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What is happening in Buner

This email was submitted by Zia ur Rehman on the Peoples Resistance mailing list

pakistan_bunerI noticed some news from the inhabitants of the Buner who are regularly in touch with their families via phones.

The military is targeting the civilian population instead of hideout of the militants which resulted the casualties more than 100. The military are targeting those families who are migrating to safe areas. A person told from Kalpani village that there is huge exchange of firing and shelling between the both and we can’t take the corpses of the people who have died due to caught between it despite after passing two days, the dogs are eating the bodies of the corpses placed in the fields but no body can’t dare to go outside the home as there is a danger of firing of both sides. A Talib fired only single fire on a military vehicle but in return, the military gunship helicopters destroyed whole village of Kalpani.
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Talibanization: National Achievement Awards

In due recognition of our government and military’s efficiency in reducing the spread of Talibanization over the years, it is recommended that land be allotted to each official in scenic locations in Swat, Bajaur and Waziristan. Please note that this is a partial list only – the contributions are endless and further nominations are welcome.

Each official can be given land commensurate with their contribution to providing citizens with liberty, education, health care and security.

A special allocation for former General Musharraf equal to 50 times the size of his Chak Shahzad farm house is proposed. This should provide ample space for him to fulfill his dream of ideal education for lesser privileged by opening a “model madrassah” as he always wished. Actually, like most people, we too are not sure if he’s already achieved his dream, but, to give him benefit of doubt, we’ll still offer this choice land to him. And we assure him, he’ll not be asked to sell vegetables like he was by the CJ in Islamabad. Matta is a nice place, we hear.
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Where is the Pakistan Army?

map_taliban_takeoverDr. Farrukh Saleem writes for The News analyzing the strategic deployments of the Pakistan Army according to his rough estimates a total of 89,568 square kilometers of Pakistani territory is either under complete ‘Taliban control’, ‘contested control’ or ‘Taliban influenced’; that’s roughly 11 per cent of Pakistan’s landmass.

The sickening reality is that having lost control of roughly 11 percent of your land the Pakistan Army is busily deployed facing its guns at the Indian threat – I Corps is in Mangla, II Corps is in Multan, IV Corps in Lahore, V Corps in Karachi, X Corps in Rawalpindi, XI Corps in Peshawar, XII Corps in Quetta, XXX Corps in Gujranwala and XXXI Corps is in Bahawalpur, In effect, some 80 to 90 per cent of our military assets are deployed to counter the threat from India
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The Forthcoming Horror in Swat

This is an update on the Swat situation which was posted onto the Peoples Resistance Mailing List by Dr. Riaz Ahmed on 24th April [three days back]. I believe this analysis is worth reading and understanding the ground reality from the people in swat and their concerns surrounding Sufi Mohammad and the possible incursions by the Pakistan Army. Its good to keep into perspective the ground reality merely to balance the propaganda that keeps blasting away across the media
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ABC: Torture Tape implicates UAE Sheikh

I seriously don’t know how to react, on one hand we here in Pakistan are fighting a battle against the illiterate Talibans who continue on their rampage of brutality releasing video after video of flogging, beheadings and even suicide bombings, but it shocks me to watch the ‘educated’ stoop exactly to the same level, now the question is who do you stop? Educate the uneducated or uneducate the educated

Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, brother of the UAE’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed al Nahyan, has been caught on camera by ABC News where a UAE policeman assists the Sheikh in tying the victim’s arms and legs, later holding him down as the Sheikh pours salt on the man’s wounds, subsequently the Sheikh shoots at the victim and then later drives over him with his Mercedes SUV.
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Taliban factions potentially joining forces against Obama, Zardari & Karzai

The Disturbed areas of PakistanWe have long since known that the Taliban entity is not a mere single unified front waging a war in the North Western regions of Pakistan but a hodge podge of various groups working independently for their own vested interests. There are potentially three Taliban factions one headed by Baithullah Mehsud which was working against the interests of Pakistan, while Jalaluddin Haqqani and Mullah Omar were given protective custody by the ISI

London Review of Books – Taliban v. Taliban by Graham Usher

In the Bajaur tribal area, for example, the army is fighting an insurgency led by Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of one of Pakistan’s three Taliban factions, but it’s not because he is a friend of al-Qaida. What makes him a threat, in the eyes of Pakistan’s army, is that he is believed to be responsible for scores of suicide attacks inside Pakistan (including the assassination of Benazir Bhutto). He is also thought to have recruited hundreds of Afghan fighters, among them ‘agents’ from the Afghan and Indian intelligence services – ‘Pakistan’s enemies’, in the words of a senior officer.

An enemy in Bajaur, the Taliban is a friend of Pakistan in North and South Waziristan. Like Mehsud, the guerrilla commander Jalaluddin Haqqani, who directs the Afghan Taliban’s ‘central front’ from bases in Pashtun villages in Pakistan, has ties to al-Qaida. Unlike Mehsud, he’s not attacking Pakistan, and his fight against the US and NATO enjoys the support of the army and of broad sections of the Pakistani public. The same courtesy has been extended to Mullah Omar, whose headquarters are in Quetta, where he’s reportedly sheltered by the ISI. ‘They are our people; they’re not our enemies,’ one ISI officer says.

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Pakistan is Not going to Collapse!!!

pak-land-forceThese days you will see massive campaigns against Pakistan identifying its security failures, deal with Talibans and the ultimate fall by loosing Nuclear Weapons to the extremists putting every inch on earth in danger.

Stop getting afraid of this massive propaganda campaigns spreading fear among the Pakistani people that Pakistan is going to collapse. Pakistan is not going to collapse!! It is being pushed towards wall by utmost pressure so that the nation becomes afraid. The best way to control a nation is when it is afraid. This is what the US politicians do with their own people. Dropping fear bombs that Al Qaeda is coming, Terrorists will replay 9/11 and what not to win elections.

The point being criticized by Mr Tariq Fatmi in a recent show “Second opinion – April 20” that the State should not surrender to one stateless actor at gun point is nothing less of non-sense with all due respect. You need to understand that stateless actor pick up guns when the State does not do what it is required to do!! That is to save the lives and provide justice to its people. This is the failure of the government that Stateless actors are emerging….in form of Talibans or Mumbai attackers or Al-Qaida. It is the failure of the Muslim leadership collectively to respond to the Economic Terrorism done by the west to all the under privileged nations of the world especially the Muslim world since these are the countries with greatest wealth…..or a nation without leaders.
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Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs
By Samad Khurram

pakistan-policeBack in 2002, I was returning from Friday prayers when I saw an unusual gathering of singing and quasi-dancing Mullahs. Unusual because I had always assumed Mullahs to be against all types of Kuffar (Art). The amused crowd were listening to chants of “Taliban aa gayay, Taliban aa gayay”. I smirked. As if! Pakistan is a nuclear country with the seventh largest army. We’re safe.

The Mullahs’ songs have been answered – the Taliban indeed are coming. And with them the cowards are bringing a lifestyle that destroys everything Pakistan and Islam.
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Swat: Nizam-e-Adl – A Smart Move?

Guest Blog by Insociant

swat-the-peopleNizam-e-Adl 2009 bill was finally tabled in the Parliament and all the major political parties except MQM voted for the bill and it became a law within no time. President Zardari made a clever move by sending the bill in the Parliament. On one hand if the peace lapses or the militants grow strong then the share of blame will now be equally shared by all the political players. On the other hand, the Pakistani government can sell the peace deal abroad with more audacity since it now enjoys the backing of the representatives of people. While some are hailing this move as signs of political maturity, many quarters are criticizing it in the strongest of terms. Many ‘liberal secularists’ are calling it ceding the land of Swat to the fascist Talebans who took up arms against the state. One must not forget the separate status of Swat area that it enjoys as PATA under the constitution of 1973. The presence of a popular demand for the Sharia law among the locals can not be disputed as it has been surfacing for decades. The present militancy in Swat was just another link in the chain which aimed at exploiting the long sown resentment among the masses.
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HUMOR: Job Vacancies in Swat

Guest Blog by Islamabad Observer

Emirate of Ameerul Momeneen
Sufi Muhammad, Khalifah-i-Awal, Sawat



pakistan-swat-talibanEmirate was founded and funded in September 2004 by various international intelligence agencies in Sawat and is recently recognized by National Assembly of Pakistan. Our group takes pride in our tradition of successfully delivering numerous projects of Suicide Bombing, School Demolitions, Public Flogging, Closure of Barber and Video Shops, Truck Bomb Attacks, Military Encounters and Gorilla Warfare.

We have a deep understanding of Terrorism industry dynamics, coupled with solid experience in applying emerging technologies like FM Radio, Wireless Communication and IED’s . Anchored on the premise of delivering practical, yet economical Terrorism solutions, our dedicated team of experienced Terrorists ensures that foreign interest are protected at all costs.

Our dynamic team consists of experienced professionals with extensive experience across multiple terrorism techniques. We are committed to helping our foreign clients solve strategic challenges and create opportunities to drive desired goals through Terrorism technology. We are proud to be strategic partners of USA, India, Saudi Arabia and several international intelligence agencies, and will continue to seek value added partnerships in our endeavor to sharpen our Terrorism focus.
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The Long Road to Talibanisation

By Nosheen Ali
Published initially in The News on April 7th 2009

religious extremism is increasing in country Taliban TalibanisationThe crisis in FATA and Swat has increasingly become reduced to a narrative of the evil Taliban versus the helpless state and society. That the Taliban have instituted a horrendous regime of terror is beyond question. But it is evasive and dangerous to think that the Taliban are the only bogeymen. We need to understand the ongoing crisis in terms of Talibanization as a historical process of Islamist moral policing and militancy, which has been an established part of state policy in Pakistan since its inception. Until we refuse to acknowledge this reality, and tackle it head on, we will be unable to address the existential mess in which we find ourselves today.

As early as the 1950s, senior government officials in Pakistan had begun to authorize hypocritical and intolerant religious policies in the name of promoting an Islamic identity for the new nation. For example, in The State of Martial Rule, Ayesha Jalal discusses how Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan issued an official injunction urging Muslims to fast, which subsequently paved the way for populist Islamist moral policing – mobs stormed restaurants that did not close during fasting hours, non-fasters were paraded through bazaars in NWFP with the support of the local police, and the judiciary in Haripur sentenced people for eating in public.
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Misogyny, Patriarchy & Imperialism

Guest blog by Abira Ashfaq posted via the Peoples’ Resistance Mailing List


flogging-in-swatI reacted with horror, and resisted seeing the flogging video on youtube, only to be bombarded with it later on television. I got angry with my mother who recounted the scene with full emotionalism, saying it brought tears to her eyes. I said it was upsetting me too much. By evening I was a bit more objective. But not really. The violent and ferocious messaging in the video was clear. Wars are carved on the bodies of women. Women are raped, tortured, and beaten to further military objectives. Only months ago, news surfaced about Zarina Marri’s torture in a military prison in Baluchistan. And now this whipping. The trauma of the girl is fathomable as the video’s purpose is to make you fathom what fate awaits the women of Pakistan: A naked and public display of fanatical male rage, backed by an authoritative and brutal ‘Islamic’ state.

Is the fear real?

Is this what will happen to Karachi? Our beloved Karachi — the city of lights, tambolas, musical evenings, film festivals, and dharnas? The reality is that Karachi is a schizophrenic city which contains class apartheid, and a gender one too. Most women of our city are in “closed doors” economic apartheid. There is rampant Islamization– the liberal kind that does not conflict with privatization, and the offensive kind that seeks to seclude women further in Hijab and the home.

This offensive kind is still the palatable extremism, one grown familiar on us since the 80s; the overt and militant kind displayed in the video is what we really dread. Is the fear real? Saqib is just back from Mithi in Thar, and reports of a new phenomenon of fresh madrassas with foreign students walking all over the place. A tidbit, sure. But perhaps the fear of it reaching Karachi is not a remote one.
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Public flogging of a woman in SWAT – is this the Islamic way of handing out justice?

A shocking video which is making news across the local media in Pakistan of a women being publicly lashed in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Her crime being that she was seen publicly with a man who was not her husband. I think merely watching this video makes me cringe at the skewed concept of ‘Sharia’ being enforced in our northern areas, I believe this is not what Islam preaches


I agree with Faisal K when he says “All the women leaders in the assemblies of Pakistan upon seeing this should resign from their posts in protest” This is outrageous even in the light of the five women who were buried alive in Baluchistan. A search on Bloggers.pk shows that Meher Bokhari a show host on Samaa is planing to do a show today at 7pm on this controversial issue of public flogging. Also covered in The Guardian

Insurgency in Swat – Pakistan Army & Solution

Abdullah Saad in his second part analysis of the insurgency in Swat has presented a well thought out plan on how to stop this insurgency in the Northern areas of Pakistan. He first analysis the mistakes made by ANP and the new government, which may have irreparably damaged at least 6 months of efforts made by the Pakistan Army. He then debates a tough offensive to control the TSNM. PART 1 & PART 2

Insurgency in Swat – An analysis

Abdullah Saad writes a very thought provoking article trying to understand the insurgency in Swat. In the first, he makes an attempt at describing the history of Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shareeat-e-Muhammadi and their political and religious motives behind this war.

While in the second part of his analysis he tries to divulge the details of Pakistan Army’s current operations against this militant outfit, reasons why such operations have proved to be inadequate and what can still be done in order to bring this situation under control. Hence its without doubt a MUST READ