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Update @ 0126: Geo.tv gets another DDoS attack & Teeth Maestro suffers slow downs

According to the Geo.tv website at around 8PM a serious of DDoS attacks started to go onto the website which was brought under control by midnight. This is the second time such an incident has happened at the Geo.tv website the first one was on November 10th when the Pakistani media giant suffered the first attack to recover in a few hours. The website quotes “Geo TV website once again came under DDoS attack for the second time at around 8pm on Wednesday, after which a very significant source of information is temporarily disconnected. It has been rectified by the timely action.”

Interestingly even the Teeth Maestro blog was suffering a significant slow down which presented many of our readers with a 500 error page. A little investigation into the matter followed by a prompt response from our hosts (dreamhost) we were able to isolate the problem which was basically a Google bot which had commenced a massive indexing of our blog resulting in serer overloads. We have resolved to suspend bots from crawling our site to ensure better upload times for all our readers, lucky for us it was not a DDoS and I would rather not be found in the company of a DDoS like Geo.

ABN Chicago with Dr. Shahid Masood

This week, Asian Broadcasting Network (website blocked from Pakistan) interviewed two icons of the South Asian media. The first interview is of Mr. Ameen Sayani, a renowned Indian Music Presenter of the famed “Geet Mala”.

This interview was followed by an exclusive Interview of Dr.Shahid Masood, renowned TV journalist , views and news fame, Meray Mutabiq which was his first interview after the closure of GEO TV and of course his show. and it seems he did his show Meray Mutabiq on Radio

Dr.Shahid Masood’s Interview
Download MP3 (24MB)

Ameen Sayani
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SMS Update @ 1949: Vigil at Geo

Geo VigilVia SMS: There is a crowd of over 1000 people singing to the tune of Jenay Do a very moving sight God Bless Pakistan.

Update: The candle light vigil which was announced at Geo offices in Karachi to basically condemn the shutting down of the two popular media channels was truly amazing. The vigil itself started off at around 7pm but I am told the crowd was present there well before the specified time, when I reached there it was truly an amazing sight in the entire lane you could only see candles lit with quite a few heavy speakers blarring the signature Geo song Jeenay Do.

There were approximately well over 1500 people present most honding some sort of placard denocning the martial law but practiclaly everyone had a candle and sang the song Jeenay Do. There were a number of large TV screens showing the live feed from Geo which was being streamed via the internet. The best part of the vigil was when the Geo Musharraf-lookalike took to the stage and had some fun with the crowd with some unique imitations of the dictator. It was good to see people coming out to raise their voice against the censorship of the media.

Update @ 0236: CNN discusses Geo Tv Blockage with Jang Group News editor

Addendum: It has just been brought to my attention that this video clip was uploaded on YouTube on June 04, 2007 over five months earlier, if you were not to look at the date then it is interesting to see the similarity of events that occurred five months back when the government blocked Dr. Shahid Masood’s and Kamran Khan’s show

Update @ 2006: Solidarity with Geo Rally from KPC to Geo Offices

KPC to Geo officesSeveral of the protesters went directly to the Geo Building while a few joined the protest march from Karachi Press Club. At the Jang Press / Geo offices police had cordoned off the street, and behind the police cordon, Geo employees (a couple of hundred) were holding banners and placards, singing and dancing to ‘Jeenay Do!’ broadcast through loudspeakers. It was quite a party, and the enthusiasm was very moving. They had planned to join up with the demo at the Press Club called for 3 pm, but police clearly told them that they could do what they liked behind the cordon. The same thing happened at the Press Club where according to one reporter (Dawn TV), there were some 700 people. who made their way from the press club to Geo offices in small groups or as individuals to the Geo office and was not allowed to go as a procession. It was good to see several people from Dawn TV there, including Azhar Abbas. – credit Beena

A few images taken during the protest rally
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Update @ 1930: Rerporters without Borders hits at the UAE Government from blocking GEO and ARY

Reporters San Frontier (RSF) has just published a press release urging the UAE government tot revers the decision where they buckled under the pressure of General Musharraf to block the TV stations of Geo and ARY

Dubai urged to reverse decision, taken under pressure from Musharraf, to suspend broadcasting by two Pakistani TV stations
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Update @ 0337: Geo TV, a touching Goodbye, Geo Aur Genay Do

A touching goodbye in the fading minutes of Geo.Tv when at exactly midnight of November 16th its satellite link was terminated,

Geo Aur Genay Do

Courtest: PkPolitics

Update @ 0205: ARY Uplink Dead

Following on the footsteps of the recent ban of Geo.Tv in Dubai the ARY Network has also been pulled off air from Dubai as well, more updates to follow as this news develops

Update @ 0055: Geo TV Pulled off air from Dubai

About a few hours ago, Geo TV (www.geo.tv) which is a private tv channel that is financed by private investors in Pakistan, and broadcast (land to air) from their base in Dubai were ordered by the UAE government after being pressurized by the Pakistani Military/Musharaff’s government to shut down the television station from broadcasting to their network across the globe from Dubai, and Geo has been served a notice to shutdown by the government in Dubai. Geo TV was one of the few media networks who continued to broadcast information to a global audience on accurate happenings in Pakistan despite the censorship that was in effect since 3rd November.

Tonight, at 2000 GMT, Geo TV were stopped from broadcasting at their editorial base in Dubai.
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Update @ 1107: Footage from the Pakistan peace rally in Paris yesterday

On Saturday, over 100 high-spirited students and members of the Pakistani community in Paris braved cold winds in Paris to demonstrate in favor of the restoration of the fundamental rights of the citizens of Pakistan and the Pakistani lawyers.

The student organizers estimate that their rally delivered their message to over 4,000 tourists who had come to see the nearly Eiffel Tower. Both GEO and ARY One captured the event, which unfortunately will be able to be viewed in Pakistan only by the few citizens who have TV satellite dishes. More images from the Paris peace rally are available here along with other video footage of the demonstration.

Update @ 2304: Musharaff to speak with media tomorrow

According to Pakistan’s attorney general, the state of emergency, also known as martial law, will be lifted in one month while the case of Musharaff’s eligibility on running for elections will be decided as soon as the Supreme Court fixes a date, pending two more judges to complete it’s bench. Via the Geo TV news ticker, Musharaff is to speak with the media tomorrow. An official from the EU — Frank Bass has stated that if Pakistan continues this way, aid to the country will be halted, the decision on suspending aid to Pakistan as a result of Musharaff’s state of martial law, is to be decided by next week.

Update @ 0130: Geo News DDoS’d

On Friday at around 2030 the Geo.tv started to received a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Serice) attack and they were able to recover from this surge of artificial traffic after two hours of down time by around 2235.

Geo.tv reports that this is the second time such an attack occurred on its servers resulting in bringing down the news website. According to Geo News Webmaster Asif Lateef the DDoS attacks were still in progress at 2235.

DDoS attack means that millions of hits are artificially made to strike a website in such a manner that even a very powerful computer sever is left unable to cope with the artificially boosted hits traffic

Barely a few hours earlier in the afternoon HRCP website also went down and the recovered a few hours later, at first the system administrator suspected government sponsored censorship and issued a press release accordingly but was later understood to be suspecting a potential DDoS attack as well.

It must be noted that both Geo.tv and HRCP continue to take a stance against the Martial Law imposed on Pakistan by General Pervaiz Musharraf for the past week.

Update 1600: Bomb goes off in Peshawar

News tickers via Geo TV:

A loud explosion was heard in Peshawar a few minutes ago and initial reports via SMS indicate that 4 people have been in killed in the bomb blast. Geo TV journalist (stated that a MPA peer), Mohammad Khan, is among those who have been injured. Federal Minister, Ameer Muqam is said to have escaped unharmed.

Update @ 1400: Benazir Bhutto comes out of her house

Via SMS, just hours before Benazir Bhutto was set to start off her party’s peace rally, she was detained and placed under house arrest at the Zardari house in Islamabad:

Despite Pakistani security forces surrounding her house, Bhutto has just stepped out of the house and police have led her to a nearby waiting car. The BBC and CNN have been taken off the air again in Pakistan by PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) along with other international news channels, just minutes after Bhutto left the house.

Follow-up Update:

In a live phone call to Geo TV, Benazir Bhutto stressed that no one had served her with an arrest warrant while our sources in Islamabad  Bhutto has been seen making her way to the peace rally being held today via back-roads and that the police is looking for her.