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Humor: PPP’s Annual Press Release

Annual Report – September 15, 2008

Management Discussion and Analysis (MDNA) – Brief

The Permanent Plunder Party (PPP) Co. is extremely pleased to announce the results from the success of its “Say What You Don’t Mean” (SWYDM) pills that were designed to induce “hallucinations” and spur episodes of “selective amnesia” among the general public in Pakistan. The past year has witnessed an unprecedented level of success for SWYDM’s as they have been widely applied throughout Pakistan. “The development of these pills demonstrates the exceptional ingenuity of the research team of PPP Co and the far-reaching vision of its leaders,” stated Larry Rehman, Director of Mass Communication Campaign of the PPP.

The SWYDM’s are the culmination of a long and strenuous development process that spanned multiple continents as the research was simultaneously undertaken in Pakistan, Dubai, London and New York/Washington. As one of its architects, Mr. AAZ acted as a test subject. The initial dose induced multiple side effects; Stephen Reich, a psychiatrist from New York State, said “AAZ was unable to recall the birthdays of his wife and children and had thought about suicide,” and “I do not see any improvement in these issues for at least a year,” he wrote in a medical report.
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Aalim Online – Inciting murder against Ahmedi’s

Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain a famous religious host of a show called Aalim Online which airs frequently on Geo TV has entered some hot waters in the past few days. It is believed that his comments on the show may have incited Muslims to target and kill followers of the Ahmedi sect. Dr. Aamir has been running this show for the past many years and has developed a strong following catapulting him to fame to the extent that many Pakistanis swear by his religious commentary on TV, and remains a highly sought after show specially during the month of Ramadan.

Historically Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain has had his taste of controversy which started of from his fake degrees where this blogger had labeled him as Jahil Online back in 2005, he was then associated with MQM for a few years and ultimately had a falling out with the party over a controversial comment he made on TV condemning the British author Salman Rushdie, saying that Salman Rushdie should be killed for blaspheming the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in his book, Satanic Verses, after making this comment Mr. Online refused to retract his statement despite immense pressure from the top London based MQM leadership which ultimately lead to his dismissal and soon he also resigned from his Ministry

Asian Human Rights Watch reports that on 7th September in his program ‘Aalim Online’ the anchor declared the murder of Ahmadi sect members to be necessary (Wajib ul Qatal) according to Islamic teachings, because its followers don’t believe in the last prophet, Mohammad, peace be upon him.
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More on Dr Shahid Masood

Guest Blog by RedKazim

Few people know that the journalistic career of Dr Shahid Masood began at the Karachi-based, pro-MQM Quami Akhbar. In those days Dr Shahid Masood used to practice at Jinnah Hospital. He would regularly visit the office of Qaumi Akhbar situated in a street adjacent to I I Chundrigar Road and urge the editors to place his single column nuggets, which he filed as a health reporter from Jinnah Hospital, prominently in the newspaper.

When Dr Shahid Masood was about to move to London (as a medical practitioner) he pestered the editor, Ilyas Shakir, for a letter stating that he was the ‘London bureau chief’ of Qaumi Akhbar. Ilyas Shakir avoided him for quite long apprehending that the doctor wanted to get a visa on the basis of his association with a newspaper. He bothered the news editor, Mr Khusnood, tirelessly who finally issued him an official letter.
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61 years and counting – Happy Independence Day PAKISTAN

I must begin with offering my felicitations to each and every Pakistani for the 61st Independence Day. May this upcoming year be fruitful for Pakistan, having suffered through a tumultuous political roller coaster in the past few months [and years], people stand today ready to abandon this nation for greener pastures of foreign lands, quite literally giving up hope.

But whatever will happen to the remaining 160 million strong Pakistanis [including me], for them we must each hope, pray and guide this nation forth towards progress and prosperity. This nation is too valuable to us [me] that I will never give up hope so quickly, we as Pakistanis must stand together shoulder to shoulder and try to rid our country from the unpatriotic elements that suck the life out of Pakistan. It is for the sake of Pakistan that we must hold strong.
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May 12, 2007 – In remembrance

Pakistan stood stunned almost a year back on May 12th 2007 when the city of Karachi was held hostage in the hands of terrorists who went on a killing spree. The culprits were caught on tape and much was said about bringing these culprits to justice, but unfortunately nothing has come out, despite our repeated pleas for justice. Quite honestly how can any society, even imagine to dream about economic prosperity, when simple justice cannot prevail, there was ample video evidence to easily bring at least a few perpetrators behind bars, but unluckily they “knew the right people in the right places” to walk away scott-free as if no crime had ever occurred.

Dejected and helpless at the sad state of affairs surrounding our country, I simply share a few relevant posts made a year back. Read the anger and try to feel the frustration that besieged the citizens of Karachi that fateful day. Then take a moment and pray to God that Pakistan quickly comes out of the hands these ruthless above-the-law politicians and bring this country back to prosperity.

I must admit in the past few months the only shinning light I saw was through the resurrection of a strong and independent Judiciary, a dream which continues to evaporate into thin air. Innocent me, I dreamt of seeing Pakistan an embodiment of a fair and just society, where no body, not even me, is above the law and all are treated equally and with respect at least living in an Islamic state governed by the principles of the Quran and Sunnah, this should not be a dream, but an easy reality. Then why is it too hard for us to even live up to our name of ‘Islamic’ Republic of Pakistan. We might as well just become The Republic of Pakistan

Was MQM involved in a Rs 450 bln Real Estate scam?

A news report surfaced 6th May in The News titled Rs450b real estate scam leaves MQM red-faced which outlined how Former Minister for Housing Syed Safwanullah, who belonged to the MQM, allegedly issued 3,281 eligibility certificates for government properties and accommodations in Karachi estimated to be worth Rs450 billion among favored individuals, few retired government officials and ordinary public.

The news report went on to explain ‘When the scam first came to light MQM leaders vehemently denied any wrongdoing by the former minister and tried to hush up the matter. The matter became so that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had to intervene and announced cancellation of all allotments and ordered all those who were occupying the properties to be ejected immediately’. It may definitely appear that the new PPP led government may have leveraged this scam to test the waters on its fragile love-hate relationship with the MQM.

What surprised everyone of us was the following day The News reports Master file of Karachi real estate scam disappears where a few credible sources say that the specific file pertaining to the secret official record and copies of 3,128 eligibility certificates of government properties sold in Karachi in open market and the official correspondence of former housing minister Safwanullah, has been stolen from the housing ministry
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Protest outside MQM’s International Secretariat on April 13th

Dear all,

Join us for a protest outside MQM’s International Secretariat – Altaf Hussain’s office – to condemn the attrocities committed in Karachi against civil society and lawyers.


Time: ON APRIL 13TH. 1 pm


MAP: Google Maps

For additional information contact Mr. Ahmed Nawaz Wattoo 07799214021 or Rabia Zia 07515549541

MQM drama ends in a few hours

Just heard that the MQM chief’s resignation drama has ended after a few hours when multiple officials including the Town Nazim and Senators resigned after him!

Yet again we make a fool of ourselves in front of the entire world.but more importantly this was simply a way to show politicans in Pakistan the control Altaf Hussain has over his party and Karachi.

Karachi Riots: MQM & The Establishment – To Blame

I would like to share with you an analysis shared by a lawyer who claims that MQM deliberately started the fight and then took the battle onto the streets if Karachi

So far as I have been able to ascertain, the turmoil started around 12.00 in the Karachi Bar Association when a group of lawyers belonging to the Legal Aid Committee (an MQM-backed organisation comprising lawyers working in the CDGK, KESC and other state owned organisations) accompanied by a number of non-lawyers marched into the general body meeting of the Karachi Bar chanting slogans in favour of Musharraf and condemning the Sher Afgan incident. At this point, the lawyers of the Legal Aid Committee claimed that one of their number had been assaulted and injured by some other lawyers and chaos erupted.

Within minutes, the City Courts were cordoned off by hundreds of MQM activists who started firing at lawyers and setting fire to their vehicles. Around this time, news started coming in that the Malir Bar Association building had been burned. Then they started attacking the buildings around the City Courts (which are predominantly occupied by lawyers chambers) and set fire to them. It was clearly a pre-planned action. Lawyers’ offices and residences as far afield as Zamzama, PECHS and Gulistan-e-Jauhar were attacked.
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Geo News blocked in Karachi – MQM election rigging allegations

It is being reported throughout the city of Karachi that Geo News was suddenly taken off-air during the Capital Talk show where Ansar Abbasi stated that MQM won the election due to massive rigging. This statement apparently aggravated the leadership in Karachi forcing the channel off-air in Karachi. More updates to follow

First updated on PkPolitics
Updates on BBC Urdu Three Channels blocked for Three Hours

PML-N & PPP sort out Punjab & but Judiciary is still ‘up in the air’

PPP and PML-N have finally sorted out the power sharing in Punjab with a total of 35 ministries, PML-N would obtain 22 while PPP will settle with the remaining 13. While Chief Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker would be retained by PML-N. Ideally this is the best deal for PML-N as it retains their control over the province, probably a fair trade-off with Zardari since the arrival of their new coalition partners in the form of MQM.

But what really hangs in the balance is the issue of restoration of judiciary. The notion of a conditional bill on the ‘Minus-one-Formula‘ [restoration of the judges without Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry] is worrisome for the supporters of PML-N, but if Zardari were to trample over the Murree Declaration I suppose the Sharif brothers would be a little fix forced to shrug their shoulders and [as predicted] say that our hands were tied as PPP has control over the house … and live happily ever after with the Punjab govt in their back pocket

Quite literally these days everyone has a theory so what is your analysis of the developing situation amidst rumors of a potential split between PPP and PML-N on this core issue of the restoration of judiciary?

Review of the Political Situation at the Dawn of a New Year

With Sunday’s decision by the Pakistan People’s Party to contest the elections, it instantly threw the PML-Q and the ruling elite into a frenzy, the PML-Q had predicted this move and a day before had announced a complete stoppage of their election camping taking the excuse of deteriorating unrest in the country following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

PML-Q had the perfect plan the entire elections were rigged to ensure a clear majority but the events on the 27th December would exude a definite wave of sympathy for the PPP enough to place them closer to a ruling majority. The election commission met today morning behind closed doors to make a decision but at the conclusion they had a decision but delayed the announcement for one more day. This in itself should expose the ‘independence‘ of the election commission which was being trumpeted as the upholder of free and fair election. Sadly it goes to prove that its nothing less then a nurtured organization installed to rig the upcoming elections for those toeing a Pro-Musharraf sentiment namely PML-Q, JUI-F & MQM. Free and Fair how truly breathtaking

A the start of a New Year I think its a good time to do a party-by-party analysis of the present political situation, it must be noted that things are changing dramatically in Pakistan on a moment to moment basis but on the morning of Jan 1st 2008 my understanding of the overall scenario is. But sadly in my analysis there are just one too many conspiracies going on to mean us any good
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Was yesterday’s carnage in Karachi all PPP’s doing or did MQM have a hand in it? – An Eyewitness Report

I would like to share with you an email sent to me just now narrating the experience of a person who tried to get home yesterday amidst the rioting and the chaos. The government and the media continues to point fingers at emotionally charged PPP supporters but instead we kind of forget that this city (Karachi) is controlled by yet another party called MQM who happened to show its full colors not to long ago on May 12th. Did we just see a repeat telecast of that 5/12 massacre yet again

I know many are attributing the violence, burning of cars, looting of ATM machines etc in the city to the reaction of PPP workers but allow me to share something that I observed last night. Like many I was also stuck in chaotic traffic for 4 hours. The Rikshaw driver refused to go beyond Quaids mazar and abandoned me there and took off. I don’t blame him. Anyway I had no choice but to ride with a total stranger on a bike to take me home. While moving through small streets to find our way to Gulshan-e-Iqbal, I witnessed many vehicles being torched. On one such small gali, I recognized a face, in the armed mob which was about to torch a parked Hi Roof, from my previous Mohala. He is a devout MQM worker. He had a riffle in his hand and was ushering a crowd of young men with lathis in their hands.
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PPP contemplating on Contesting the Elections

Its been buzzing around the country that PPP might actually proceed to contest the elections on Jan 8th. A very high level meeting of the PPP is scheduled to be held today where this issue will be hotly debated after they come to a decsion of who will be the new party chairperson, in the wake of the assassination of the Life Chairperson Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. The candidates is the running are Makhdoom Amin Fahim, who in all probability will come out as the new leader, but it is rumored that Asif Ali Zardari might also be in contention (!!). The logic of PPP leadership for fighting the elections is simple, they want to harness the wave of sympathy that has spread throughout the country and feel it might actually land them a land slide victory into the parliament.

One must not forget that these elections are only meant to legitimize the rule of Pervaiz Musharraf who has used the terrorism issue to his own advantage since long, the elections are already a farce b any standard being organized by an illegal President with a self-appointed election commissioner and a lapdog judiciary toeing his every command. Unless these elections can be fully free and fair held under an independent judicial body it can be simply considered as a monkey circus to appease the powerful – I would strongly urge parties to boycott them.

The funny part in this boycott no boycott frenzy is that Nawaz Sharif yesterday was emotionally drawn into sympatising with the PPP workers and quickly decided to announce his parties boycott from the scam elections – which this blogger fully hailed as a great move, little did Nawaz Sharif know that the very next day PPP would pull a fast one on him and swing around to actually fight the elections. Leaving him hanging in a catch-22 situation all over again. The question remains to be seen if Ganja might actually think about reversing his decision and play second fiddle to the decisions coming out of PPP or will he have the balls to fight against this illegitimate election scam. We must remember that with BB’s death it may only charge up the atmosphere leading up to the elections but everything else pertaining to the elections remain the same – and pre-poll rigging remains in full swing.

Condoleezza Rice calls Zardari to request for Elections on 8th !!!

It was just reported on ARY One World that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had called up Asif Ali Zardari, the husband of Benazir Bhutto requesting him permission to let the January 8th elections to go on as planned.

I am not sure whats the agenda in all this but I suspect some serious foul play afoot to which the American bureaucracy is a full part of all this.

I personally have never believed in Benazir and my blog is brimming full of my stand against her, but at this sensitive time I too feel grief stricken to have lost a great leader in Pakistan. I would have preferred to argue and debate, but never will I wish any opponent a horrific death like this, it is simply inhumane. But when such a tragedy happens its important to be considerate of human sensitivities and let the wounds heal. Holding the elections so close to her death will mean deliberately plunging the country into chaos. As I have been repeating over and over again I hope good wisdom prevails. I feel the player deeply involved in ensuring that the election must go on time are Musharraf, PML-Q and MQM.

I now urge all Pakistanis to step up their efforts to urge the world to stop these elections as I dread, this may contribute to total annihilation of Pakistan