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The President prayed ‘May God give us strength to save Pakistan’

Today our newly elected President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari came to Karachi for his first official trip since being elected into office. His arrival did lead to the usual ruckus of traffic mayhem on Shahrah-e-Faisal, but thats beside the point. Our leader did choose to pay homage to the father of the nation by visiting Quaid-e-Azam’s Mazar where he laid a wreath to commemorate the 60th death anniversary which falls on September 11th. Mr Zardari also signed the guest book at the mausoleum

APP published a news report which said

President Asif Zardari laid a floral wreath at the Quaid’s mazar. Recording his impressions, in the Visitors Book placed at the mausoleum, the President prayed ‘May God give us strength to save Pakistan

The funny bone within me some how laughs at the minor omission in the report, when signing the book I am damn sure he must have also signed his name – and I suppose that the message must have actually been

May God give us strength to save Pakistan — From Asif Ali Zardari

Im glad he was being very honest, to my pro-PPP critics I think you are right Mr. Zardari is indeed a changed man, at least he is being honest with us – LOL [Humor]

HUMOR: Pakistan Post launches new postage stamp for Zardari

Pakistan Post has launched a commemorative postage stamp for our new President of Pakistan Honorable Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

PS: The price tag of 20 crore [$2.6 million] you’ll have to rob a bank to even have the honor of affixing this stamp on your letters – BTW cats out of the bag run for the hills

Living with Corruption

Guest Post by Silence

Corruption and governance goes together in developing countries, especially the third world where democratic process is influenced by bloodline, money politics, feudalism, intervention of imperialist powers through military and religious exploitations. The process becomes more painful when the society is trying to develop from under develop, while profiled as ‘high risk investment zones’ these countries need investment for development, the clever investor who is aware of this fact bargains for softer terms and governments are unable to deny, the rules are relaxed and projects vital for survival of society are given to these investors, an example of this is can be the IPP’s in past Benazir Bhutto’s regime in Pakistan which was widely criticized at that time but proved to be a lifeline for Pakistan’s industry in following decade. It’s not a national interest which forces the governments to relax the rules, once relaxed in broader national interests, these rules become a tool for corruption and personal benefits, the prime examples are Pakistan’s defense agreements, where an Air Force Chief got kick backs of Billion of $ and many politicians like Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif multiplied their holdings, Shaukat Azaiz sold the national institutions for personal gains and was forced to stop from handing over Pakistan Steel and a PIA owned hotel in New York by Supreme Court and Pakistan Senate respectively, the father in law of former dictator Pervez Musharraff got the contract of elevated Rail track in Karachi for five times higher bid from national exchequer then the Chinese company offered and that too on soft loan basis.
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Pakistan deserves better

Guest Blog by Amjad Malik

On Defence day of Pakistan elected representatives of Pakistan will choose their next head of state who is originally a figurehead, a ceremonial position but General Musharraf armed it with deadly powers of sacking the parliament and bossing the army chief. Looking at a few clauses relevant to such election Article 41(2) says as following: (2) A person shall not be qualified for election as President unless he is a Muslim of not less than forty-five years of age and is qualified to be elected as member of the National Assembly. Article 62 narrates qualification and clause (d) says that he is of good character and is not commonly known as one who violates Islamic Injunctions; and further more clause (f) says that he is sagacious, righteous and non-profligate and honest and ameen; (g) he has not been convicted for a crime involving moral turpitude or for giving false evidence; and Article 63 details disqualifications where clause (h) says that he has been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction on a charge of corrupt practice, moral turpitude or misuse of power or authority under any law for the time being in force;
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Zardari, the mysteriously educated

In the past few days I think we here in Pakistan are trying to come to terms with being forced to swallow the mammoth pill called Mr Asif Ali Zardari. though it seems he will still continue to have his way an will definitely bulldoze himself onto the Presidential Seat but we as citizens of this nation can only cry foul, we stand witness to his corruption, he may have gotten them readjusted into the realm of politically motivated, but we know the truth. And in the peoples court he is guilty BEYOND a shadow of doubt.

A few hours before we blasted him for being of ‘unsound mind’ in 2007 which mysteriously disappeared on 27th December to now be fit as a fiddle. The next step into further character assassination, that the least we can do, is to genuinely question his education. Therein lies yet another mystery and he simply does not have an advanced degree in anything except when categorically asked he said
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Zardari suffering from Mental Problems

According to the Constitution of Pakistan, a person of unsound mind cannot be a member of Parliament or the President of Pakistan

Zardari is now to confront this recent series of allegation where he himself used a New York based psychiatrist in 2007 to issue him a report declaring him with a range of psychiatric illnesses, including dementia, major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. That report issued a year back helped him past an outstanding English case but it now may come to haunt his accession to the throne. In all honesty Pakistanis need no ‘report’ to declare him ‘of unsound mind’ – Simply said we know HE IS.

Pakistan presidential candidate Asif Ali Zardari ‘suffering from severe mental problems’

In March 2007 New York psychiatrist Philip Saltiel found that Mr Zardari’s time in detention left him with severe “emotional instability“, memory loss and concentration problems, according to court documents seen by the Financial Times. “I do not see any improvement in these issues for at least a year,” he wrote. Stephen Reich, a psychiatrist from New York State, said Mr Zardari was unable to recall the birthdays of his wife and children and had thought about suicide. Mr Zardari used the medical reports to successfully fight a now defunct English High Court case in which the Pakistan government sought to sue him over alleged corruption. The case was dropped in March.

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Asif Zardari’s – List of Local & International Wealth

I have been in receipt of this extensive list of Asif Zardari’s Local and International holdings sent to me via a number of sources, in all honesty I have no way of precisely confirming the authenticity of this list but place it on this blog in an attempt to figure out what true what is simply hype. There is little doubt in my mind that this list may be quite close to being authentic considering the massive corruption that has plagued Pakistan in his previous two tenures in power, little to know that the Metamorphosis of 2008 which changed the way he appeared orchestrated after the assassination of his wife on 27th December 2007. Are we to believe in a ‘rejuvenated, honest by-the-books leader’, or are we gearing up to push Zardari further up into Pakistans Rich List of 2008 where he was previously ranked at #2.

I can also suspect that the sudden revelation if this list could be a deliberate retaliation by the ‘agencies’ to push Zardari on the back foot and move off Musharraf’s impeachment attack. Whatever be the case this massive list is jaw dropping amazing, I have no idea about the total valuation of the wealth itemized here but I suspect it could easily be an aggregated wealth as listed = £900m / ($1.8billion) or more
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Musharraf and Me

Guest Post by Amer Nazir

I have written many articles on chowk.com and teeth.com.pk – many of them satires aimed at Pervez Musharraf, making fun of him, despising him, humiliating him, hating him – and today, reading Cowasjee’s column in the Dawn (17 Aug)… I almost feel guilty!

But then the emphasis is on almost… One thing is confirmed though that Musharraf and me are today the most misunderstood men in the world… at least from my perspective…!

We both meant well… we both have been humiliated… I wonder what is wrong with this world… the world is cold, harsh and ungrateful… even, when both of us, I mean Musharraf and me, tend to cry out from roof tops that we are innocent….

I, a small man, achieved milestones in the Pakistani IT industry, made small contributions which though still remain unparalleled even today although six years have passed… but on the behest of my business partners, the rich fund belonging to 600 serving captains of PIA, I was accused of embezzling funds from my own group, and me and my family were persecuted for years and when after losing all that we had in terms of worldly gains, often hungry and desolate, I was allowed to leave Pakistan, finally my name was taken off the Exit Control List and I reached UK and was awarded humanitarian protection by the British government…. and now Musharraf is being accused of embezzlement as well… the British government is there for him also at this precise moment… but then Musharraf will not have to stand in a queue at the British Home Office to seek asylum…
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Soomro interim President – Zardari to become President

Very reliable sources from the US – the main broker of the Musharraf exit deal have just chimed in to say that,

Musharraf will resign from the Presidency in 48 hours to be replaced by Chairman Senate for a few days after which Asif Ali Zardari will become the next President of Pakistan.

The news does not come as a surprise as its without doubt Zardari might have been vying for the top slot as we should NOT forget that the President of Pakistan still holds the trump card of Article 58-2(b) which allows him to dismiss the Parliament if he feels ‘uncomfortable with it’. This underlying plan to become the President, may also explain why Zardari was not bothered to first wrestle out the 58-2(b) from Musharraf prior to attacking him with the threats of impeachment.
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Reference Against Pervaiz [pre-draft]

I share a pre-draft document prepared by the PPP to use as a reference against Pervaiz Musharraf, it was initially forwarded to me via an extremely trusted source to hold in confidence, but we very soon discovered that this same document had been uncovered elsewhere. The pre-draft of references that will most likely be filed against Pervaiz Musharraf are outlined in detail by Senator M. Enver Baig along with his comments, it is quite possible that some changed might take place before its final acceptance but we share only to give our readers an idea as to what basic issues will the PPP use to plan its attack against Pervaiz Musharraf.

Senator M. Enver Baig: Pervaiz & his colleagues keep saying that no body is above law. True, we agree. When references can be filed against the Chief Justice of Pakistan, certainly there should be a way to file the references against Pervaiz too! So far whosoever had tried to file these references, the courts were unable to consider these because instead of Pakistan’s constitution and law, the honorable courts are forced to follow Pervaizee Law which says that he is above the law and the constitution. Obviously this is NOT an acceptable position. We will like to file following references against Pervaiz for:

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ISI spared from Rehman Dakait

After yesterday’s reports where the ISI had been handed over to the Ministry of Interior for ‘one whole day’ and then at 3am early Sunday morning the Prime Ministers office issues a clarification saying that [oops sorry] ‘it was result of a misunderstanding‘, truly one gets a feeling for a moment that the ISI was indeed spared from the wrath of Rehman Malik.

If it were a scene from Saturday Night Live, I’d have a rolling fit of laughter watching Rehman Malik,on set having gutts to hijack the ISI from the iron clad grip of veteran Army general for a whole day and as the curtains draw to a close he quietly hands it back to the Army almost as if to say with pearly innocent eye ‘oops sorry, it was just a joke’. To make the joke seem a little more realistic he even had Asif Zardari chime in from Dubai justifying the development saying that ‘this move was to save Army from bad name day‘ and ‘a strong Army with non-political command was the need of the time‘. While all this dram was being played out on the SNL set you could have almost picturised an irritated & fuming bunch of army generals standing in the bleachers watching the duo [Rehman Malik and Asif Zardari] make chicken noodle out of this cruel joke.
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Rehman Dakait given control of ISI and IB

With immediate effect a notice has been issued by the Prime Ministers Secretariat whereby the two top intelligence agencies, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB), were handed over to hence forth be controlled by the Ministry of Interior which incidentally is headed by none other then Rehman Malik (aka Rehman Dakait [robber] )

The News: Pakistan’s foremost intelligence agencies –the Inter Services Intelligence and the Intelligence Bureau – have been placed under Interior Division. The Prime Minister has placed the two intelligence agencies under the administrative, financial and operational control of the Interior Division. An official press release says that the decision will come into effect immediately.

I strongly suspect this move to be deliberately made so that Rehman Malik can control the ISI and IB quite possibly to prevent them from messing with any day-to-day business affairs of Asif Ali Zardari & company. This sudden move has without doubt deep rooted implications and it only empowers Rehman Malik to be even more powerful then before. Whist the puppet Prime Minsters remains twirling his fingers in an all expensive paid trip to Washington

Some interesting thoughts by Shaan Akbar in his recent article on the Insider Brief writeup Gilani’s Gamble: The Coming Coup? which quotes
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Khalid Shahinshah, key suspect in BB’s murder assassinated in Karachi

Khalid Shahinshah signaling someone before BB assassinationA key witness of a Bhutto assassination has been shot dead in Karachi yesterday on Khy-e-Bhukahri

DAWN: Khalid Shahanshah, the chief security officer of PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari, was assassinated on Tuesday afternoon outside his Clifton residence, police and witnesses said. They said that gunmen on a white car sprayed him with a volley of bullets while he was stepping off his double-cabin vehicle in front of his house at Khyaban-i-Bukhari.

If many may recall a video surfaced after Benazir Bhutto assassination in Islamabad which showed Khalid Shahinshah suspiciously signaling to some one in the crowd.

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Update on ASP Shahid Hayat rumor

After the publication of our latest Rumor Mill report which concerned the alleged pardoning of the Police officer involved in the murder of Murtaza Bhutto by the Dogar Court, we very soon received a confirmation report from another credible source who states

Yes, all the police officers implicated in the Murtaza Bhutto case (including Shoaib Suddle), were given extensions in tenure equivalent to the time they spent under suspension.

It is a novel decision and contrary to all legal precedents.

After this decision, several government officers who had for one reason or another been suspended in their careers also filed cases seeking similar extensions in their retirement ages.

Now I believe the government has been forced to file a review of the decision. Neither Dogar nor Zardari realised (or cared) at the time that the Supreme Court decision would not simply help out a few police officers Zardari sympathised with but would create a precedent for thousands and thousands of civil servants.

The matter has been reported in the press.

Its interesting to note that practically all the people involved in the 1996 assassination have now been set free and more importantly rewarded, yet not a single person was brought to justice despite the fact it happened during his sister, Benazir Bhutto’s second term as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Ironically it may seem to be almost like a repeat telecast of the same assassination where today we stand yet again having witnessed another Bhutto being murdered on Dec 27th and have yet to see a single person be caught and brought to justice. Need I say more

Rumor Mill: ASP involved in Murtaza Bhutto’s murder compensated by Dogar Court

This rumor report has been submitted by a credible source, naturally more investigation is still needed

Last night at a wedding a very senior government officer narrated to me a strange story.

He said that he has seen a Supreme Court document, which is a decision on the application of ASP Shahid Hayat who was one of the accused in the Murtaza Bhutto case. His application to the Court filed on July 6th stated that he was an accused in the murder of Murtaza Bhutto and was suspended for two years. Therefore besides claiming benefits for the missing years (he was paid his emoluments) he requested that his service may be extended beyond the age of retirement for two years also.

The Dogar Court under the unofficial direction of Mr Zardari has given the decision in favor of ASP Shahid Hayat on July 13th that is within 7 days of his application. My source says that the decision was given (not announced) with instructions that it should not be released to the media. He says he has read the decision which was brought to him by another officer who is going to plead his case along the same lines (basically loss of income…..not salary but all those under the counter benefits)

I have no way of confirming this yet but am circulating this with the request that people stretch their antennas and look for some confirmation from other sources.