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Mumbai attacks, a wakeup call for both arch rivals

Guest Blog by Amjad Malik

Recent 26 November Mumbai shoot out which is decaled by some as India’s 9/11 though is condemnable, but this symbolic attack on western outlets of Taj and Oberoi has a double edged consequences. On one hand it unfolds the destruction in the commercial hub of India and on the other an opportunity where India, Pakistan and USA attempting to use this event for their own strategic advantages ignoring the basic fact that the catastrophe has far reaching repercussions for the peace initiative in the region. Indian security failure is floating on the surface and historic rivalry has forced India to deny any lapse and refuse intelligence share and it leveled allegations forthwith on Pakistani home grown LeT which was an easiest target, if one is familiar with Indo Pak relations. India at all times will have a few people set to rock and roll due to LeT’s past presence in Kashmir on the name of ‘struggle for independence.’ Though its pre mature to establish the true perpetrators behind in the absence of joint or UN mission investigation but it’s an eye opener how fragile is the security of India which claims to be the biggest economic cum military power in the region, but has been meagerly kneeled down by around 10 outlawed individuals in few hours which raise eye brows on country’s safety procedures on its nuclear command and control. Their concentration must be to stop any future Mumbai style attacks and the key is to counter the far right activities of RSS and VHP, and move forward towards true emancipation of its people by addressing Muslim & Christian minority treatment concerns and a viable solution to the bone of contention ‘Kashmir’. Unless the situation is improved where Washington plays a role to pave way for an Indo-Pak peace deal where EU, China, Russia are on board to add economic incentives and geographical advantages, these rivalries will continue. These attacks whether it’s at Marriott Islamabad or Taj at Mumbai will continue as both countries since its inauguration in 1947 have locked horns in intelligence warfare and RAW and ISI both are fighting this war to its own strategic advantages.
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10 lessons all Pakistanis must learn

Guest Post by Hassan Baig

“Mulk khud hi chalta rehay ga” (approximate translation: the country doesn’t need our contribution to thrive) is a sentence many Pakistanis are prone to saying. I confess that till a few years ago, I myself was confident of this misleading notion. Misleading and dangerous – especially in today’s volatile climate. As Pakistanis, it is imperative that we come to terms with the fact that no heavenly Manna will alleviate our country’s plight. The job rests squarely on our own shoulders; with the destiny of a whole nation tethered to our will and to the execution of that will. And so as the clock ticks and the prophets of doom raise a foreboding murmur from East to West, it is high time for us to learn some crucial lessons. Lessons without which our collective slumber will only deepen:

1) Extremism always overcomes moderation. History is fraught with examples of moderate majorities ruled and controlled by extremist minorities. Therefore unless we are extreme in our moderation, our endeavor – any endeavor – is doomed to be highjacked by powers which know more meticulous passion. From the radicalized Islamic cleric who preaches bigotry and hatred to the Neoconservative-backed Christian televangelist who sermonizes the urgency of preparing for an ethnic genocide pithily called Armageddon, we today live in an increasingly polarized world. And since Pakistan exists on the very fault-lines of this burgeoning conflict, our problems are exacerbated. Regardless of what stance we take or which side we pick, our country will remain on the receiving end for the foreseeable future. And regardless of how hastily we disregard conspiracy theories, the extreme forces on all sides will continue to augment their belief systems with hybrid religiopolitical prophecies. Prophecies which have a way of snowballing into self-fulfilment. Therefore it is critical that we take our moderate stance to be more of a proactive doctrine rather than apolitical aloofness. Our very existence depends on it.

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Response to Thomas Friedman’s article “Calling All Pakistanis”

Guest Blog by Asim Khan

Dear New York Times Editors

Response to Mr Friedman’s article “Calling All Pakistanis“..He wanted ordinary citizens of Pakistan to protest. Well here is the protest in words, from an ordinary Pakistani which is more effective rather than being on the streets. Mr Friedman must realise that his statements cannot be tolerated as they do not represent the overall picture and the correct one. If he has any shortage of ideas, I can understand that but not through boredom this article which is meaningless and fails to take into account anything with consideration and care. I hope you pass this message onto him and appropriate action taken.

There comes a time when all one can do is to report and write based on their own perceptions – remote and alienated in their own ways to see what is actually happening outside US. Thomas Freidman seems to have picked another example where he is mixing too many things without due consideration and care. Another example how to spread a message in the most negative sense.What has he achieved from this and what was the impact? At times, this whole concept of sitting thousands of miles away, in a most comfortable surroundings do not necessarily mean that you know what is actually happening in the world which has become unstable not because of religion but the politics and policies of the West in order to pursue fanatically the interests and gains for safeguarding their concepts of democracy. This is what Pakistan and ordinary citizen of Pakistan will be protesting about. Why should we protest as we did not kill anyone in Mumbai.
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Mumbai vs Karachi: is the blame game ever going to end?

Before I begin this rant, I must out-rightly condemn all terrorism activities, be it from a ruthless terrorist in India or even in Pakistan wherever there is loss of life it must be condemned regardless of who is suffering The Mumbai attacks were shocking for everyone, for the three days the killers were on rampage killing over 200 innocent lives everyone specially in India was shaken to the core. While we in Pakistan sat watching in earnest prayer hoping that this bad dream would simply go away, we too are sick an tired of these terrorist and truly do not wish this plague to get worse

What followed soon after the dust settled in Mumbai, was an all out aggressive propaganda waged by the Indian Government against Pakistan trying its best to pin the blame on Pakistan. Generally the accusations were based on some scanty evidence that the bureaucracy could muster up in the short few hours, it was for us, as if the entire book of conspiracies were suddenly cracked open by RAW and brought into quick production simply to exploit this disaster for its own gains, all in an attempt to bring Pakistan on its knees and into Indian submission [being a patriot Pakistani, I assure you that will not happen, Indians would agree vice versa if they were in the same spot] To believe that this highly professional group of terrorist could conduct a fully coordinated attack while leaving a blatant bread crumb trail seems too dubious. A team of terrorists hitchhiking a boat ride from Karachi to land smack in the middle of Mumbai and take the city om a target shooting spree, seems all too James Bond’ish. To have a confession by a person allegedly a Pakistani, is definitely a poorly enacted video, as the accent completely defies all dialects spoken anywhere in Pakistan.
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Strategic Motivations for the Mumbai Attack

STRATFOR: Strategic Forecasting Inc. In its weekly series of articles has discussed the motivations behind the attacks in Mumbai, I think its definitely worth reading to better understand the issue with a more neutral perspective without getting embroiled in a heated Indo-Pakistan debate

Last Wednesday evening, a group of Islamist operatives carried out a complex terror operation in the Indian city of Mumbai. The attack was not complex because of the weapons used or its size, but in the apparent training, multiple methods of approaching the city and excellent operational security and discipline in the final phases of the operation, when the last remaining attackers held out in the Taj Mahal hotel for several days. The operational goal of the attack clearly was to cause as many casualties as possible, particularly among Jews and well-to-do guests of five-star hotels. But attacks on various other targets, from railroad stations to hospitals, indicate that the more general purpose was to spread terror in a major Indian city.

While it is not clear precisely who carried out the Mumbai attack, two separate units apparently were involved. One group, possibly consisting of Indian Muslims, was established in Mumbai ahead of the attacks. The second group appears to have just arrived. It traveled via ship from Karachi, Pakistan, later hijacked a small Indian vessel to get past Indian coastal patrols, and ultimately landed near Mumbai.
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Amaresh Misra talks about the Mumbai tragedy

ABN Chicago on Sunday did an interview with Amaresh Misra, a renowned historian, an activist who witnessed the tragic events in Mumbai. He has a very different view of the things occurred. He is one the few voices who were not given much coverage by the “Pseudo Secular” Indian media and brought some interesting insights into the tragedy:

  1. The mysterious circumstances under which the ATS Chief Karatke and the top brass was wiped out.
  2. The number of muslims killed which are around 30.
  3. The mystery behind Nariman House and his inside scoop on this place.
  4. The identity of Terrorists.

Also read an article by Amaresh Misra written in October 2008 – ‘Bomb blasts are now doing what riots used to’

Amaresh Misra is the author of Mangal Pandey: The True Story of an Indian Revolutionary; Lucknow: Fire of Grace: The Story of Its Renaissance, Revolution and the Aftermath, and more recently War of Civilizations: The Road to Delhi and The Long Revolution

Zardari calls up Sonia Gandhi !!!

Sonia GandhiThis news report was just too good to miss. It seems that President Asif Ali Zardari called up Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday night and condemned the terrorist attacks in Mumbai which has left over 160 people dead and many more injured. Anyone having a Deja Vu of the Zardari-Sarah Palin encounter a few months back. Suspiciously, why should the ‘President of Pakistan’ call up a random party president? Shouldn’t he have picked up the phone and called the Indian President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil but NOOOO….. Sing-a-long… He’s a Bachelor … Pappu Cant Dance Saala

Hindu Terrorism touching Great Heights

Guest Post by Yaseen Khawar of pakistanic

Reuters, The biggest news agency of the world published a report on 17th November “India wonders how deep “Hindu terrorism” goes This story was consequentially published in all the leading newspapers and magazines of the world the next day

While earlier terrorism was usually connected with Islamic terrorism especially after 9-11 attacks in America, but this report shares information about 10 Hindu extremists who were arrested among them one was on-duty army officer . They been accused of bomb blast in thickly Muslim populated “Melegon” area of state western Maharashtra.

While Hindu Terrorism was never a new term, the fresh reports in world media about Tamil Tigers which portrays itself as a terrorist organization fighting for independence in Sri Lanka since 38 years. This terrorist organization is found involved in suicide attacks not only in Sri Lanka but in India as well.
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Mumbai Under Attack & Pakistan to blame

Since last night when hell broke loose in Mumbai, I, like millions of people across the world remained in a state of shock watching the events unfold on TV, it for many may have been like a prime time blockbuster film being recorded on the streets of Mumbai, a coordinated attack in seven locations seemed to be a perfect Hollywood script but the difference here was that it was ‘real blood and real people’, not funny in the least bit. Tired and deranged of hearing the same depressing news coming out of India I gave up watching the updates late last night. A special shout out to Dina Mehta, Vani [Flickr images] & many others who were the eyes and ears for millions of people across the world, out doing the main stream media in their brief 140 character SMS messges to the twitter network, these real updates were probably the only life line the world had with Mumbai otherwise it was a ghost town with terrorists on a rampage

What has also sadly transpired within the following day is that the ‘official’ blame game circus is in full swing, contrary to my initial message where I expressed my relief that Pakistan was not being blamed since Deccan Mujahideen were taking the blame, but much to my dismay the good news [?] was short lived and very soon the Indian government was livid at the Pakistani intelligence agencies for having masterminded this attack, in all honesty it might even had been the ISI [ironically we cant trust them either] but whosoever created the mess, Indian or Pakistanis it must be condemned at all costs.
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Pakistani and Indian geeks in a Hacker War

With continued military tension across the border between India and Pakistan, it was imminent that Cyber activists might soon embroil themselves into a mini cyber war. It may have started off a few days back when an Indian group called HMG defaced Pakistan Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority, in response a few Pakistani calling themselves the Pakistan Cyber Army responded with a defacement of the Indian Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority. Though all this may be entirely illegal, so I hope that our friends understand the limitations and keep it on a friendly level. Story being extensive followed on ProPakistani.com

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Some Questions over a Lead Story in The Nation

Guest Blog by temporal who blogs at Baithak

Look at this lead story from the Nation. [also quoted below] – Arrested militants name RAW for funding 680m through Afghan secret agency

  • Where are the credits? Who wrote this story?
  • What are the sources of this story?
  • Is this a scoop or a “leaked” story
  • Does it smack of lifafa journalism?

More questions:

  • If this story is true, how could the GoP handle it better?
  • Should the three persons named be charged and tried in an open court?
  • Media be given free and unbridled access to cover the trial?
  • – to interview the three?

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Pakistan is there to live

Guest Blog by Amjad Malik

As long as India keeps dreaming the disintegration of Pakistan, it will survive as a viable state as the very negativity serves the purpose of knitting this crowd of 170 million people into a nation, whenever it is confronted by its arch rival. Editor of Indian Defence Review, Mr. Bharat Verma writes that ‘new Delhi is its own enemy, when it permitted the creation of a pure Islamic state on its borders,” I for one disagree as this state emerged as a result of a successful struggle for independence by millions of Muslims of India who felt that two nation theory is the only viable option to preserve and protect each other’s identity and core values. Indian Hindus too got liberated after remaining under Moghuls for over 6 centuries and then British Raj through the same process due to Gandhi’s vision. Independence was neither granted through diplomacy, nor as a charity. It was snatched on the basis of fundamentals of the modern day democracy, one man one vote’ principle and majority of muslim populated areas vowed to join the newly established idea of ‘Pakistan’ where they saw security, identity and a peaceful enjoyment of civil and political rights, and a freedom of religion, culture and values.
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Zardari issued a ‘Fatwa’ for shaking hands with Palin – Maulvi denies it

A few days ago an Indian publication carried a report claiming that the Lal Masjod cleric Maulana Abdul Ghafar, who is a close relative of Maujlana Abdul Rashid Ghazi, who was killed by security forces during Operation Silence in July 2007, said that President Zardari’s indecent gestures, filthy remarks and repeated praise of a non-Muslim lady wearing a short skirt is not only un-Islamic but also unbecoming of a head of state of a Muslim country.

DNA India: President Zardari’s indecent gestures, filthy remarks and repeated praise of a non-Muslim lady wearing a short skirt is not only un-Islamic but also unbecoming of a head of state of a Muslim country. He said that the manner in which Zardari shook hands with Sarah Palin and expressed his deep desire to hug her is intolerable and shameful. “We are fighting the American war in our country and thousands of our people have been killed just to please Uncle Sam. Therefore, we demand that the military operation in the Pak-Afghan tribal areas be immediately stopped as it is creating hatred amongst the general public against the Pakistan army”, he added.

But a day later a strong rebuttal was issued and published by Khaleej Times
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Sarah Palin meets Asif Zardari and Manmohan Singh

Guest Blog by temporal from Baithak Blog

The first-term Alaska governor plans to meet seven world leaders and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in New York City this week, where the U.N. General Assembly is convening. The meetings might help her answer critics who say she is not ready to handle world affairs. Palin obtained her first passport last year. Sarah Palin to meet with 7 world leaders at UN

Here is an exclusive transcript of the one on one meeting between President Asif Zardari and Sarah Palin held today in NYC.
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Google Doodle for Muslims or Pakistanis?

Google has over the past years becoming one of the most successful IT companies practically out-gunning most of its competitors in every possible field where it has any presence. The success of Google has predominately been due to its commitment to provide service far before the thought of minting money which according to their model invariably follows. This combined with its deliberate effort to harness a level of trust with its users plays an important role in ensuring that Google.com becomes a household name an invariably the most favored search engine by a long margin. Millions of people use Googles endless list of innovative services ranging from GMail, Blogspot, YouTube, Google Reader etc.
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