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Pictures of Dharna in Karachi on 28th August

Pictures of the Dharna in Karachi which was organized by the Karachi Bar Association in conjunction with various political parties and civil society activists. The Dharna started around 12pm noon on M A Jinnah Road and lasted for two hours till 2:00pm. The event was entirely peaceful and various leaders addressed the crowd.

Pictures courtesy of Abira

Lawyers future strategy for the Restoration of Judiciary


AUGUST 23, 2008.
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The Supremacy of The People – An Open Letter To Mr. Zardari

Dear Mr. Zardari,

I am sick and tired of you –and all your party stalwarts- constantly drumming into our ears your ideas about the supremacy of The Parliament. I have yet to hear you talk so forcefully about the supremacy of The Constitution or even of the supremacy of The People as the Bhutto’s used to do .More over you even flout your own so fondly repeated slogan by continuing to take every meaningful decision outside the parliament !

What may I ask was so wrong with roti, kapra aur makan slogan given by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto? Has it become so impossible to achieve that you conveniently discarded it and adopt the hallow and patently false one you now profess? What is Parliament except a reflection and representative of the people who elected it –and pledged to uphold The Constitution of Pakistan as reflected in that will. Where in this entire concept do you see a supremacy of Parliament? We need to remind you –for you and your party seems to have forgotten – that the Parliament is subservient to the Constitution and a servant of the people.
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We Want: A Fair Trial & Return of Nov 2nd Judiciary

People’s Resistance
Press Release – 18 August 2008

People’s Resistance attributes the resignation of retired General Pervez Musharraf as President of Pakistan to the long and untiring struggle of the Lawyers, students, civil society organizations and political groups. The civil society and media’s struggle against the arbitrary rule of General Musharraf forced the ruling democratic coalition to start the process of impeachment that eventually led to his resignation.

Though we celebrate his resignation, we call for the fair trial of General Musharraf for the long list of crimes against the people of Pakistan including removal of judiciary, abrogating the constitution, forced disappearances, torture and deaths in custody of citizens especially from Baluchistan, and for killing people in Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

In this vein the People’s Resistance demands the immediate restoration of the judiciary to its November 02 composition, as it was before the promulgation of the PCOs suspending the constitution.

Musharraf ‘likely’ to resign today: Address 1:00pm

Musharraf toppling overPresident Pervaiz Musharraf will address the nation today at 1pm in which he is expected to resign, according to reports. Geo News confirms through their sources that while addressing the nation a part of an understanding he will announce his resignation before the impeachment motion is tabled in the assembly.

In the mean time reports confirm that a plane is standing by at Chaklala from the Saudi Arabian government where Musharraf will proceed for three-months before deciding on his permanent onward destination [self exile] Which was reported by Newsweek yesterday

We must demand that instead of indemnity to Musharraf, an exemplary punishment be awarded to Musharraf so that in future no General should ever dare to violate the Constitution of Pakistan. Some may want to sign this online petition: No safe passage, indemnity for dictator Musharraf

It may seem to be a victory for Pakistan to have this dictator toppled soon to then be replaced by Democracy, but we surely must curse our luck that his hunger for power since the past few months have ruined Pakistan beyond repair shoved us into an NRO deal allowing the crooks to return as expert thieves but more importantly Musharraf nutured our judiciary which could have alternatively kept these robbers in check. Lets also not forget and undermine his nine year rule which was more or less amounted to selling our soul to a whims of another nation. Looking at the future, we simply need to buckle down and hope that the ‘unelected’ [Zardari & Nawaz Sharif] can guide this country into better times without us loosing a few body parts in the process

Chasing a dream called Independence

Guest Post by Maham Ali: Initially shared on Facebook

On August 14th, the Pakistani nation celebrated Pakistan’s 61st birthday. Just like any other Independence day, green and white flags were fluttering everywhere, young children- mercifully oblivious to the worst ever crisis Pakistan is going through-were seen running and waving the flags of Pakistan, shouting slogans and singing national songs.

As I sat watching the news about this young Pakistani woman, Dr Afia Siddiqui, who is one of the many people sold to the Americans by our very own Government (refer to page 237 of Pervez Musharraf’s book, ‘In the Line of Fire’), I wondered what Independence means to an individual and a nation.

Independence! To me, this word means freedom: freedom of speech, freedom to think freely, a safe place, free from the tyranny of dictators and corrupt politicians. The Declaration of Independence means that such a nation could form and be prosperous.
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What if Hamid Mir’s Spin is Wrong?

Guest Post by temporal – Baithak

What if Hamid Mir’s spin is wrong?

Every person who writes for a newspaper is not by default a “journalist.” Here is a list borrowed from The Elements of Journalism by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel

  • Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.
  • Its first loyalty is to the citizens.
  • Its essence is discipline of verification.
  • Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover.
  • It must serve as an independent monitor of power.
  • It must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise.
  • It must strive to make the significant interesting, and relevant.
  • It must keep the news comprehensive and proportional.
  • Its practitioners must be allowed to exercise their personal conscience.
  • It must protect and enhance the rights and responsibilities of citizen

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An open letter to Begum Pervez Musharraf and wives of army officers

Guest Post by Silence

Dear Begum Pervez Musharaff,

I recognize that every one of us is responsible for our own acts, as such, being the wife of a Military Dictator and a former General of Pakistan Army, I wound not hold you responsible for his acts, however I will request you to consider following facts on humanitarian grounds being a women and a mother yourself.

As you know very well, your husband General Pervez Musharraff belonged to a lower middle class family, with limited resources and opportunities, however this nation provided him an opportunity and he became the Chief of Army Staff of fourth strongest army in world, no doubt, it is a great honor for any one, especially an army of a third world Muslim country where a common Pakistani travelling in a public bus would offer his seat as a token of respect when he see a man in Army uniform, a conductor will refuse to charge him bus fair and a poor roadside restaurant owner would refuse to accept the payment for his meal, I have witnessed tears in eyes of soldier’s when they get this much love and respect from people of Pakistan.

It’s not difficult to understand the feelings of people towards our armed forces, the men in uniform are supposed to defend our borders, our women and children.
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People’s Resistance – Welcomes Judges to Karachi

The People’s Resistance (PR) welcomes Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, a symbol of constitutionalism, to the city of Karachi. We salute the Chief Justice and all those honorable judges who upheld the constitution of Pakistan by saying “NO” to the illegal Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO). Together they stood for the voice of their conscience, sacrificing their liberty and well-being, to protect the Constitution of Pakistan.

We protest and hold the government responsible for its failure to do what should have been its very first priority. We believe that a lawful and independent judicial system is a pre-requisite for development and progress in Pakistan. We are fearful that the absence of Justice will lead to lawlessness and disorder, which will exacerbate the shortage of food, the spread of extremism and the economic strife.

As a civil society advocacy and watchdog group, PR stands for the complete and unconditional restoration of the November 03, 2007 judiciary.
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Sharifuddin Pirzada seeks Justice

Dawn newspaper published a story today about the arrest of a few NAB officials who were arrested for beating an accused ‘within the premises of the Supreme Court’ whats interesting to read in the report was the fact that

Dogar Court was actually responding to a petition filed by ‘Judicial King Pins’ like Sharifuddin Pirzada, Senator Babar Awan and Wasim Sajjad who wanted to transfer ‘a case’ from Lahore High Court to the Supreme Court [mifled laughter] because they did not expect any justice from the high court as it was, “under the influence” of PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif[…and the Supreme Court is under the influence of ….LOL – whatever happened to the notion of justice]

Its hilarious to see Sharifuddin Pirzada plead ‘for justice’ when historically he has been involved in actually manumpilating and altering the Constitution of Pakistan molding in favor of the ruler of that time most recently he helped Musharraf manipulate the consutitution to protect his martial law and other illegal steps he took during that time – all have now been embeded and legalised by his very own Dogar Court

Realistically I have no idea what’s at stake in this case but apparently it seems to be an old-guard [PML-Q] vs new-guard [PML-N] issue and Sharifuddin Pirzada being a chip off the old block is definitely helping out and cashing in his favors – its payback time for Dogar Court
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Arrested, Released, Happy and Startled – Karachi Lawyers/Left/Civil Movement Protest

Guest Post by Riaz Ahmed of International Socialist of Pakistan

Police arrest Ayub Qureshi

Police arrest Ayub Qureshi

We were released around 12:05am after being arrested at 10:55pm on July 17. It was a fantastic experience. Everyone managed to force the police to spoil the Doger show. Imposed as Cheif Justice of Supreme Court on Nov 3 by General Musharraf Doger is trying to establish himself and came to address a function in the late of night on July 17 at the Sindh High Court.

Thanks everyone for the frantic phone calls, smses and email alerts that within minutes the news of arrests of us 16 was flashing on the entire planet! So much energy. But we should not exaggerate. Not because that exposes our weakness in mobilizing many after the Long March but solely because exaggeration of our numbers obscures the fragility of this regime — its panic, its inability in handling a minor protest, its failure to estimate the popularity of our movement, its inefficiency in forcing a small victory for its side — its powerlessness after being so ‘powerful’ with all the state apparatuses.
We were few, I counted at most 70 to 80 people in all, at the most, not more. They, the police were many, about 50 on trucks and vans on each side of High Court, hundreds waiting in police stations all around. When people assembled at 8:55pm at the Naubahar Restaurant opposite Election Commission Office on the road leading to the imperial High Court Sindh building it was obvious the protest will be a photo-session. Leaders of Karachi Bar like Secretary Naeem Qureshi (who was arrested later) were quick to first move the protest from main road (already blocked by five police vans) near to the pavement and then to the disgust of all us activists (Peoples Resistance 4, International Socialists 5, Trade Unionist 1 and about 12 lawyers led by the very able Ahmed Salahuddin) the Naubahar was forced open by police and Naeem Qureshi announced at about 9:25 that we stop the protest and have dinner inside!!
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Whatever is to become of the Movement for Justice

a letter to activists of the People’s Resistance by Dr. Awab Alvi

One issue which we all have dodged to question ourselves, is to decide what is acceptable when the powers-to-be talk about the ‘conditional’ restoration of the judiciary, either in the form of the much trumpeted 60-point constitutional package or separately.

For me, this movement (People’s Resistance) has been for the unconditional restoration of the Nov 3rd Judiciary (which also has included condemning the Martial Law & the restrictions on the media) When the powers-to-be talk about ‘middle ground’ compromises in the restoration of the Judiciary, it is sadly FAR from our own objectives. The irony is that we, in PR all seem to be preparing for a celebration the day Zardari restores the Judiciary in whatever way he thinks its best ‘for-him’. Is this ‘whatever-way-possible’ acceptable to PR. It sadly is not my wish, and I may venture to say that it might also echo the sentiments of other like-minded friends in this group

In my opinion the only reason to make a circus of the constitutional package is to show the judges that the powers-to-be have given them grace, and they should remain grateful to have received this gift-from-god. It is just another facade to the traditional appointment by the President / establishment which ensures that the buck stops at the supreme authority thereby ensuring the status quo. I hope we, in PR, are not fooling ourselves to believe that the ‘Zardari form’ of restoration comes without any strings attached. Had they been sincere then all this hoopla was not necessary and the legal way, via an executive order, was not too difficult to pull out of the bag. As opinion makers in this resistance we should be clear on our position, and be willing to call a spade, a spade and not worry otherwise.
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Guantanamo Bay Prison in the Long March to Islamabad

A special truck customized to represent the illegal prison run by the US Army at Guantanamo Bay is seen to be en route to Islamabad along with the Long March. Some student volunteers were rallied across various student networks to join on the float as mock prisoners.

Catch the Live updates of the Long March at PkLongMarch.blogspot.com

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People’s Resistance Update of the Long March

Posted by Faris

Today, PR crew assembled at Agha’s Super Market in the morning and departed to the High Court. Other members of PR were already present at the High Court, while some joined us later.

Awab (with his beautifully decorated truck and black flags) and PR bus with posters and stickers all over them, went with the convey from the High Court to the Mazaar-e-Quaid. After an hour or so of speeches and gathering of lawyers from different parts of the city, the judicial convey left for Sohrab Goth. In the searing heat, the convey was received at Sohrab Goth by HRCP personnel. A little later, nearly one hundred cars and numerous large buses of judges, lawyers, political activists and citizens of Karachi, along with a large media presence marched towards Hyderabad.
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