speed of the processor and it now used to take ages to complete simple tasks as it had a P3 256MB RAM, so one fine day ‘yours truly’ decided that it is essential to downgrade to Win 98 SE, which I felt would be more generous to my aging processor.

    Scenario: I have two partitions divided equally on the 40GB HD so in preparation for the Extreme Makeover I moved everything over to the secondary partition which was the D: Drive. Booted up with a boot disk CD, which I was lucky to pull out of my CD-wallet and found it also carried a copy of Win 98SE – Perfect I thought, the computer Gods must have an eye out for me, little did I know then that it was the evil eye ;)

    Using that old boot-disk I started the computer searched via the DOS prompts and found only the C drive tried in vain to locate the D drive but turned up empty, I presumed it was some reading glitch and presumed that the C Drive would still exist so I continued to format C – BIG MISTAKE #1. Copied Win 98 files from the CD to the Hard Disk via the Dos prompts – MISTAKE #2

    I then ran the 98 installer but it kept prompting me that there was an invalid file system, hence I jumped to FDisk found that C Drive which was being labelled as a Non-Dos file system (ofcourse I had thought then, Stupid me Win 98 does not run on NTFS) and D Drive was labelled as an Extended Dos System (See the D Drive was safe and sound – I was happy). I continued the process in Fdisk and deleted the C Non-Dos partition and re-installed it as a DOS primary partition – MISTAKE #3. Once this error was solved the Win 98 continued to do a full clean installation of Win 98 on the computer. Finally when it got done I opened up explorer and to my horror no data existed and my critical D drive which was a literaliy a clean slate apart from the Win 98 installation folder and nothing else. Shocked at the loss of all my data I was then followed up by a series of panic and heart attacks as I had literaaly misplaced 4 years of unreplacable critical data ;) 0- the old story – never thought it would happen to me…..

    Analysis:After a few hours of sweating I finally figured out the problem and also my mistakes. C drive was the root folder of Win XP so it was formatted in an NTFS system while the D drive was still as an old FAT system, technically when I used the "old boot disk" which was based of a win 98 system boot disk, the computer only read the FAT system and it never could read the C Drive NTFS system so in my ignorance I clean deleted everything on the D Drive (which was being mis-labelled as C Drive). I then copied win 98 installed on D over-writing a lot of the primary data on D Drive. C Drive continued to exists until ….. I Fdisk’ed it later and now I had technically destroyred all existing data and had myself a virgin system.

    Recovery: I downloaded Bart’s PE Builder and also installed a *cracked* version of Getdataback NTFS and FAT version (a good data recoverng software) and ran it from the Bart’s Protected Enviroment CD this ensured that all the scanning etc was done off the CD and no data got overwritten on the Hard Disk in an attempt preserve it as much as I now possibley could – too late but I needed each and every inch of the data on the Hard Disk, with the GetDataBack FAT I scanned my D drive which was FAT based and luckily found ALL the data and recovered it to my C Drive.

    Moral of the story – be careful when you format hard drives pay special attention to the file systems, but if incase you accidentally do destroy any hard drive don’t worry carry around a version of the Bart’s PE CD (A must have for all techies) and recover data with GetDataBack it will almost surely recover all the data. Many people have told me and I again tell you critical data needs to be backed up onto CD’s. I have indeed learnt my lesson ;) the hard way

    Bart’s PE Link
    GetDataBack Link

    How to Compile Software in Visual?

    As you all must know by now that I am a plain simple dentist, a little familiar with computers but not to the extent to be able to compile a source code – ;) I hear it ain’t too much of a big deal.

    The software that I am after is open source and the source code is freely available for anyone to compile and use but if one does not know how to compile it the company can then do it for you and charge a horrendous $200 a month for a year for this simple service – What a rip off. So understandably I’m not too keen on paying for this software (btw who is in Pakistan?)

    The software needs to be compiled in Visual C# or Visual Basic (I once ran to the computer store to grab a CD of Visual but only came up with Enterprise version and that simply did not load properly, must have been a busted CD or corrupt version or something). The software is a dental practice managment software and in my opinion a very versatile software as the dveloper has worked to hard to put in all the softwares into one neat package a sort of All-in-One deal and probably better then most dental softwares in the market. In my practice I presently have 3 different softwares and it is indeed a nightmare running them all together I feel that Open-Dent may fix the problem for me once in for all but before I switch I need to mess around with the full version before I migrate into this open source deal.

    The instructions are on this page Link
    The download page for the source code is Link

    Have a look at it and maybe someone might be able to guide me in the right direction, my goal is to learn how to compile it as the company releases updates every month or so and I don’t wanna be running around trying to find help. Any help would be appreciated.

    and the pictures……

    Here are the pictures of the event we held at Alvi Dental Hospital to launch the 1st Dental Microscope in Pakistan – the event was well covered in the press, News reports appeared in PTV Khabarnama, ARY News, City News and Indus News, articles appeared in The News, Daily Times, Pictures were seen in many other newspapers including Jang. So overall we were quite pleased with our efforts and ofcourse the Lunch was great ;)

    Dr. Awab Alvi addressing the event

    Dr. Arif Alvi adressing the event

    The press gathered for the ribbon cutting

    One of my banners on display
    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
    The stage with the Hospital as the backdrop

    Freehand designs

    It was for the very first time I played with Freehand Mx together with Photoshop to come up with these designs – In the process I got to learn a lot and now can attest to the fact that these two programs are indeed the BEST publishing softwares to date.

    These 2’x5′ vertical banners which elaborate the various different technologies that have been implemeted in our hospital, the designs were printed on Pan-Flex and mounted on stands to display in our hospital during the Dental Microscope Launching ceremony they looked impressive if I must say so myself.