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Terrorists are the American Agents: Shia Scholars

Guest Blog by Farhan Janjua

In the aftermath of today’s deadly twin bomb blasts at the Shia pilgrims, the scholars of Jafarria Alliance notably Allama Hasan Zafar Naqvi has blasted the United States of America in strong words stating that these terrorists pretend to be Anti-American and in fact are working on the very own agenda of the US and that very agenda is to destabilize and disintegrate Pakistan.

Allama Naqvi said that there was no chance of sectarian crises because the examplary religious harmony can be seen in the Shia-Sunni community of Pakistan. He said that these attacks are rather an attempt from America to provoke sectarian crises amongst the masses in Pakistan that would ultimately lead to the disaster and bloodshed in every street. Allama further appealed to the Shia community to stay calm and united for the sake of the country’s stability.
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Targeted killings and the Land Mafia in Karachi – Open Letter by SHEHRI

An Open Letter to Rehman Malik by Shehri

Mr Rehman Malik has been making rather interesting statements about stopping the “targeted killings” in Karachi.

The simple fact is that the land mafia of Karachi is behind a number of these murders and the motive for these assassinations is money.

Let us take the case of land mafia grabbing the Tran-Lyari Park (Gutter Baghicha) land in SITE Town. There is illegal construction going on in about 50 acres on this park land in spite of a stay order from the High Court of Sindh.

On 26 September 2009 the Nazir of the High Court along with Nisar Baloch who headed the Gutter Baghicha Bachao Tehreek (Movement to save Gutter Baghicha) went for a court ordered inspection. They were forced to turn back because a mob (organized by the land mafia) stood in their path.

On 7 November 2009 Nisar Baloch was leaving his house in the morning. He was assassinated in a target killing gunned down in cold blood. Nisar Baloch gave a press conference on 6 November 2009 in which he stated that his life was in danger and he named the people who would kill him. (no action have been taken against his alleged killers because of political considerations)
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Roads need Bicycles

Blog post by Naeem Sadiq, published in The News on 16th January 2010

Bicycle, the most energy-efficient form of transport ever devised. It doesn’t emit pollution, it runs on renewable energy, it makes its user healthier, it’s easy to repair, it requires little in the way of pavement or parking, and 80 percent of the world’s people can afford one. — Donella H Meadows, environmental scientist and author, founder of the Sustainability Institute (1941-2001)

Amsterdam, the bike capital of the world, has 40 per cent of all traffic movement by bicycle. In the next few years the city will spend 100 million euros to further improve its cycle network and reduce car use. The promotion of cycling includes a network of safe, fast and comfortable bicycle routes, improving road safety for cyclists and building a 10,000-bike parking garage.

Copenhagen plans to double its spending on biking infrastructure over the next three years. Thirty-two per cent of its workforce bicycles to work. The city’s bicycle paths are extensive, often separated from the main traffic lanes and sometimes having their own signal systems. The city provides public bicycles which can be found throughout the downtown area and used with a small returnable deposit.
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The Graffiti Activist: Asim Butt [1978-2010]

I write today with a very heavy heart to hear that a fellow activist and an amazing artist is no longer with us. Asim Butt (1978-2010) aged 32 took his own life yesterday morning in his house, whatever be the circumstances that pushed him to taking this tragic step, it has left many friends shattered and in tears.

I personally knew Asim only briefly, but long enough to have realized that he did leave a lasting impression upon me. We interacted during the November 2007 General Musharraf’s martial law days, where he was one of the core founding members of the Peoples’ Resistance group in Karachi. With a section 144 enforce across Pakistan and the army & police out to arrest any violators, we looked for creative ways to visually register our protest, one pet trick were the covert gorilla protest which lasted barely 20 minutes in random locations across Karachi, but Asim brought in a new twist he organized a team of activists to graffiti various art symbols across Karachi that visually displayed our rejection of the dictatorship.

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PICTURES: Solidarity Day 1st Jan 2010 – Karachi

A very supportive rally was organized by the Aman Ittehad at the Karachi Press Club. A large number of civil society groups were in attendence and the rally made a strong statement for peace in Pakistan. Pictures are enclosed here, a video of the event shall be uploaded soon

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Solidarity Day 1st January 2010 – Karachi Press Conference

At 3:00pm today representatives of the Aman Ittehad namely Justice Majida Rizwi, Senator Iqbal Haider, Anis Haroon, Bishop Ijaz Inayat, Uzma Noorani, Mumtaz Tanoli, Uzma Aslam, Barrister Zain and a few more people addressed the media at the Karachi Press Club today. The Aman Ittehad leaders shared with the media plans for the peace rally in Karachi on 1st January 2010 at 3:00pm at Karachi Press Club.

The drafted press statement was read by Justice Majida Rivwi and then it was released to the media, following which brief statements were made by the participants to finally open the floor for questions. The most questions revolved around the security impact of the Karachi-wide strike announced by political and religious leaders, might have on the peace rally. In response the Aman Ittehad leaders reassured the media that this rally which calls for peace was a befitting response in tandem with the day long strike maybe culminating to a resounding message of Peace in Pakistan which is the heartfelt demand of the 180 millions people of Pakistan

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The Aftermath of the MA Jinnah Road Bomb Blast

Following the bomb blast in Karachi – life generally goes on, but the people, the shopkeepers, the families who have suffered shall never forget the day an unruly mob changed their lives forever. Here I happened to photograph this shopkeeper on MA Jinnah Road who sits helplessly watching as many fire tenders try their best to douse the flames that have left his shop in ruin, little can he do to undo the damage that has already been done. But life must go on…… Pakistani have learnt to be very resilient in the face of insurmountable difficulties, they pick up from the ruins and continue with daily life. Here this shopkeeper was naturally furious but was looking forward to getting back to his shop and rebuilding it from scratch. Life must go on…

American forces Harass a Pakistani Citizen in Karachi

Mubashir Lucman in his show Point Blank on Express News which was aired yesterday on the evening of 29th December presents some sweeping evidences of the role of American forces in harassing Pakistani citizens, specifically intimidation and interrogation of Dr Mehvish Baig in Karachi – a naturalized Pakistani American who has been trying to give up her US citizenship.

Dr. Mehvish Baig shares her experience as a number of American forces enter into her house and harass her and her kids with dire circumstances. She resides in Naval Complex Karachi and her brother is a serving Naval officer. The first 12 minutes are relevant with the interview of Dr. Mehvish.

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MA Jinnah Road Bomb Blast of 28th Dec – Video of the devastation Next Day

A Bomb Blast ripped through MA Jinnah Road on 28th December 2009 – this video of the kilometer long stretch of road shows that the mobsters ransacked a large section of the street leaving a hundreds of shopkeepers devastated and a loss of millions of rupees.

A group of concerned citizens sympathized with many shopkeepers, trying to share in their grief but there were simply one too many. The kilometer stretch of road was in flames. Targeted attacks on particular markets was noted, indicating that it was not a random affair. The witnesses all say that the rioting starts almost immediately after the bomb blast that one has to wonder if there was a definite plan to cause serious harm. While walking the enter business district one noted that the fire continues to burn in a few of the buildings still 16-20 hours later, indicting that some chemical was used to ignite these shops. A short compilation of the videos and pictures that we took on our visit today can be seen here

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Solidarity Day for Peace in Pakistan – 1st Jan 2010 – Aman Ittehad

Considering the spiraling security situation in Pakistan a number of civil society organizations have joined forces across Pakistan to hold a peace rally on 1st January 2010 as a Solidarity Day at 3:00pm in 37 cities across Pakistan

The Solidarity Day is organized under Aman Ittehad — a citizens’ platform connecting trade unions, media, students, lawyers, youth organizations, minority groups, NGOs, academia, and business. The Solidarity Day will express a resolve to strive for stronger democracy and democratic institutions.

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Charter for Compassion | Karachi Nov 15th – Atrium Mall

In February 2008, Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize and called for the creation of a Charter for Compassion to bring together people of different religions and moral codes in a powerful common cause.

The Charter will proclaim a principle embraced by every faith, and by every moral code. It is often referred to as The Golden Rule.

Date: Sunday, November 15, 2009
Time: 12:05pm – 3:15pm
Location: Atrium Mall -Near Avari Towers, Zaibunissa Street, Karachi. Pakistan
Facebook EVENT RSVP: Charter for Compassion & You

The Blasphemy Law: An Objective Assessment from Religious, Legal & Social Perspectives

Peoples' ResistanceThe Peoples Resistance invites you to. “The Blasphemy Law: An Objective Assessment from Religious, Legal & Social Perspectives

Date: Saturday 24th October, 2009
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: PMA House, Karachi

Some Speakers include:
Dr. Khalid Zaheer,
Advocate Zain Sheikh
Other notable Human Rights Experts and Minority Group Representatives will speak and attend the Seminar.

Chaired and Moderated by Retd Justice Mr. Rana Bhagwandas.

The Peoples’ Resistance (PR) is a civil society group that advocates and supports the Rule of Law and Constitutionalism in our homeland. We, at the PR, are deeply perturbed by the recent blasphemy related incidents in Gojra and other places where many innocent people were subjected to shameless violence and destruction and would like to sponsor an open and objective dialogue aimed at understanding the Blasphemy Law and its implications for our society. In this context, we are organizing a seminar on Saturday, October 24, 2009, at the PMA House, Karachi at 5:30pm under the title of:

Routable GPS Map for Karachi & Pakistan

PkMaps of Karachi Its been a long time coming but independent efforts by a group of volunteers have finally paid off to present a fully routable GPS map for Karachi available FREE to the general public. Ali Ahmed and his team of GPS enthusiasts at PKMaps has been doing a remarkable job updating and mapping the entire city of Karachi (& Pakistan) in full detail. Their latest release Karachi Map 0.85 has yet again built upon their great effort. Boasting n impressive stats of 9,500 POI, 36,000 roads (10,500 km), 2,500 addresses, 40 POI with contact numbers

The zip files available for download on the site are custom made for Garmin GPS units. To install this map on your Garmin device you can either download the Mapsource version or copy the gmapsupp.img directly on your supplemental map file. If you have a non-Garmin device there are a few help files on the forums to help install the same Karachi map on alternate devices.
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Justice Rukhsana Ahmed > Renewed Faith in Judiciary

Justice Rukhsana Ahmed is one of the latest set of ten appointees to the Sindh High Court, Jehan Ara, the super-energetic President of P@SHA, wrote a detailed post about the big day she had with Justice Ms. Rukhsana Ahmed in her new chambers.