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2013 Elections, not Senate, the real prize by Zahid Ibrahim

Zahid Ibrahim strategically analyzes the political manipulations in the run up to the 2012 Senate elections – a definite MUST READ for anyone trying to decipher the Senate elections mystery … The major loser in the March 2012 Senate elections will be PML-Q, which will face a near wipeout. The big winner will be the PPP, who is set to gain almost a near-majority in the 104-member Senate. The PML-N is expected to increase its senators from seven to 13, whereas ANP will make similar gains, from six to 10 senators. The MQM will remain at its current strength of six senators.

The dissolution of the Punjab Assembly would delay the constitution of the Senate, at least to the extent of the election of 12-13 senators by the Punjab Assembly, perhaps even more, but for the PML-N it will mean losing its government in Punjab – LINK

From Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to My Kaptaan – by Dr. Arif Alvi

Dr Arif AlviPublished in The Express Tribune on 3rd August 2011 by Dr. Arif Alvi

The crowd was pulsating as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (ZAB) continued to talk about Afro-Asian solidarity. Some of us raised anti-Ayub slogans. ZAB stopped us and said ‘abhi naheen’. He was into the third hour of his first public speech after ditching his mentor and the venue was Government College Lahore. The 60s were an era of healthy debate between the left and the right. My mother insisted that I stop reading comics and novels and she thrust upon a young mind The dialogues of Plato.

I graduated to Maududi, Marx and Engels to understand socialism, religion and the exploitation of man by laissez faire capitalism. Iqbal fired up a passion and pride, and Bhutto’s book The Myth of Independence gave me a nationalist perspective, though I disagreed with his political philosophy. People dislodged Ayub Khan and yours truly still carries a couple of bullets in his right arm as a memento of a people’s struggle gone awry, somewhat like Egypt of today with no real change. Our lot since then has gotten from worse to worst and beyond.

Forty years later I am travelling with Imran Khan from Lahore to Faisalabad for a PTI jalsa. His recent upsurge started from the Peshawar dharna. Karachi was the watershed where people of all ethnicities joined in to make a statement that there is a breath of fresh air in this miserable political arena. Multan was a notch higher and we reached there in time from Lahore despite many receptions on the way.
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Sharmeela Farooqui Continues to Abuse, Kindly banish her

Sharmeela FarooquiOn a flight from Islamabad to Karachi Advisor to the Chief Minister Sharmeela Farooqi was found abusing fellow passengers before take-off and then after landing. Considering her rude character which she continuously displays on TV I have little doubt that she has behaved out of character yet again and has abused her fellow passenger.

The report emerged on Pakistan Defence Forum

As the flight was taking off from Islamabad Airport, the air hostess asked her to put her seat belt on. Ms. Farooqi who was visibly drunk started to abuse and threat the stewardess. A gentle man sitting right next to her asked her to refrain from doing so, as she is only asking her to do some thing which is the law. Ms. Farooqi went on to abuse the gentle man as well. Any how the gentle man asked her not to do so and the matter was diffused for the moment.

As the flight landed at Karachi, the gentle man asked Sharmila can get off first out of respect, she again started to abuse him. He asked her to refrain from doing that to which Ms. Farooqi got more aggressive and started to issue threats against him. During exchange of words Ms. Farooqi slapped that gentle man on his face, upon which she got some good hard heavy hands back right on her face. Ms. Farooqi tried to get the man arrested via ASF, which refused but detained the man. The gentle man reviled that he is an American citizen upon which both Ms. Farooqi and the ASF staff released him. Ms. Farooqi has lodged a FIR against him, in which she accused him of trying to kill him. In response the gentle man also lodged a complain to which the Air Hostess and some other passengers are witness. The man in question was not arrested.

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US and NATO imperialism in South Asia: The developing Pakistan Quagmire

After some nationalist and anti-imperialist elements succeeded in defeating the elaborate US and British plans to install two of their puppets- Parvez Musharraf and the late Benazir Bhutto-in the highest government offices in Pakistan, another puppet, Asif Ali Zardari, Benazir’s husband-also known as Mr. Ten Percent, because of his corruption and demanding and taking systematic bribes on contracts with national and international companies- during Benazir’s premiership, in which he was one of the members of her cabinet, managed to substitute both of them and has proven that he is a bigger puppet than both of them combined. Both he and his wife were methodically groomed for their roles by various organs and representatives of US imperialism.

During their government, they had stolen an estimated one and a half billion dollars from the poor people of Pakistan and had deposited those in foreign bank accounts. When numerous cases of fraud and corruption were filed against them in the Pakistani and foreign courts, they fled the country and lived abroad for years, in aristocratic and lavish life styles, when overwhelming majority of Pakistani people were suffering ever increasing levels of poverty and deprivation. It was only after an incredibly illegal, unjustifiable, and crooked deal with the Musharraf dictatorship, which was a desperate and reckless move to save itself against the rising tide of opposition-pushed and supervised by the representatives of US and British imperialism-in which all the corruption charges were dropped and the cases withdrawn, that they dared to return to Pakistan.
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Strangers in Our own Land

A few days back at around 8:45 pm, I was heading home via the now well known bottleneck on Khayaban-e-Shaheen, outside Zulfikar Mirza’s residence.

I noticed that there was a group of about 50 to 60 women standing outside the home minister’s house, all in head scarves. Slowing down i noticed that they were yelling at the home minister who was standing outside his gate. Obviously I was intrigued and came around to the other side of the road to try and hear what they were saying. I stopped my car near a sidelane opposite the home ministers gate as my curiosity was aroused. After all its not every day that you see a minister, surrounded by the “awam” holding a kutcheri on the road. I wanted to take a quick snap with my cellphone.
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Proud of Samar Ali Khan for standing up against VIP Movement of Zulfiqar Mirza

HOT NEWS: Samar Khan is free, al charges have been dropped he is going home

PROTEST For Release of Samar Ali Khan who was standing up against VIP movement of Zulfiqar Mirza – Darakshan Police Station [map] 6pm TODAY

Last night at 11:30pm Architect Samar Ali Khan was arrested on Khy-e-Shamsheer for standing up against the VIP protocol blocking the road for Minister Zulfiqar Ali Mirza. After dropping a fellow architect home after dinner, Samar was proceeding home when at Khayban-e-Shamsheer a road block in front of the house of Minister Zulfiqar Mirza totally irked him, as a very active member of civil society in Karachi Mr. Samar Ali Khan, stepped out of his car and voiced his objection, he was able to walk up to the gate, rang the bell and demanded to speak to the owner [which was Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Mirza. The police escort immediately started pushing him around, naturally things got a little infuriated and a tussle broke out. Samar was arrested and taken to Darakhshan Police Station, where he spent the night and is being taken to court for a hearing, the family has still to know what charges have been levied against him

The PPP cadre and Mr Mirza is pushing the news in the media that he was enraged and out of control attacking, but witnesses say the entire provocation later was by the minister and his guards. A few people who met him barely two hours later at the police station say that Samar was generally ok, no major bruises, a little apologetic to have created all this fuss in the heat of the moment, but there is no doubt he was in high spirits

Either way, ever since Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza has moved onto the house on the main street of Khy-e-Shamsheer two speed breakers have gone up around his house and a convoy of police escort remains surrounding the area ready to block off traffic to allow the free unrestricted movement of the Minister. I personally have been caught up on that street once too many times and it might be possible that a fuse may have sparked within Samar to let it all go.

I feel it is a proud moment, for someone in Pakistan to have the gutts to stand up against this hegemony of VIP movement. Samar Ali Khan, what you did was right, we are proud of you and may this serve as an example for others to challenge this idiotic VVIP movement trend so common of our elected leaders

UPDATE 1: Samar was taken to court embarrassingly draped under a black cloth, the judge was not there so no bail hearing, he has been sent back to Jail for another day

UPDATE 2: A Protest has been organized outside Darakhshan Police Station [map] where he is being held at 6:00pm today [Jun 16th] Show up in numbers to protest against this VIP hegemony and support Samar Ali Khan

UPDATE 3: Talked to Samar on phone just now, he was definitely worried, as he was being treated like a criminal as a black cloth was being draped over his head – have told him to hold the fort and keep his hopes up high, pressure needs to be applied to break the hegemony of Zulfiqar Mirza

UPDATE 4 HOT NEWS: Samar Khan is free, al charges have been dropped he is going home

Zardari, an American National but Straight & Depressed

The National Names Database has some interesting facts about our President, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. It appears that he may have US Citizenship / Nationality?

I wonder if dual citizenship is permissible while holding office of the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as the issue of the OATH is important, when you take Oath to be US Citizen you swear to protect US interest and when you take Oath as President you take Oath to protect Pakistan’s interest first so there might be a conflict of interest here. Legally the US Oath will stand before the President’s Oath as that was taken in 2002.

The other hallmarks of his profile are more or less spot on

  • High School: Saint Patrick’s High School, Karachi, Pakistan
  • President of Pakistan (6-Sep-2008 to present)
  • Member of Pakistani Parliament Senate (1993-99)
  • Pakistani Minister Environment (1993-96)
  • Blackmail charged and imprisoned 1990, charges dropped 1993
  • Corruption imprisoned 1997-2004
  • Murder of Murtaza Bhutto, charged 1996
  • Tortured
  • Risk Factors: Diabetes, Depression

We all know that he was chucked out of Petaro and never made it to the so called anonymous Business School IN London, the tenure as Minister of Enviromnet we all know was enough of EPA threat to blackmail companies into his corner, the corruption charges he still continues to dodge

But I was humored to read that the NNDB very categorically lists his sexual orientation as “Straight” [?]  The Risk Factors being Diabetes is not a big issue I hope he is managing his blood glusoce but little can be done to undo Mental depression which should be a concern for the populace that he rules over.

The link to his profile on NNDB is HERE, while the story credit must go out to The News and PKPolitics for leading up to this story

UPDATE: The NNDB changed the Nationality to Pakistan, a few hours after the screen capture was taken

Karachi: Protest Against Fake Degree Holders being elected into Parliament

Pictures from the Karachi protest against the election of fake degree holders being elected into the Parliament where citizens demand from the election commission the verification and ouster of all fraudulent degree holder parliamentarians.

[nggallery id=82]

An Election Pretense

An election is taking place in Faisalabad for Punjab Assembly today. There are three more bye elections in other areas of Punjab. All are taking place after the resignations of the members of parliament due to their fake degrees of graduation submitted to Election Commission during the 2008 general election. It took two years before the Supreme Court took up the cases and several of these accused opted to resign instead of fighting their cases.

Two of those who resigned are contesting again. A natural division of these two is shared by the two parties of the rich, the Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. Ajmal Asif contesting from Faisalabad is from PMLN and Jamshed Dasti from PPP. Both of them are allowed by the courts to contest against. What a mockery of the justice. They resigned from their seats because they had cheated the Election Commission and the people in general. The cheaters are contesting again because at present the condition for the illegibility of a candidate to be a graduate is gone.

This is just one aspect of these bye elections. The elections are contested every where with full state sponsorship of the candidates from the respective governing political parties. The rich candidates are violating all the code of conduct that Election Commission has laid down for candidates before the elections.
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Democratic Revenge

Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto and PPP came into power in 70s with the slogan Roti, Kapra and Makan. Those were good old times–things have changed now–from roti, kapra and makan, our nation’s requirements have come down to Bijli, Atta and Cheeni.

It is only common sense that PPP needs to change its slogan too. PPP and all the other parties should feel easy–people are lowering their expectations, they are demanding now, what was readily available in 70s.

The new party slogan should be, we will keeping providing you what is available now, and also will work on providing what was available in 70s; Bijli, Atta, and Cheeni. When the rest of the world is moving ahead, we are starting to focus on the basics; Bijli, Atta, and Cheeni. Our government’s focus should be to not take away from people what they already possess now; although I can not name what that is–may be dall, and provide to them what was available in 70s.
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PC Workers Protest Rally – The Underlying Issues

A large group activist gathered together in front of the Pearl Continental Hotel to show solidarity with the protesting workers who have been holed up in the PC basement for the past 23 days. Having supported this cause on mere humanitarian issue I feel there are two sides to every argument, but interestingly this protest has far more deeper implications then what meets the eye.

The issue I feel is being complicated well beyond by a greater possibility of an underlying game of national politics. It is quite possible that the union activities are being irked by the PPP-led government trying to exert pressure on the Hashwani group to accede to their demands [I could go to the extent of speculating that this is probably a part of some serious Presidential level blackmailing tactic against the Hashwani group]. In the midst of this protest labor unions are having a field day leveraging their own positions and pushing the protesters to brace for a long fight.

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NRO Order, CJ Or 18th Amendment

Guest blog by Barrister Amjad Malik

16 December 2010 Supreme Court order on NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) has shattered the ruling govt which was standing on the 4 pillars of this barter orchestrated by military & Pentagon , USA &UK and (PPP) Pak people party leadership which is clutching and hanging on to a straw now. Instead of whole heartedly, understanding the tenacity of situation and implementing the order by realigning politically based on reality, the leadership went for hit and run ditto of their predecessor General Musharraf who sacked the chief justice who was considering a petition on his Presidential election in military uniform.

Same is the case with PPP govt which is willing to lock horns with the judiciary and is willing to wipe out the whole political democratic dispensation if the buck comes to shove and the issue comes to their govt’s fall. They do not wish to leave as corrupt but be drummed out with a bang as victims and history tells victims reappear in Pakistani politics. Govt is in between rock and a hard place, either to digest, accept and implement the order of 17 superior court judges and sack a few loyalists who are wanted by NAB enquiry or stall the matter, seek refuge under political dispensation and chalk out a settlement with its foes and get the gunners out of the ring, though a wishful thinking devoid of public sentiments.
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Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim Comments about the Present Judicial Crisis

by Justice (retd) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim

We are again faced with a judicial crisis – not a bonafide crisis but a crisis created for ulterior reasons.

Ostensibly the crisis is the elevation of chief justice for the Lahore High Court in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the elevation of the next senior most judge Justice Saquib Nasir, as acting Chief Justice of Lahore High Court (a la Zia ul Haq style). Being of the view that more harm is done by ignoring seniority, which opens the door for exercise of discretion in principle, I am against seniority being ignored, particularly in judiciary.

My first reaction, therefore, was that the appointment of Chief Justice Lahore High Court to the Supreme Court and elevation of the next senior-most judge as Lahore High Court Chief Justice was justified. I had assumed that in accordance with the Article 177 of the constitution, these appointments were made by the president after consultation with the Chief Justice of Pakistan, and that the president was bound by such consultations.

Was the Chief Justice of Pakistan even consulted?
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CPLC in the midst of a Political Turf Battle

Two days back the Governor Ishrat ul-Ibad had issued a Press Release recommending the appointing of businessman Mr Ahmed Chinoy, as the new head of Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) replacing the outgoing Sharfuddin Memon whose appointment has come to an end. The Governors request was forwarded to the Home Ministry so that the request can be drafted into an official notification but it seems that the Home Ministry has shelved this request and consequentially no official notification got issued appointing Mr. Chinoy as the head of CPLC. It must be remembered that CPLC according to its charter is a non-political statutory institution, operationally independent and managed by dedicated and concerned citizens offering their honorary services.

The appointment of Mr. Ahmed Chinoy, a staunch MQM supporter, is definitely against the Charter of CPLC of having a non-political figure head running this organization, and hence it might as well be the reason why the Home Ministry refused to issue a notification of his appointment

The sad part is that a number of sources are now reporting that today Mr Ahmed Chinoy has bulldozed and barraged himself into the CPLC offices located within the Governor House and has effectively (without any appointment) thrown out Sharfuddin Memon, the still legal head of this organization.

It seems that the new turf battle between PPP and MQM in Karachi is now going to be fought over the appointment of the CPLC head.

Bilawal Bhutto missing from Leadership Conference

This short three minute video is enough to update you at how the “democratic parties” in Pakistan are run, the future leaders have no inclination to be a part of the leadership development process and are gifted with the golden spoon and waltz in from the top and are expected to rule an entire nation – Here suffers the fate of the missing Bilawal Bhutto and it shows his concern for Pakistan and its people