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Sindh Assembly honors Michael Jackson with a Minute of Silence

PAKISTAN-POLITICS-ASSEMBLY-SINDHAs I write this blog post I have been at a loss of words, I was shocked to read at the PKKH website that today [Saturday 27th June] the Sindh Assembly kicked off its session with a minutes silence in honor of Michael Jackson, yes you read that one correct ‘the moonwalking maestro – Jacko’ was honored with a minutes worth of silence, the logic, the rationality behind sending this message from our official public offices truly befuddles the daylights out of me

PKKH: Just when you think our so called ‘elected representatives’ can’t embarrass us anymore, they tend to prove us wrong. The Sindh Assembly this morning held a minute’s silence for Michael Jackson’s sad demise.

This news comes in close proximity to the controversy where the Presidency has allegedly removed the picture of the founding father of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah and replaced it with the various Bhutto-Zardari portraits
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War is welcome, IDPs aren’t

Guest Blog by Kazim Aizaz Alam

IDPs scrambling for foodViolence has gripped Karachi once again. People are scared and all markets are closed in major parts of Karachi as I write these lines. The MQM is up in arms against the Pakhtuns as its alleged goondas on Saturday burnt [*] a woman and a girl alive in an act of arson besides shooting (and killing) a man while he was driving a car. All mini buses (or Mazdas, as we call them) in the city are owned by Pakhtuns and they become ‘soft targets’ once the hooligans receive a go-ahead signal from their Markaz. This time round the ‘excuse’ for violence is that internally displaced persons are coming to Karachi.

Ironically the MQM is the most vocal supporter of the military operation in the Malakand division — yet it is sternly opposing the establishment of IDP camps in Karachi. The operation has already made over 2.5 million people homeless but the crusaders against Talibanisation can’t let go of their Mohajir chauvinism. Besides the MQM and Sindhi nationalist parties, the Punjab government too has said that it will not welcome any Swati refugees. The MQM first raised a hue and cry about inhumanities of the Taliban and called for an indiscriminate military operation in the populous region, and now when hundreds and thousands of people are helpless, homeless and penniless; all it could offer was a ‘grand’ cheque of one million rupees for the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.
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MQM’s Haider Abbas Rizvi challenges with his MNA seat?

Yesterday on ARY in the show ‘Off the Record’ with Kashif Abbasi he interviewed Imran Khan and MQM MNA Mr. Haider Abbas Rizvi.  In the heated debate around the 26th minute of the telecast Haider Abbas Rizvi entangles with Imran Khan challenging him to prove with documentary evidence that the Canadian Courts may have declared MQM as a terrorist organization taking the challenge to vacate his MNA if he were to bring documentary proof to support the claim

Click over to on Awaz.tv to watch the show – fast forward to 26:40 minute marker, where Haider Abbas Rivzi brings up the Canadian challenge.

With all the confidence brimming from TV interview maybe its now time to help refresh Mr. Rizvi’s memory with full references to a few Canadian Federal court rulings questioning MQM as a terrorist organization


The decision stated

Having reviewed the Board’s reasons in light of the evidence presented, I find that the conclusion of the Board to the effect that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the MQM is an organization that engages, has engaged or will engage in terrorism, is reasonable.

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Imran Khan banned from Sindh again for the 4th time

Imran Khan was scheduled to arrive in Karachi today aboard a PIA flight from Lahore – but it seems that the Sindh Government feels that he is unwelcome. Protests by PTI workers are being held on Shahrah-e-Faisal and the members are heading towards Karachi Press Club to show their protests.

The question is that why should not a citizens of Pakistan be not allowed to visit other cities?

Might he be right when he accused the government to say its not a government but a mafia

Why is the entire Ruling Elite scared of Imran Khan?

Ruling Elite is not scared of Imran Khan but they are scared of the symbol that Imran khan is carrying; what is this symbol? Let\’s dig into it.

Ruling Elite has ruled us for sixty odd years but they were never so scared from anyone on this earth so far. Even they sold very successfully “roti, kapra aur makan” but still they are scared. Even they sold “kitab” but still they are scared. Even they sold “oppressed ones” but still they are scared.

Ruling Elite sold “Kashmir jihad” but still they are scared. They sold “Afghan jihad” but still they are scared. They sold “enlightened moderation” but still they are scared. They sold “war on terror” but still they are scared.

Ruling Elite exploited ethnicity, sect & bread-n-butter too and did it very successfully, then why they are scared of Imran Khan, who has nothing to sell that, can attract a specific group of people. Then why the whole Ruling Elite is against Imran Khan.
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Political Insights into PTI & MQM

REVOLUTION2Faisal K of Deadpanthoughts has initiated a very interesting political series where he poses hard hitting questions to various political parties and then publishes a post. His previous effort on MQM generated some heated discussions while the latest Q&A on PTI with Firdous Shamim Naqvi, a PTI CEC member who shares some candid responses on the ideology and workings of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is also a must read. Do visit Deadpanthoughts to read both posts – on PTI & on MQM

The Politics of Containers

Guest Blog by Naeem Sadiq
Published in Dawn, Sunday, 22 Mar, 2009

Containers outside the Pakistan ParliamentContainers were originally used for the transportation of goods. Today they still carry goods but only when not being utilised in the service of the state. In the absence of a more rational argument, the weight, size and shape of a container provides an ideal piece of equipment to impose one’s political agenda.

Placed at the two ends of a road, containers provide weighty assurance that the life and liberty of one’s opponents are confined within these two extremes.

The credit must go to the MQM for inventing a usage that the original designers had not quite envisaged. The May 12, 2007 prototype launched in Karachi was successfully replicated on March 15, 2009 when some 2,000 containers were used to cordon off large swathes of area. It was a shameful, illegal act and it brought the government immense misery and losses to individuals.
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1971 All Over Again – PPP repeating History !

Circulated from the Emergency Times Mailing List, originally Ibitians by Syed Ali Hameed

Zulfiqar Ali BhuttoIn 1971, the Chairperson of the PPP, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, refused to acknowledge the mandate of the people of East Pakistan and prevented a democratically elected government from functioning. Notwithstanding the mess that our “great” army had left us with, it was the PPP Chairperson who had adorned complete dictatorial stature and threatened to break legs of anyone who would attend the assembly inauguration session in Dhaka. Bangladeshis resisted and eventually took up arms and fought for independence. Pakistan had lost its most populous province and split into two.

Today, another PPP Chairperson has engineered a verdict that refuses to give the democratically elected government its right to function. Zardari is doing exactly what Bhutto had done in 1971 – eliminating all challenges that may come in his way to become another “Civilian Martial Law Administrator”. It was Sheikh Mujeeb, the rightfully elected leader of Pakistan, who was the biggest challenge to Bhutto’s throne. For Zardari, it is the rightful Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, who will not only revoke the NRO but also put an end to the stretches of today’s corruption.
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The list of our ‘poor’ Senators

Senators in preparation of the upcoming Senate elections have filed their declaration of assets with the Election Commission of Pakistan & Dawn published an investigative summary outlining some prominent politicians and their ‘official’ declared wealth.  A run down through the list will make many wonder as to what might be the actual definition of the word ‘official’. Of which Israr Zehri incidentally happens to be the richest….
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MQM Scheme for the Breakup of Pakistan

Islamabad Observer shares an article by Usman Khalid, a retired Brigadier of the Pakistan Army and the Director of the London Institute of South Asia. Never in the history of any country, its government has so consistently acted against the national interest as the Zardari Administration while the MQM in tandemn with Asif Zardari’s PPP are playing poker with all their cards on the table. Zardari presides over a coalition comprising political parties that oppose Pakistan. Under his leadership, the PPP has also become an anti-Pakistan Party – read the entire article here

Riots in Karachi

There are reports of wide spread ethnic riots in Karachi – the clash started of in Lasbella area where three people have been reported as dead, Rangers have been seen in certain areas

best way to keep an eye on the situation is to sign up on Twitter and follow #Karachi or #PEN my Twitter updates can be found on http://twitter.com/DrAwab

Instructions have been given to police authorities to resort to Shoot-to-kill orders – thats a dangerous order as the ethnic parties involved will misuse it for their own advantage

Stay safe Karachi

Politics & Policies of PPP & Asif Zardari

A Casual Look….
By Barrister Ali K.Chishti

Asif Zardari’s politics of reconciliation took him to the doors of a 120 yard head quarters of MQM who had a bitter relationship with the PPP because of Benazir Bhutto’s extension of the infamous Operation Cleanup apart from the Sindhi-Mohajir or Rural-Urban Divide in Sindh.

The message was clear, “let’s forgive and forget” for the betterment of Sindh and Pakistan and start a new democratic Pakistan where each political party accepts each-other’s mandate. Asif Zardari also went on to visit the grave of Altaf Hussain’s brother to offer prayers – he was warmly welcomed by the emotional MQM leaders, workers and the people of Karachi.

Five months forward, MQM is part of the broader coalition but confused about her role in the new government thanks to the step-motherly treatment of the PPP’s government although things are about to be moved to a postive direction.

Nawaz Sharif politics on the other hand had been of confrontational nature where he played and still is playing “for the galleries”, which is understandable in politics since he was and is left with no other options – everyone seems opposition to him thanks to his six years of his civilian despotism in the nineties.
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Geo News Blocked in Sindh

Its just being reported that Geo News transmission has been blocked in certain areas of Karachi – I personally can verify that the Geo News feed on Worldcall is dead, while the GeoTv website has this to report

KARACHI: Geo Network’s transmission has been stopped in most parts of Karachi. Cable operators blocked the transmission of Geo Network in a number of areas across the city on Monday, without assigning any reason for the stoppage.

People are making phone calls to the Geo’s Headquarter, asking for the reason as to why Geo News and other channels of Geo Network have been blocked.

If this blockage is limited to Karachi then might we suspect a fumbled catch between Shakil ur Rehman and MQM PPP? Deja Vu anyone?

UPDATE @1327: Geo TV website reports that this blockage is spread across the entire province of Sindh – and PEMRA has no knowledge of this blockage – Geo.tv story

‘Mayor of the Moment’ exposed

In what could have been a very important victory for Karachi’s ruling party [MQM] when Foreign Policy website mentioned Mustafa Kamal as the Mayor of the Moment. In a comedy of errors Karachi’s Mayor office mis-understood the report and thence forth issued a press release which was followed up with a massive city wide celebration for Mustafa Kamal as the 2nd Best Mayor in the world.

All these celebrations could potential come to a deafening and embarrassing silence as today Joshua Keating, an editor at the Foriegn Policy magazine writes on a blog post We hate to rain on Kamal’s parade, and certainly intend him and his city no disrespect, but we simply never ranked him in any wayg. Mustafa Kamal was simply the Mayor of the Moment. A special shout out to PkPolitics for doing a great job in digging out the facts for this story which also lead to a clarification by Dawn News

‘Comrade’ Ali Azmat

Guest Blog by Red Kazim

On the Instep pages of The News (Nov 4) there was a photograph of rock star Ali Azmat, who was in a T-shirt with the imprint of hammer-and-sickle. I wonder what a pop singer like Ali Azmat has to do with communism. In the 60s and the 70s, one is told that there were singers like John Lennon who had a conscience, who were abreast of world politics and knew their responsibilities as a global citizen. They opposed wars, called for economic equality and resisted racism.

Unfortunately, our pop icons have always preferred to hide their political leanings, maybe because they have none at all. One of my seniors at the workplace says that our singers are totally apolitical, unlike many of their western counterparts, because the first generation of pop singers in Pakistan was trained and nurtured by PTV. He cites the example of Junaid Jamshed, a protégé of Shoaib Mansoor. Small wonder Junaid Jamshed has ended up joining the tablighi jamaat which preaches total indifference to politics (they even discourage their members to read newspaper which is, according to them, tantamount to wasting one’s time).

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