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Peoples Assembly – A Dialogue for Peace

Date: 22nd March 2010
Location: The Second Floor, Karachi
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
RSVP: Peoples Assembly – A Dialogue for Peace (Facebook Event)

Aman Ittehad is observing a Peace Week from 16-23 March 2010. During the week we propose to hold a series of public dialogues in each city across Pakistan called Peoples Assemblies where there will be a discussion on how to bring peace in Pakistan.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Lahore Resolution, citizens are committed to reflect on the original spirit of the 1940 Resolution and to develop a People’s Resolution in March 2010.

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Joint Press Conference by Aman Ittehad in Islamabad – Solidarity Day 1st Jan 2010

A very well-attended joint press conference was held today at the Islamabad Press Club by the Aman Ittehad to announce the Solidarity Day across Pakistan in 37 cities on 1st january 2010 at 3:00

Mohammad Tahseen addressed the conference alongwith Dr. Said Alam Mehsud, Ali Asghar Khan, Rukhshanda Naz, Jaffer Memon, Prof Dr. Sarfaraz Khan, Maryam Bibi, Naeem Mirza, Naveed Shinwari, Shahzada Zulfiquar, Huma Fauladi, Raza Niazi, Shabina Ayaz, Sameena Nazeer, Salma Butt, Asim Malik, M. Y. Khan, Mehboob Sada, Zubair Malik, Mohammd Yusuf Qureshi, Zarqa Arshad and Rashida Dohad.

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Solidarity Day for Peace in Pakistan – 1st Jan 2010 – Aman Ittehad

Considering the spiraling security situation in Pakistan a number of civil society organizations have joined forces across Pakistan to hold a peace rally on 1st January 2010 as a Solidarity Day at 3:00pm in 37 cities across Pakistan

The Solidarity Day is organized under Aman Ittehad — a citizens’ platform connecting trade unions, media, students, lawyers, youth organizations, minority groups, NGOs, academia, and business. The Solidarity Day will express a resolve to strive for stronger democracy and democratic institutions.

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Talibans want to Negotiate for Peace with Imran Khan as a mediator

Today The News published a report of an audio tape delivered to their offices in Peshawar of a Taliban leader suggesting that they would like to discuss the possibility of a peaceful resolution in the region and offered the name of Imran Khan as a potential mediator. Looking at the news item published in the newspaper its ironic to note that the editorial board choose to hide the importance of this ground breaking news item, camouflaging it under the title of “No Talks with Taliban now: Fazl” probably yet another dubious statement by Maulana Fazlur Rehman who chose for the umpteenth time to toeing the official pro-establishment line of going guns blazing, suggesting that peace was utterly out of the question.

I feel this offer by the Swat Talibans to come onto the negotiating table is a very important development and quite possibly a breakthrough in an out-of-control war on terror offensive. It is my opinion that such peace initiatives should have been in place throughout the offensive, fully empowering the Pakistan Army to aggressively demilitarize the warring militants but at the same time keep an open door policy for diplomacy and possibly a peaceful settlement of this conflict.

Some pessimists may rightly see this to be a deliberately attempt by the Talibans to forestall any ongoing military offensives, which may give them time to recuperate and retaliate later with renewed energy, it is a genuine concern, but on the flip side it could also mean to suggest that the Talibans have weakened enough to be now ready to come onto the negotiating table for any peace talks.
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Charter for Compassion | Karachi Nov 15th – Atrium Mall

In February 2008, Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize and called for the creation of a Charter for Compassion to bring together people of different religions and moral codes in a powerful common cause.

The Charter will proclaim a principle embraced by every faith, and by every moral code. It is often referred to as The Golden Rule.

Date: Sunday, November 15, 2009
Time: 12:05pm – 3:15pm
Location: Atrium Mall -Near Avari Towers, Zaibunissa Street, Karachi. Pakistan
Facebook EVENT RSVP: Charter for Compassion & You

Jaag Meray Talib-e-Ilm, Students Protest Against Terrorism

Jaag Meray Taalib-e-IlmJaag Meray Talib-e-Ilm a group of students from various universities in Karachi gathered at Karachi Press Club on Saturday 24th October to protest against the Terrorism being vaged against the school students across the country.

Fasial Kapadia and I, as concerned citizens decided to join the protest and record short interviews for our Laidback Show of the students who showed up at the press club, despite an apparent scare in the surrounding area, I truly have no words to express when I saw the passion within the eyes of these youthful students, it did fill me to joy to see the youth of Pakistan ready to defy terrorism and willing to stand up for our Country.

The 6 minute short video says it all, note the passion with which each student conveys his message and I quite sure the last interview will definitely leave a lasting impression. They wrapped up the protest with a very energetic, a very passionate and a very loud, Pakistan Zindabad. — Pakistan Zindabad it shall be…..

Murree Peace Statement: Aman Ittehad

Pathways to PeaceAman Ittehad: insaf, adm tashadud aur barabari ki jiddojehad

Representatives of 35 organizations from across Pakistan belonging to trade unions, media, youth organizations, minority groups, NGOs, academia, business, and the legal profession, gathered in Murree from 9 to 11 October to deliberate over the current situation in the country and to discuss pathways to peace. They unanimously agreed on the indivisibility of peace for all citizens, irrespective of gender, class, nationality, religion, occupation, age, etc.

They agreed to work together for peace by redefining the state’s relationship with citizens, making a paradigm shift from a security state to a benevolent state responsive to the needs of all its citizens, especially the socially, politically, and systemically excluded. They rejected all forms of religious extremisms and the use of violence.
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The Partition of Territory, Not Hearts

Guest Blog by Vaneet Kundra

THE Partition of India ranks, beyond a doubt, as one of the 10 greatest tragedies in human history. It was not inevitable. India’s independence was inevitable; but preservation of its unity was a prize that, in our plural society, required high statesmanship. That was in short supply. A mix of other reasons deprived us of that prize – personal hubris, miscalculation, and narrowness of outlook.

The bare details of 1947 and its legacy are stark. The territorial partition that created modern India and Pakistan involved the internal division of Punjab and Bengal provinces, which – in unimaginable conditions of collapse of authority, flight, and massacre – resulted in the forced movement of 20 million people (Hindus and Sikhs to India and Muslims to Pakistan) and approximately 1.5 million deaths.

My grandfather used to tell me stories of partition and the emotions attached to it. I was quite interested to know, why the same sons of soil were detached by our founding fathers. He read a small article, which he had preserved.
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Peace Rally at Mazar-e-Quaid

Considering the recent ethnic tension that engulfed this city last week – The civil society in Karachi has joined hands to hold a rally for peace and harmony in the city – if you and your friends believe that these ethnicity based violence must come to an end then come join the Peace Rally at Mazar-e-Quaid on Saturday 6, December at 3:00pm, do bring a white flag and children

Everyone is welcome to join, please bring White Flags to show solidarity for peace

Organized by Joint Acton Committee & Peoples’ Resistance

Date: Saturday Dec 6, 2008
Time: 3pm
Location: Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi.

Interview with Mangal Bagh

Guest Blog by Faisal K. from Deadpanthoughts

Just who is Mangal Bagh Afridi a khurram agency bus driver turned religious zealot? Or a savvy implant by the ISI into this troubled sector to bring about a liberation of the locals from the foreign Taliban. According to noted history Mangal bagh came into being when Mufti Munir Shakir who had established a radio station in the Khurram agency for broadcasting his views over the airwaves handed over the torch to a young Mangal who then used this pirate radio station to become an overnight success and gathered thousands of followers around him hence forming the militant group Lashkar E Islam. He is a known media savvy militant and quite a character in giving statements. Below is a fictitious interview of Mr Bagh.

F.K: So why the name Mangal?

Mangal: Assallam O alikum wa rehma tullahe wa ba ra ka tu hu, I chose the name Mangal because of the way it sounds. It rolls off the tongue, you know brother I used to be a bus driver and heard many Indian songs while driving around bara, try it “Mangale Mangale Mangale Mangale ho”

F.K: what is the purpose of the “Lashkar E Islam?

Mangal: What is your purpose of coming here? Brother look at your face in the mirror you have forgotten how to smile, you know why? Because you let your women ride you like he goats and nod in silly discussions about the fate of the world when you can decide your destiny yourself, you are just a child.
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Rahman Dakait nominated for International Peace Award 2008

International Human Rights Commision has nominated Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik for the ‘International Peace Award 2008 for War against Terrorism. The real problem with Pakistan is there appears to be a complete collapse of moral fabric. I still choose to call him Rehman Dakiat for his endless list of goofups.

It should be recalled that this third Peoples Party nomination is right on the footsteps of Sherry Rehman being nominated for International Peace Award 2008 for Democrats a few months back.

Reading this news report for Rehman Malik – I am utterly speechless, as I and many Pakistanis will cringe at the thought of honoring REHMAN MALIK aka Rehman Dakait {of all people!!!} for the ‘peace prize’. It is yet another example of the political circus being run in Pakistan… I leave this news report at your disposal [and digestion] in utter disgust
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